Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

In March 2015 a script, an apparent early draft of Dune written by Jodorowsky, appeared on eBay. When asked on Twitter about it Jodorowsky replied: "Es un falso guiĆ³n con un dibujo idiota." ("It is a fake script with an idiot drawing.")

In August 2018 however, official copies of the Jodorowsky's Dune script were sent out to backers of Jodorowsky's "Psychomagic, an art that heals" project on Ulule (, and this script is almost identical to the "fake" script. While two scenes are missing from the official script, and numerous sexual references are reduced or removed completely, it otherwise confirms that the "fake" script is legitimate.

Over the following sections we will be discussing certain aspects of the script, and how it compares to what is known about the ill-fated project, as well as other versions of Dune from Frank Herbert's original novel to the adaptations by David Lynch and John Harrison.