Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 54 : Mapes

Jessica is decorating her new bedroom in the Arrakeen Palace, soldiers enter bringing in a group of female Fremen servants. The servants all kneel before Jessica, apart from an old woman - Mapes.

Jessica instructs the soldiers to leave, and then she confronts Mapes - "Do you think I'm blind ? You're no servant...!"

Jessica announces that there is a dagger hidden under Mapes' blouse.

Mapes draws a white phosphorescent blade from a black sheath - "A gift if you are really Her!"

Jessica states that it will be the instrument of her death if she is not. Mapes asks what the blade is, and Jessica successfully guesses a tooth.

Mapes cries out and falls to her knees and gives Jessica the blade, telling her it is a tooth of Shai-Hulud and to keep it close to her otherwise it would disintegrate.

Jessica asks why Mapes has put the blade away without shedding blood and Mapes opens her blouse and offers her breasts.

Jessica slashes her right breast, but the blood coagulates instantly and Mapes says "The legend is beginning to happen; you are one of us. You will not leave this planet alive."

With a gap in the available Moebius storyboard it is unknown if this scene appears in there too, but as this is directly based on a scene from Frank Herbert's novel, unlike most of the scenes so far, it would hopefully have remained.

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