Dune 2021 - Deleted Scenes

Duncan's arrival on Arrakis

Duncan's arrival on Arrakis

Originally the film started with the arrival of Duncan on Arrakis.

Extended Gom Jabbar

There a lines of dialogue heard in the trailer that is not heard in the movie, for example "You've proven you can rule yourself. Now you must learn to rule others. It’s something none of your ancestors learned."

Jessica trains Paul

Jessica trains Paul

From the "Art and Soul of Dune" book we have a picture of Jessica training Paul on Caladan.

Caladan Horse

Paul and horse on Caladan

Paul says goodbye to his horse on Caladan, and gifts the horse to the stable boy.

Jessica teachs Paul the Voice

Jessica teachs Paul the Voice

In a mediation rooom in the Arrakeen residency, Jessica teaches Paul the Voice, to demostrate she commands Paul to "Drink the flame" of the oil lamp.

Gurney plays the Baliset

Gurney plays the Baliset

Gurney baliset can be seen briefly in the movie next to his bed, however Hans Zimmer did compose a melody using lyrics adapted from the novel and a scene was filmed with actor Josh Brolin "playing" the prop baliset.

Stilgar spots a Heighliner

Stilgar spot a Heighliner

According to "Art and Soul of Dune" book our first view of Stilgar in the movie was originally Stilgar walking in the desert when he spots a Heighliner in the sky, bringing the Atreides to Arrakis.

Leto & Gurney - Box of fingers

Box of fingers

When the Atreides arrive on Arrakis they find a box left by the Baron as a gift. Opening it they find it contains the fingers of many Spice workers.

Gurney confronts a Harkonnen

Gurney confronts a Harkonnen

Looking closely at the monitors in this behind the scenes picture it appears to show Gurney holding a knife to a Harkonnen in the Arrakeen Residency, the "Box of fingers" is still sitting on the table behind them.

Yueh give Paul the OC Bible

Paul and Yueh

This picture appears to show Doctor Yueh giving Paul Atreides a copy of the Orange Catholic Bible.

Jessica & Yueh

Jessica and Yueh

This picture appears to show Lady Jessica and Doctor Yueh talking, possibly discussing Yueh's wife, Wanna.

Kynes sees Leto in his office

Kynes sees Leto in his office

According to "Art and Soul of Dune" book this picture is of Liet Kynes visiting Duke Leto in his office in Arrakeen.

Thufir & Paul

Thufir & Paul

"I don’t know whether it’s still in the film or not, but in the script that we had, Paul said to him, ‘It was also what you taught me that made me triumphant over that hunter-seeker,'” Henderson says. “So that’s the only thing that helped [Thufir] get off the hook, but [his] resignation was a sincere desire to say, ‘Get someone else because I care that much.'"

Hollywood Reporter

Sonic Probe

Sonic Probe locates Harkonnen agent

The script contained a short scene of the Atreides searching for the Hunter Seeker operator. Territory Studio created animation for it, but it was ultimately unused.

Paul & Leto discuss the Lisan al-Gaib legend

Paul and Leto discuss the Lisan al-Gaib legend

Set on the balcony of the Arrakeen Residency, Paul expresses his concerns to Leto that his life is already set by destiny.
Picture courtesy of Zsuzsanna Virág.

Mapes & Paul

While looking at the sandworm mural the Shadout Mapes stops at his side, lays a hand on his shoulder and speaks to him:

You are touched by Shai-Hulud. The vision is a gift. Don’t be afraid to see.

Leto's Message

Leto gives Duncan a message to deliver to the Fremen

Duke Leto stands in front of Duncan Idaho. Leto communicates with precise hand signals using THE ATREIDES COMBAT SIGN LANGUAGE. We can read the translation with subtitles.
Leave at dawn. Give this message to the FREMEN.
The Duke gives him a tiny object.
Trust no one.
Duncan bows and leaves. Leto stays alone, lost in thoughts.

The Baron and Jessica

Jessica bound on the floor

In an interview with Variety, actor Stellan Skarsgård confirmed that there was a scene with the Baron and Jessica that was cut from the movie.

Jessica lies on the floor in her nightgown. Ankles tied,
wrists bound behind her back. Mouth gagged. Her eyes closed.

Piter torturing a prisoner

According to David Dastmalchian (Piter) "there was a scene in which I was torturing a prisoner that didn't make it. Dave Bautista and I were in it and it was a very short scene, but I really enjoyed shooting that".


Piter & Sopho Juice

Piter and Sopho Juice

In some Behind The Scenes footage we see Piter drinking what appears to be Sopho Juice.

Piter & Thufir

Piter and Thufir

In some Behind The Scenes footage we see Piter with the Atreides Mentat Thufir Hawat captured behind him. "There was also a scene between myself and Thufir Hawat, played by the great Steven McKinley Henderson, which unfortunately didn't make it into the final cut of the film."

Baron's Wrath

Baron's Wrath

When the Baron learns of the Atreides attack on his Spice stockpile (another deleted scene) he rises out of his healing bath.

The Baron floats in the air: naked but for his suspensor harness. Entirely covered in glistening black fluid, even his head and face. He is breathing like a bellows, chest heaving.

Chani's lesson

Chani's Lesson

In some Behind The Scenes footage we see Chani imparting Fremen wisdom to Paul. "Do not brush against a bush lest you leave a thread to show the way, where we go no one must follow."