Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 105 : The Fremen

Paul & Jessica walk down into the ravine which contains a garden, where Stilgar drops from a tree and tells them that they can either kill themselves, or be killed.

Stilgar then recognises Paul, and allows him to join the Fremen thanks to Kynes message, however Jessica must die.

Jessica manages to surprise Stilgar, holding him as a shield in front of her as Paul runs towards a rocky wall, knocking out Jamis as he passes him.

With a knife at his neck, Stilgar orders the Fremen to stand down, and Paul turns to see Chani - the girl from his dreams.

Jessica is accepted into their group in return for agreeing to teach the Fremen her fighting techniques.

With an deal struck, and Jamis helped up, they all set off marching, with two Fremen erasing their footsteps.

A partial Moebius storyboard appears to depict this scene, with Stilgar presenting them the knives to kill themselves, as well as Jessica holding a knife to Stilgar's throat.

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