Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 76-80 : Battle for Dune

Within the palace the installation of the protective screen is completed and Yueh activates the shield.

The palace is covered with a semi-transparent dome of light, and from a tower the Atreides watch Harkonnen ships land half a mile away.

Leto states that to legally rule Dune the Harkonnens will need his head to present to the Senate, but they'll be safe within the protective screen.

The Sardaukar and Harkonnen army move towards the palace and are meet by the Atreides army formed into three groups around Hawatt, Idaho and Halleck.

"The sky fills with vultures. The sound of battle can be heard : a deafening uproar, the clash of arms, explosions, wails, military bands, mingling their rival hymns. A black smoke darkens the sky."

There are several Moebius storyboards that appear to relate to the battle between the Harkonnen/Sardaukars and Atreides/Beggars. While certain other aspects (nudity for example) of the scripts have been toned down, the inclusion of children fighting on behalf of the Duke still remains, and in both the script and boards the camera remains off the armies themselves during the battle.

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