Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 83 & 86 : Aftermath

We see the aftermath of the battle, thousands dead, including "babies bristling with arrows" and birds of prey pecking at the flesh.

Only three Atreides are left standing, Duncan, Halleck and Hawatt, surrounded by an ever decreasing circle of Sardaukar.

Hawatt is captured, Halleck is pinned under a net. Duncan, despite being mortally wounded keeps killing the enemy, until finally sixteen Sardaukar grab him and press his chest to a cannon - that Rabban fires - blowing Duncan to bits!

Hawatt is taken away as the Baron want to see him, and Halleck's balisette is crushed by Rabban.

Jumping ahead a few scenes we find Halleck tied to four sticks, baking in the desert heat. He is delirious and screams Jessica's name with hate, believing that she was the traitor.

There are some Moebius storyboards showing similar events, the aftermath of a battle, including what appears to be the body of the child warrior seen in Part 27.

Rings of soliders close in a few small groups, a lone figure (Duncan?) taking on overwhelming odds, and at the end of the section a figure (presumably Halleck) tied up in the desert.

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