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1st February 2017

Denis Villeneuve to direct Dune
Brian Herbert stated on his Twitter account that Legendary Pictures had signed Denis Villeneuve to direct "the exciting new DUNE series film project".

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21 November 2016

Legendary Lands Rights to Classic Sci-Fi Novel 'Dune'
Legendary Entertainment announced it had acquired the rights from the Frank Herbert estate for "Dune", granting the production entity the film and television motion picture rights to the work.

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18 May 2013

Jodorowsky's Dune premieres at the Theatre Croisette at Cannes
Frank Pavich's documentary is shown as part of Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at Cannes.

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26 November 2011

Dune (1984) costumes & props up for auction
On December 15-16, 2011 Profiles In History are having an Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a Guild Navigator costume, Five Bene Gesserit costumes and a Harkonnen Shock trooper rifle.

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12 May 2011

Production underway on JODOROWSKY'S DUNE
It was announced today (May 12, 2011) that L.A. based Snowfort Pictures, Camera One of France and Koch Media of Germany have begun production on Frank Pavich's sci-fi documentary JODOROWSKY'S DUNE. Shooting has wrapped in France, Switzerland and the U.K. with filming to continue this summer in the United States. Picture will be completed by late fall.

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19 January 2011

Sillof's Custom Dune Figures Auction
Sillof's Workshop has started the first of a dozen auctions of his custom Dune action figures - kicking off with the Father and Daughter combo of the Emperor and Irulan. Check out Sillof's Workshop eBay Auctions

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25 November 2010

35 Years of David Lynch: DUNE (1984)
A great article/review over at "35 Years of David Lynch" on Dune, including a huge number of relevant Dune video clips, screencaps, and analysis of it and its making.

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9 November 2010

Pierre Morel leaves Dune
Morel leaves Dune, and Paramount has until Spring 2011 to start production before their option expires.

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9 November 2010

Dune - On Set in Mexico
Kenneth George Godwin publishes some of the journal he kept while spending 6 months on the set of David Lynch's Dune in 1983.

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3 August 2010

DuneInfo guest Blogs at ReelzChannel
ReelzChannel were kind enough to ask us here at Dune - Behind The Scenes to write a guest blog on the new Dune Movie. Please head over to their site and check it out!

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2 June 2010

Sean Young filmed the making of Dune with David Lynch 1983
Sean Young (who played Chani) has added a 6 minute video to her YouTube Channel "msyPARIAH" that she filmed while working on Dune in 1983/4 in Mexico.

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15 May 2010

Dune (1984) Weirding Module up for auction
On June 10-12, 2010 Profiles In History are having an Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan) Hero Weirding Module weapon from Dune (1984). Bidding starts at $6,000.

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12 April 2010

Original Dune Artist, John Schoenherr dies
John Schoenherr, the artist who illustrated Dune when it was first published in the science fiction magazine Analog in 1963 passed away on 8th April 2010, aged 74.

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5 January 2010

Pierre Morel to direct Dune?
According to Entertainment Weekly, Paramount has hired Pierre Morel (Taken, 13th District) to take over as director on the new Dune movie, and are looking for a new script writer to incorporate Morel's ideas into the current script by Josh Zetumer.

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17 December 2009

Dan O'Bannon Dies
Dan O'Bannon, who was recruited by Alejandro Jodorowsky in 1975 to do the special effects on Dune, has passed away in Santa Monica, California. Our condolences to his friends and family.

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29 October 2009

Peter Berg leaves Dune
Although mentioned on the dunenovels.com forum last month, it now appears official that Peter Berg is joining the ranks of directors, such as Alejandro Jodorowsky and Ridley Scott, that 'almost' directed Dune.

Apparently Paramount is talking to Neill Blompkamp (District 9) and Neil Marshall (The Descent) about taking over as director.

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16 October 2009

Paul Pope draws Dune
Paul Pope, an comic book artist, has drawn a single page based on a short passage from "Dune", well worth checking out. PULPHOPE: M'UAD DIB

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18 September 2009

Dune (1984) Stillsuit jacket up for auction
On October 8 & 9, 2009 Profiles In History are having an Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan) Fremen Stillsuit jacket from Dune (1984). Bidding starts at $4,000.

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2 September 2009

Alejandro Jodorowsky's 'Dune' exhibition

The Drawing Room in London are having a Jodorowsky's 'Dune' exhibition of production drawings made by Moebius, H.R Giger and Chris Foss alongside commissioned work made in response by three international contemporary artists Steven Claydon, Matthew Day Jackson and Vidya Gastaldon. The exhibition runs from 17 September - 25 October 2009

Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Dune": An exhibition of a film of a book that never was takes as its departure point the cult Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky's attempted 1976 adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel "Dune".

This exhibition includes production drawings made by Moebius, H.R Giger and Chris Foss alongside commissioned work made in response by three international contemporary artists Steven Claydon, Matthew Day Jackson and Vidya Gastaldon.

Following the release of his mystical Western "El Topo" (1970) and his psychedelic quest movie "Holy Mountain", Jodorowsky embarked on his "Dune" project, gathering around him a group of collaborators that included the French comics artist Moebius, the Swiss artist H.R. Giger (who would later design the 1979 film "Alien"), the British sci-fi artist Chris Foss, and the British band Pink Floyd, who would provide the soundtrack. Among Jodorowsky's proposed cast were Orson Welles, Mick Jagger and Salvador Dali, the last of whom was to play the Emperor of the Universe, who ruled from a golden toilet-cum-throne in the shape of two intertwined dolphins. Unable to secure the money from Hollywood to create the "Dune" of his imagination, Jodorowsky abandoned the film before a single frame was shot. All that survives of this project is Jodorowsky's extensive notes, and the production drawings of Moebius, Giger and Foss. These reveal a potential future for sci-fi movie making that eschewed the conservative, technology-based approach of American filmmakers in favour of something closer to a metaphysical fever-dream. This was, though, a future that would never take place. In 1977, George Lucas' "Star Wars" was released, and the history of sci-fi filmmaking, and even mainstream cinema, would never be the same again.

Dune's themes of jihad, resource war and environmental degradation are especially pertinent to our current political moment and the exhibition also seeks to explore the notion of adaptation and counterfactual histories of film. The exhibition brings together the original production drawings for "Dune" and "Moebius" story-boards for Jodorowsky's script, alongside new works by Steve Claydon, Matthew Day Jackson and Vidya Gastaldon developed in reaction to Jodorowsky's notes on "Dune" - an extraordinary mixture of mystical pronouncement, philosophical speculation on the nature of authorship, cultural criticism and ?70s film world gossip.

Steven Claydon uses a range of media to explore moments in history and draw provocative connotations between contemporary social concerns and obsolete ideologies.

Matthew Day Jackson makes paintings, drawings and sculptures that tackle America's colonial past and its environmentally rapacious present. Vidya Gastaldon creates sculptures, drawings, video animations and prints which explore the neverland between fantasy and reality in works which are microcosms of hallucinatory, saccharine symbols.

The project is guest-curated by Tom Morton, Curator at the Hayward, London, Co-curator of The British Art Show 7 (2010 -11), and Contributing Editor, frieze magazine.

Notes for Editors: The exhibition tours to Plymouth Arts Centre 3 April - 16 May 2010. Tom Morton and Lisa Le Feuve are guest curating exhibitions for Plymouth Arts Centre prior to the gallery hosting the British Art Show in 2011.

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1 September 2009

Jodorowsky's Dune Article in Empire
In issue #244 (October 2009 - 'Avatar' cover) of Empire film magazine they have an excellent 7 page article on Jodorowsky's Dune. This website was happy to help provide some of the images for the article.

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18 August 2009

Dune Special Edition Fan-edit Project
Sasha has been working over the last few years to replace the "outdated" special effects with 3D CG Models and has created some excellent 3D Dune models, but is looking for interested people to help the project along.

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12 August 2009

Sillof's Custom Dune Figures
Sillof's Workshop has created some custom Dune figures based on the literal descriptions in the original Dune novels by Frank Herbert. So far Sillof has created figures from House Attreides and House Corrino, with House Harkonnen and Fremen figures coming soon.

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31 July 2009

Dune Novels unwraps new site
The Official Dune Novels website (dunenovels.com), has had a major update and modernisation of the site.

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23 June 2009

Is President Obama a Dune 'Nerd'?
At the Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner John Hodgman (Daily Show) quizes President Obama on his 'Nerd' credentials - including 3 Dune questions!

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7 May 2009

Updated Dune fanedit available
Spicediver has released a revised V.2 version of his fanedit "Dune The Alternative Edition", which combines the Theatrical version, Extended version and deleted scenes into a single 183 minute long movie. Note: You need to own the original DVDs to legally watch a fanedit.

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15 April 2009

Dune (1984) items up for auction
On April 30th - May 1 2009 Profiles In History are having an Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a Bene Gesserit dress from Dune (1984) and Eight concept sketches by Tom Jung

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12 March 2009

Original Dune (1984) Harvester on eBay
Ron Miller, the Production Illustrator on Dune (1984) is selling an original filming model of a Spice Harvester. Made of resin, metal and plastic and approximately 18 inches long, 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall. The auction ends on 17 March 2009, and bidding starts at $3,000.

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13 February 2009

Original Dune (1984) Atreides Ship on eBay

An original Dune model of an Atreides Ship, owned by Gus Ramsden, is up for sale on eBay. It measures 39 inches across, the auction ends on 22 February 2009, and bidding starts at $3000.

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26 January 2009

Dune filming locations?
Bernie Friend (www.berniefriend.com) is an English journalist and travel writer, and his for his next book he is visiting locations used in David Lynch films. The studios in Mexico used for Dune are well documented, but does anyone have any information about other locations, such as Imperial County, California, or El Paso? If you have any information, let me know and I'll forward your emails to Bernie Friend.

6 August 2008

Whole Story Audio Books release Dune as an unabridged audio book

Whole Story Audio Books, exclusive publishers of unabridged audio books, are excited to announce that for the first time Dune - Frank Herbert's science fiction classic - is available to buy as a complete unabridged audio book on CD. Winner of the 1966 Hugo Award and the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel, Dune is widely considered to be one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time.

Narrated by a cast of 16 leading actors, complete with stunning sound effects and a dramatic soundtrack, this state-of-the-art production clocks in at a massive 21 hours across 18 CDs, and is bound to excite the legions of fans the book has generated since it's first publication in 1965. Copies of Dune can be purchased exclusively from Whole Story Audio Books at www.wholestoryaudio.co.uk

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17 June 2008

Dune: The 'Novel' Cut
DuneTheNovelCut is planning to post a re-edited version of David Lynch's Dune on YouTube, and has posted an intro to see if there any support for the idea. Update: The 24 chapters have been posted, but to watch them your youtube account must be outside the US. You can watch the chapters here.

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6 June 2008

Josh Zetumer to write Berg's Dune?
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Josh Zetumer is in negotiations to write the latest movie incarnation of Dune for Paramount Pictures. Read More at The Hollywood Reporter

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24 April 2008

Dune (1984) on Blu-ray (in France)
On 10 April 2008 Opening released David Lynch's Dune on Blu-ray. The extras are the same as the Dune: Ultimate Edition DVD released in France 3 years ago, apart from the short sound restoration segement is missing. The French 'Ultimate Edition' DVD is considered to have the best transfer of all the Dune DVDs released, so hopefully this 1080p transfer will look even better! It is available to buy from Amazon.fr

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19 March 2008

Richard Rubenstein, John Harrison, Mike Messina, Sarah Aubrey and Kevin Misher join Berg's Dune
Variety are reporting that New Amsterdam's Richard Rubenstein (producer of the Dune miniseries) is set to produce the new Dune movie alongside Sarah Aubrey and Kevin Misher. John Harrison, again from the miniseries, is said to be an executive producer with Mike Messina.

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21 December 2007

Peter Berg confirms he'll direct 'Dune'
During an interview with MTV, Peter Berg (The Kingdom) confirm that he'll direct a new movie version of 'Dune'. Although there is no script yet there is a list of writers they want to talk to once the current writers strike is over. Thanks to all the readers who emailed me with the information. Typical, I go on holiday for 2 weeks and a new Dune movie is announced when I can't update the site!

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20 November 2007

Dune (1984) Aerial tram miniature up for auction
On 13-14 December 2007 Profiles In History are having an eBay Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including an Harkonnen aerial tram miniature from Dune.

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16 October 2007

Paramount developing new Dune Movie?
According to Ain't It Cool News, the rumoured new Dune movie that has been mentioned on the DuneNovels forums is to be directed by Peter Berg and released by Paramount Studios. Even if the rumours are true, Dune has had a difficult past making the transition from book to screen, so don't hold your breathe...

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4 September 2007

Petition to save the Dune Fan Movie

Below is an email I received from the creators of the Dune Fan Film - please sign the petition!

"As you may know, the HLP has definitively denied us the right to show EVEN the TRAILER of our trilogy for FREE in the WEB. Maybe We believe we've seen quite a lot of trailers and shortfilms based on DUNE or STAR WARS or many other Sci-Fi classics, made by fans and amateurs (like us!) and no one has lost a single penny from their multi-millionaire contracts.

"What's the matter with us?

"We thought we had gone through the hardest part of our project -the making- and we were illusionated with what was supposed to be the sweetest moment: its release and its -better or worse- reception by the Fans. However, the release has turned out to be the bitterest part. We expected some support from the people above us (the Herberts) but all we have found was a distant treat and suspicion. Somewhere I read that George Lucas allowed all the FAN FILMS and he had even posted one of them (STAR WARS: REVELATIONS) in the official website of STAR WARS. He had nothing to be scared of. Hey! There's nothing to be scared here!

"The films have been entirely shot and most of the scenes have been already edited. All they need is some posproduction (like the blue eyes, painted as we told you frame by frame) This news has come in the worst moment, when it is practically finished.

"You -the real DUNE Fans- are encouraging us to keep struggling for our FAN FILM and we deeply appreciate it. Had not been for your support, we had given up when we knew the answer from the HLP. Irulan Corrino, from the Arrakeen Forum, has been incredibly kind and has opened a SIGN PETITION page to SAVE the DUNE FAN FILM. The link is below:


"Many things have been learned from this experience, but the most important one has been with no doubt that you, the Fans, are amazing and incredible. This film was made for you, it is such a freak project that no one else culd understand it.

"This SIGN PETITION might be just a reivindicative thing, but we hope it can show the HLP that the Fans are with us. Perhaps -and hopefully- it can make reconsider their position at this point.

"We appreciate you support. Thank you very very very much."

3 September 2007

"Toto's Dune" Article in Disposable Underground
In the last issue (Volume 15, Number 36) of the free music newsletter Disposable Underground, Steve Lukather from Toto is interviewed on the soundtrack they did for David Lynch's 'Dune'.

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23 August 2007

Dune Fan Movie Cancelled!

I received a dissapointing email this morning from the creators of the Dune Fan Film, which I've pasted below. Read and give water to the dead...

"We are the authors of the Dune Fan Video Film.

"Sorry, we have not answered before, but we wanted to talk previously with the Herbert Family and the HLP for respect and education.

"After a few emails, the final answer they have given is that we are not allowed to show you all the Fan Film for free as soon as we had finished it, because of the contracts and the copyright. We communicate you our decission: with great sorrow and impotence we have abandoned the project. There is no way.

"Dune Fan Video Film was a 100% Fan Film made by a group of young Spanish students. A (very) low budget 8 hours length Fan Trilogy based on the Frank Herbert's first DUNE novel, with a 7 years production made for fans by fans, with non commercial purposes and born from our great admiration for the DUNE Universe. We are amazed for your high consideration and your hesitation whether it is a fan film or not. It has been shot with VHS and Mini-DV cameras and has been edited in our PCs at home. We have been extremely accurate to the novel (our adaptation has been with no doubt the most one) Our illusion was to share our work with you by posting it for free in the web and to contribute with our effort and illusion to the DUNE Universe. An universe in which we have lived the last 10 year of our lives. A huge and serious work which may seem crazy.

"We tried to respect at all time the spirit of Frank Herbert's creation, his person and his family. And with our project we wanted to pay a tribute to him. Based on this respect, we transmited inmediately the Herbert Family the existence of our trailer. From the beginning, we tried to make everything clear about our Fan Film and its non commercial purposes, and we offered to make any necesary modification, publicity or its inmediate retreat in a friendly way, in case they considered it. Unfortunately, the feelings it caused on them and the answer we received, was not at all what we expected.

"Our project had not commercial purposes and it had not financing or support from any company or institution. Everything was made with our hands and paid with our pocket money. The actors were our friends and relatives, who have put up with our passion for the Frank Herbert novels for years. The locations were our houses and public buildings: Malaga,our town, is 3.000 years old and we have been lucky to shoot on every kind of location, from morish palaces to middle-age castles and real dunes.

"The special effects and the editing were made in a personal computer at home without great economical costs. For example, the eyes of the Fremen were painted frame by frame (30 frames per second, several persons on each frame) The postproduction work has been hard, difficult and huge.

"Unfortunately, we will not never be able to show it because we are not allowed to it. Therefore we abandon the trilogy unanimously and totally. We will not finish the movies because it does not make any sense. It is a pity, after so much enthusiasm: we are now deeply disappointed and our fan spirit is dead. Given that there is not and there will not be permission for any DUNE adaptation made by fans, we have abandoned the Fan Film. The project is dead and only the memories and the dust are left. There is no more illusion.

"We still have the hope on showing the trailer in our web and we are waiting for the Herbert's Family permission. We consider that a 4 minutes length trailer would not create a copyright problem and would be the only way to feel that our 7 years work has been valued and it has not been worthless. We would like to feel that we have been respected as fans and people, something basic in any fan community.

"We also thank the interest shown by the real DUNE Fans through emails, youtube posts, webs and forums.

"Long live the fighters!!!!! 150 spanish Dune fans."

Update: There is an online petition to save the fan film. Sign the petition here

14 August 2007

New Fan Dune Movie/Trailer
Mediteatro Producciones Audiovisuales are working on an 8 hours, Spanish language, non-comercial, fan film trilogy based in the first novel of the saga. The trilogy will be ready at the beginning of 2008, but they have a trailer on YouTube.

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8 August 2007

Sandworms Audiobook competition
To celebrate the release of the 'Sandworms of Dune' audiobook, Audio Renaissance has launch a new sweepstake for a chance to winner some great prizes.

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12 July 2007

Dune (1984) storyboard sketches up for auction
On 2-3 August 2007 Profiles In History are having an eBay Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including two storyboard sketches by Don Dixon from Dune.

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10 May 2007

Dune Audiobook competition
Dune - Behind the Scenes has teamed up with Audio Renaissance to offer US visitors the chance to win one of 5 copies of the new Dune audiobook. [Competition Closed]

8 May 2007

New DuneAudio site live
Audio Renaissance have launched a new Dune website, DuneAudio.com to promote the new recording of Frank Herbert's Dune. Containing information, downloadable audio samples, and a sweepstake competition, Dune fans should check it out.

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12 March 2007

Dune (1984) Dagger prop up for auction
On 5 April 2007 Profiles In History are having an eBay Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a prop dagger from Dune, similar to the one used by Sting at the end of the film.

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19 February 2007

Dune in Second Life
In Second Life there is a private island sim which is dedicated to role-playing Dune. They have worms, navigators, sietch tabr, stillsuits for sale and much more. Explore Dune in a 3D virtual environment. The sim is officially launching for role-play on the 24th Feb 2007, but is up and running now.

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25 January 2007

BBC - My Science Fiction Life
How has Dune influenced you? Until April 2007, the BBC website allows you to share your recollections about the place science fiction has had in your life. The aim is a collective, user-written autobiography of science fiction.

You can add your recollections of Dune here

My Science Fiction Life

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8 January 2007

Lionsgate confirms Dune (2000) on Blu-ray for 2007
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lionsgate announced the studio's upcoming slate of titles on the Blu-ray format. Among the list is the "Frank Herbert's Dune" miniseries, although no release date has been announced. (It had previously been announced for Spring 2006, and then June/July 2006)

30 November 2006

Emperor's Blade prop up for auction
On 15 December 2006 Profiles In History are having an eBay Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including the Emperor's Blade, used by Sting in his final hand-to-hand battle with Kyle MacLachlan.

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10 October 2006

New Dune Audio Book from Audio Renaissance
Audio Renaissance, the audiobook publisher of the Dune audio series have announced plans to release the original Dune on audio for the first time in a very long time. It is going to be a brand new recording, and has yet to be cast. More information is expected next month.

20 September 2006

Universal announce Dune on HD DVD
Wave 3 of Universal's HD DVD titles arrives on 28th November 2006, and includes David Lynch's Dune, priced at $29.98 SRP.

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18 July 2006

Dune screenings at the AFI Silver Theatre
On the 22/23/25 July 2006 Dune is being screened at the AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center as part of "The Films of David Lynch" festival. They are also showing "Eraserhead", "The Elephant Man", "Blue Velvet", "Wild At Heart", "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me", "Lost Highway", "The Straight Story" and "Mulholland Dr."

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17 July 2006

Dune HD-DVD is "Coming Soon"
According to the new website "HD-DVD - The Look and Sound of Perfect", Dune (1984) is coming soon to HD-DVD. Of course, we have been hearing this since January 2005, but with HD-DVD players finally available maybe we'll see Dune in HD before the year is out. No word on what, if any, extras wil be on the HD-DVD.

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6 July 2006

More Dune (1984) items up for auction
On 28 July 2006 Profiles In History are having an eBay Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a Guild transporter ship miniature with two concept drawings, and a Hunter/Seeker special effects prop.

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20 April 2006

Original Dune (1984) costume for sale on eBay
A original Fremen housekeeper outfit from David Lynch's Dune is up for sale on Ebay, with a "Buy It Now" price of US $1,695.

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7 April 2006

Dune on the big screen in Chicago
The Music Box Theater, Chicago, IL will be having midnight screenings of Dune on the 14th and 15th of April.

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27 February 2006

More details on the Blu-Ray release of Frank Herbert's Dune
In June/July 2006 Lionsgate will release Frank Herbert's Dune on Blu-Ray, priced at $29.99. It will be one of the first 10 Blu-Ray titles from Lionsgate, whose Blu-Ray rollout starts 23 May 2006.

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3 February 2006

Dune showing on HDNet
If the quality of the recent Dune DVD left you disappointed why not see if your cable or satellite provider carries HDNet - and watch Dune in 1080i High Definition!

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23 January 2006

Dune Extended Edition - Details here!
I've got a hold of the new Dune Extended Edition, and I'm adding all the detail I can to the site, there is plenty already posted, and more to come. Why not take a look at the Dune Extended Edition DVD details?

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20 January 2006

Free Lynch's Dune DVD in Sunday's Observer Newspaper
On Sunday January 22, 2006 the Observer newspaper in the UK is giving away a free DVD of David Lynch's Dune with every copy.

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6 January 2006

Dune Extended Edition - More details
For more information on the extras on this eagerly awaited DVD check out the details here.

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6 January 2006

Dune Miniseries heading to Blu-ray
Well, Universal may (or may not) have dropped Lynch's Dune from their HD-DVD lineup, but Lionsgate's spring Blu-ray lineup includes the Dune Miniseries. Looks like Dune fans may have to buy both HD-DVD and Blu-ray players...

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6 January 2006

Universal announce their HD-DVD lineup
A year ago, at the last International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Universal announced that "Dune" would form part of its initial HD-DVD lineup, and was due for release in late 2005. Now, at this years CES, with still no HD-DVD players in stores yet, Universal have announced their March 2006 lineup of 10 HD-DVDs, but unfortunately "Dune" is missing from this initial batch. Universal have plans to release new and catalog films throughout the year, so we may still see "Dune" on HD-DVD in 2006.

4 December 2005

Dune UMD pushed back - again
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment will now release Dune on the PSP UMD format on Monday 30 January 2006, 17 weeks later than originally announced. The good news is that it will be 'region free', so it'll play on any PSP, not just UK ones. Preorder now from Amazon.co.uk

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1 December 2005

Pain Box (Dune 1984) up for auction
Ron Miller is selling on eBay the pain box that Reverend Mother Mohiam uses to test Paul in the David Lynch version of "Dune". It's not only from Ron's personal collection of "Dune" memorabilia he also designed the prop, so can guarantee its authenticity. While there were several dummy versions of the box constructed, this is the "hero" prop that was actually used in the film. It has a fully functioning door that snaps open when a small button on the bottom surface of the box is pressed. The box is beautifully constructed (it looks nice just sitting in a room) of resin, wood and metal. It is painted in a green faux marble effect. It is large and substantial, weighing 5 pounds.

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4 October 2005

New Dune: Extended Edition Date
Universal Home Video have annouced a new release date for the Dune: Extended Edition: 31 January 2006!

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20 September 2005

Original miniseries props for sale
The Prop Store of London has purchased all (around 500) of the props and costumes used in the 'Dune' and 'Children of Dune' miniseries directly from the production company. The items are being listed on their website, a few per day, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is a great opportunity for Dune fans to own a piece of Dune history!

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31 August 2005

Dune UMD pushed back
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment will now release Dune on the PSP UMD format on Monday 28 November 2005, 8 weeks later than originally announced.

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25 August 2005

Dune DVD moving forward?
The production company that was responsible for the extras on Universal's indefinitely postponed "Dune: Extended Edition", has stated that it has recently finished work on "David Lynch's DUNE (Universal Studios Home Video)". Does this mean Universal are just releasing the normal theatrical cut and not the extended edition, or has David Lynch given some input? More information as we hear it.

8 August 2005

Dune heading for UMD in the UK
On 3 October 2005 Sanctuary Visual Entertainment are set to release Dune (1984) on the PSP (Play Station Portable) Universal Media Disc (UMD) format.

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12 July 2005

More Dune (1984) items up for auction
On 29 July 2005 Profiles In History are having an eBay Live Auction, selling many Hollywood props, including a Fremen Shadout costume, and a design for a Harkonnen helmet.

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7 July 2005

DuneInfo 10th Anniversary!
Dune - Behind The Scenes is 10 years old! I'm not sure of the exact date that the original site went live, but July 1995 is the first record I've got of it. The site has moved addresses a couple of times over the years, undergone a few design changes and increased in size, but the aim of the site has remained the same, to provide a behind the scenes look at Dune. Many thanks to all the people who have contributed to the site over the years by sending in information and pictures, including Dune crew members. A special thanks to the all the visitors to the site too. Now where did I put that Spice Birthday Cake...

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25 May 2005

Original Crysknife Prop for sale on eBay
A Crysknife from David Lynch's Dune is up for sale on eBay. It comes complete with a special effect "blood tube" gimmick, and as such can be identified as the Crysknife given to Jessica by the Shadout Mapes, in a scene ultimately cut from the theatrical release.

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12 May 2005

New French Dune DVD
On 7 June 2005, "Dune: Ultimate Edition", a new 3 DVD release of Dune will be available in France, containing the Theatrical version, the TV version and a disc of extras.

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7 May 2005

Updated Dune DVD info
According to PlayUSA.com, the new release date for the Dune: Extended Edition is 26 July 2005. Meanwhile Amazon.com has different information on the extras: Never-before-seen footage of the film including fight scenes and an alternate ending, new documentaries on the special effects, creature design, insight into the Fremen suits and stories from the set. Amazon also claim there will be 2 discs, rather than a 'flipper' DVD.

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30 March 2005

Lynch involved with Dune DVD - or not?
thedigitalbits.com have updated their story on Lynch's involvement with the Extended DVD, it seems that the deal with Lynch is still in discussion and work hasn't started yet on any new edit. Meanwhile, in the davidlynch.com chatroom Lynch himself seems to deny any new involvement with Dune, see dugpa.com for a brief transcript of the chat.

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28 March 2005

Lynch involved with Dune DVD
According to thedigitalbits.com the reason that the Dune: Extended Edition DVD has been delayed is that David Lynch wants to be involved! Could Dune fans finally get a director's cut of Dune?

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14 March 2005

Delayed: Dune Extended Edition
The Dune Extended Edition has been removed from Universal's release schedule, with no new date set.

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21 February 2005

New Baron Harkonnen Toy from SOTA
SOTA have announced their third series of "Now Playing", and of one of the new figures is Baron Vladimir Harkonnen! Now Playing Series 3 is due for release around Halloween 2005.

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15 February 2005

Dune - Lynch's 6th Draft Script Online
David Lynch's 6th draft of Dune is available to download exclusively from this site. It contains many scenes that were filmed, but cut from the final film, such as the original version of Paul taking the Water of Life in Sietch Tabr rather than in the desert.

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2 February 2005

Dune Extended Edition DVD
On 10 May 2005 Universal Home Video are set to release Dune Extended Edition DVD, which will contain both the Original Theatrical Version (137mins) and the Extended Version (177mins), packaged in a Metal Snap Case. The SRP is $27.98. There are bonus features, but the content of those has yet to be announced.

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10 January 2005

Dune set for HD DVD
At the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, various HD DVD titles were annouced for release on the new format later this year. Dune was among Universal's list of releases, so you had better start saving for a HD DVD player...

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