Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 81-82 : The Tooth!

Within the palace Yueh runs towards Leto - "Jessica ...! Paul ...! The Harkonnens ... !"

Leto follows him through a series of corridors, they encounter Mapes with a dagger in her back, who tries to warn Leto before dying in Yueh's arms.

They set off running again and find Jessica and Paul apparently dead, laying in a pool of blood. Leto falls to his knees in despair, and Yueh takes advantage of this to inject Leto in the neck. Leto falls down, paralysed.

Yueh removes one of the Duke's teeth and replaces it with a replica one. He tells Leto to break the tooth when the Baron is near to release a deadly gas - "...don't forget the tooth, Leto Atreides, the tooth!"

In exchange for Leto co-operation Yueh will save Jessica and Paul. The ducal ring is taken from Leto and placed into one of Paul's pockets, then two spice searchers (Czigo and Kinet) enter, Yueh pays them with money and spice brandy and they leave carrying Paul and Jessica.

It is interesting that in the script Yueh takes a more activate part in helping Paul and Jessica to escape, rather than just making a suggestion that they should be taken into the desert to die.

The characters of Czigo and Kinet are also changed from Harkonnen troopers as in Herbert's novel to drunken spice smugglers.

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