Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 111-114 : Jamis's Funeral

A ceremony is held for Jamis, and the water that Jamis owned (33 litres, 7 drams and 3 seconds) is presented to Paul in the form of a series of rings.

Not knowing what to do what them he asks Chani to hold them for him, which causes humour among the Fremen given its meaning among them.

Chani and Paul then carry the water down into a cave, which contains an enormous basin filled with water, the sight of which stops Paul in his tracks - "I know this place. I saw it in a dream."

Again Paul has a vision, this time it is of a Fremen religious crusade with Paul as their leader.

Chani and Paul reach the basin, and empty the water into it through a water counting machine.

Chani explains that water, collected from condensers has been kept in every sietch, and when they have enough the Fremen will change the desert into a garden. It is part of Kynes' plan, who, at the age of 386 fathered Chani!

The script follows pretty closely Frank Herbert's original novel, even down to individual lines:

Script: CHANI : Later I'll show you how to wrap them in a handkerchief so that they don't ring when silence is necessary.

Novel: "Later," Chani said, "I will show you how to tie them in a kerchief so they won't rattle and give you away when you need silence."

The Moebius storyboards show Paul receiving the water rings, and visiting the water basin.

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