Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 95-99 : Ornithopter Escape

Harkonnen troops lead by Rabban are hunting for Paul and Jessica, backing them against a smooth rock wall.

Suddenly a door appears in the wall! Kynes and Farok help them into the secret tunnel, closing the entrance before the Harkonnen can reach them.

Running through the tunnel they enter a cave, Kynes gives Paul and Jessica some stillsuits. As they dress Farok and Kynes uncover a 'thopter and then attach a small distrans to a bat - a message to the Fremen to protect the mother and son - and release it through another hole in the cave.

Kynes tells them to fly the 'thopter directly into the approaching storm. They say their goodbyes as the sounds of Harkonnens are heard closing down the tunnel.

Paul & Jessica fly the 'thopter into the hurricane as Kynes and Farok engage in a brutal battle with the Harkonnens.

As Paul flies the 'thopter towards the centre of the cyclone it is pursued by 3 Harkonnen aircraft, who try and shot them down, but they give up and fly away when the 'thopter disappears into the cyclone.

Inside the 'thopter Paul battles the control, then he and Jessica recite the Litany Against Fear.

Although there are no publicly available Moebius storyboards for these scenes, there is a Chris Foss drawing of the 'thopter design which does look amazing!

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