Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 92 : Traitor's Message

Paul & Jessica move to the safety of rocks, carrying the package. A mountain of sand moves towards the vehicle and an hole opens beneath it swallowing the 'thopter whole.

Inside the package they find a recorded message from Yueh saying that he and the Duke will be dead, and that if his plan to kill the Baron has failed he hopes that they will avenge Leto's death.

Paul puts on the Ducal ring and tells Jessica that Leto never stopped trusting her. Jessica weeps, despite telling herself it is silly to waste water.

Paul knows the location of the House Atomics, and hopes with the help of the Fremen to have revenge. From the package they erect a tent into which they sit and meditate.

From the Moebius storyboards we can see the vehicle being pulled into the ground, and some kind of device being used from the package. The text isn't readable, but there is a lot of it, and could well be Yueh message. We also can see Jessica crying.

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