Dune Movie - Cut Scenes

Could anyone help compile a list of scenes cut from the final film version of Dune?

Many of the cut scenes are detailed in the 6th Draft of the script, which can be downloaded in the scripts section.

The Dune: Extended Edition DVD contains several cut scenes too.

TV Edition Prologue

The prologue explains that mankind had become dependant on thinking machines and had falled into a state of apathy. This made it easy for people with machines to turn them into slaves. Eventually a Jihad ended this slavery and schools were created to develop the mind. The two reminding schools are the Bene Gesserit and the Spacing Guild.

The prologue then describes the relationship between the Guild, the CHOAM, the Emperor and the Houses of Atreides and Harkonnen.

This scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

Thinking Machines Thinking Machines
Slaves Slaves
Butlerian Jihad Butlerian Jihad
Bene Gesserit Bene Gesserit
House Harkonnen House Harkonnen

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Jamis Fight and Death Scenes

In these scenes a Fremen called Jamis challenges Paul to a fight to the death. Chani gives Paul her Crysknife and warns Paul of his opponents tactics. Paul uses these to defeat and kill Jamis. The body is carried back to the sietch where Paul is introduced to the family of Jamis, his wife Harah and their two sons. Harah places her necklace on Jamis' body, and one of the sons places a Crysknife on the body. The body is then rendered into water.

This scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

Jamis and Paul Fight Fight
Jamis is Dead Death
Crysknife is placed on the body of Jamis Crysknife

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The Drowning of the Baby Worm

Paul is shown by Stilgar how the Fremen obtain the Water of Life. A baby worm is drown in a vat of water, the body removed and the liquid (the Water of Life) that is expulsed from the worm's mouth is collected.

This scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

Drowning Chamber Drowning Chamber
Gasp for Air Gasp for Air
Water Of Life Water Of Life

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Feyd tell Thufir to kill Paul

Paul offers his life to Thufir

Thufir prepares to pull out his own heart plug

Thufir pulls out his own heart plug

The Death of Thufir

The Emperor turns nervously to Feyd, who passes a golden dagger to Thufir. Thufir approaches Paul, concealing the knife. Paul and Thufir come face to face but the Emperor seems strangely tense at this moment and Paul notices this.

Paul senses that Thufir has a knife and out loud to the entire room says: "In payment of the many years of service to my family, you may now ask of me anything you wish. Anything at all. Do you need my life, old friend?"

Thufir's hand rises, as Jessica gasps, but instead of using his dagger on Paul, the old Mentat pulls out his heart plug with a quick tearing motion.

Thufir dies in Paul's arms and Paul orders: "Carry this noble Atreides warrior away. Do him all honor."

This scene is a deleted scene on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

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Shadout Mapes

Shadout Mapes

Shadout Mapes

The Shadout Mapes puts her loyalty to the test at the wrong end of a crysknife.

Part of this scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD, the remaining section of the scene is in the deleted scenes on the same disc.

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Shadout Mapes

Beast Rabban in the bath

Beast Rabban in the Bath

Beast Rabban in the Bath

The Beast Rabban hears that a mysterious figure is successfully leading the Fremen against the Harkonnen conquerors of Dune. Paul Smith, as Rabban, sitting in water and surrounded by light bulbs, had to overcome concern about his possible electrocution.
Beast Rabban in the Bath
Rabban brings in Liet Kynes

Look what I found

Rabban strides in front of his uncle's ship, carrying Dr Kynes over his shoulder.

Paul and Chani's Love Scene

Paul and Chani's Love Scene

Paul falls in love with Chani (Sean Young), a brave and beautiful Fremen.

Original Water Of Life Scene

Original Water Of Life Scene

No longer in the film, this photograph is of the original version of Paul's Water of Life scene. In the final version of Dune, this scene occurs on the open desert.

Original Water Of Life Scene II

Original Water Of Life Scene II

Paul and Chani with Alia and Jessica.
Jessica's Water Of Life Preparation

Jessica's Water Of Life Preparation

The Lady Jessica, prepared to go through the Water of Life ceremony in the Hall of Rites.

Birth Of Alia

Birth Of Alia

Carlo Rambaldi's mechanical model of Alia.

Awaiting the outcome of Jessica's Water Of Life

Awaiting the outcome of Jessica's Water Of Life

Paul, Harah, her two sons and Stilgar (at left) await the results of Lady Jessica's Water of Life ceremony.

Freman in Sound Square training

Fremen in Sound Square training

The Fremen sound gun is tested in an underground sietch.

Beast Rabban In The Desert

Beast Rabban In The Desert

The glamour of movie-making proves a myth as Paul Smith and his men must move through the heat in heavy rubber suits.
Beast Rabban wandering aimlessly in the desert in search of Paul when spice production falls.

Moving out of Castle Atreides

The Bulls Head

On Caladan, the existing territory governed by the Atreides, the Duke and his people prepare for their move to Arrakis.

Gurney playing the ballist

Gurney playing the ballist

Gurney plays his ballist, with Yueh, Paul, Thuffir, Leto and Liet listening.

This scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

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Let water be a bond between us

Let water be a bond between us

After Gurney has finished playing the ballist, Yueh asks Kynes if he should be seen associating so closely with them. Kynes says he feels very comfortable among them, and spits on the floor. Leto explains that as water is so valuable on Arrakis it is not an insult. Leto pours water on the floor, saying water will be a bond between them, in the puddle of water on the floor Paul see the reflection of the second moon.

This scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

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Alia's conception

Alia's conception

Leto and Jessica talk in bed about the future, Jessica tells Leto that if she is to bear him a daughter it must be done tonight.

This scene is in the 'Alan Smithee' version of Dune, like that included on the Dune: Extended Edition DVD

  • Chani drinking the transformed Water of Life
  • Hara and Jessica talking about Alia
  • Alia walking through Harkonnen bodies, with crysknife in hand

Thanks to: 'Scott Lanum', 'Wil King, III', 'Ed Balko' for their help.

From: enigma

A short clip of the guild navigator going through clouds to land on Harkonnen planet. This clip is repeatedly shown - when the Harkonnen's attack, when Helen Mohiam takes off etc.

Longer Palace scene - before the 3rd Stage Guild Navigator arrived. Emperor asking his guards to leave and ".. no eavesdropping of any kind allowed" - Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam arriving and talking to Emperor - she wants to sit close to the Guild Navigator & Emperor telling her it won't be allowed. Emperor asking the Reverend Mother questions about why the Guild Navigator is sent.

Short clips between Emperor & 3rd Stage Navigator. i.e. view from inside the Navigator tank looking at the Emperor. 3rd Stage Guild Navigator has longer speech about why the spice must flow - because. it gives them accelerated evolution etc.

After the 3rd Stage Guild Navigator leaves, Emperor talks to Reverend Mother again and asks about Paul Atreides about what she read in the Guild Navigator's minds. After she leaves, Emperor talks to his Generals(?) saying he doesn't trust the Reverend Mother because she's Bene Gesserit and to watch her carefully.

Reverend Mohiam in a ship sitting behind two pilots going towards Caladan - interestingly the two pilots were the same pilots that took Jessica & Paul to be killed in the Desert.

Paul checking his computer regarding Arrakis before Thuffir, Gurney, and Yueh arrives.. there were more subjects talked about... plants, etc.

Voice over explaining who Thuffir, Gurney & Yueh are. I can understand why they took this out - while the narration is going on, the 3 just stood there like idiots waiting for Paul to turn.

Paul's conversation with Dr. Yueh is longer - mention of the static electricity in the desert making shields useless... South Polar Regions are forbidden.

Paul fighting the fighter robot is longer - with Gurney commenting to Yueh how his moves were not once he trained Paul nor did Thuffir.. then commenting on how it's Jessica's influence.

Voice over explaining who Duncan is

Voice over about Fremen when Atreides landed... showing Fremen group climbing a hillside to look down on the spaceship, showing Paul, Jessica, and his father coming out.

Duncan and Leto met after they landed.. Duncan gives him a message canister from the Fremen with the words "Column of smoke by day...Pillar of fire by night." This was before Duncan explains the Fremen's strength as an ally.

After Paul's close encounter with a hunter-seeker: Leto looks at all his generals(?) camera pans about 3-4 faces... wondering who the traitor is. Thuffir Haw at offers his resignation which is denied by Leto, sighting how his training saved his son's life. They all sit for a meeting.

After the meeting. Leto asks Gurney to persuade some of the spice miners to stay... Gurney recites some poetic stuff... Paul smiles... he recites more poetic stuff... Paul laughs. Gurney leaves.

After Kynes, Leto, Gurney, Paul inspects and saves some spice miners... showed a scene of the palace briefly. Inside a room... Gurney plays his ballist .. with Yueh, Paul, Thuffir, Leto listening. Yueh questions Kynes loyalty and Kynes spits on the floor and tells them he's with the Fremen... Leto pours his water on the floor and Paul sees the reflection of the second moon on it.

Long shot of Harkonnen ships landing and Saurdakar troops coming out.

Feyd lightly slaps Leto (unconscious) in the face.. 2 guards bring Yueh in and Feyd clamps Leto's nose and mouth... Leto slowly gags... Feyd takes his hands off... rips a badge(?) from Leto's vest and feeds it to Yueh.

Jamis' burial (extraction of his water)... Paul inherits his wife and sons. Jamis' body is placed in a large vat and water is extracted. Stilgar declares the water as Usul's and is given rings to signify the count. Chani looks jealously at Jamis' wife...

After the final battle... a short scene of Alia is shown with her holding a crysknife and raising both arms in the air - dead bodies strewn about. The scene were she is going around killing the Saurdakar still not fully dead is never shown - it was considered too gory with a child killing, etc.

I think there was a scene in the movie also removed and not restored in the Tv version... where Paul & Chani's first child died in the attack on the Sietch by Rabban and Saurdakar's ... Paul & Chani discuss it or something...

From: hiphats

I believe there was a scene that was filmed which took place right after Paul kills Feyd towards the end of the film. It's where Paul sends the Emperor to prison. His line goes: "I will tell you how it will be...I will marry your daughter, the Princess Irulan, and I shall become the new Emperor.". to which Emperor Shaddam replies, "NO! Only I sit on the throne", and Paul responds, "There will be a throne for you on your prison planet". Paul then turns to Chani and says, "Chani, Irulan shall have nothing of me but my name. You will be my true love, Chani, just as Duke Lito was my mother's true love." After this comes the familiar Fremen saying ("We Fremen have a saying.....") and the rain storm at the end.

Also, the scene where we think we see Mother Mohiam traveling to Caladan with two men is actually FABRICATED from outtake footage and test shots.

From: Richard Cutler
Originally, Nefud was killed off, but in the resultant mess of a movie, he just sort of disappears.

"In the stuff that we shot, Nefud and some other Harkonnens are captured by these generals led by Jose Ferrer. Nefud is taken and put in this machine and ends up on a table screaming while the generals stand around laughing about it. We don't see that in the finished film."

Jack Nance
Read the entire article at Lynchnet.

Kooshmeister points out that Nefud can be seen standing among the rest of the captured villains at the end of the film before/during/after Paul's knife-fight with Feyd. However, in those scenes Nefud appears to have scars on his temples, and acts very strangely, did the Generals give him a lobotomy?


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