Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 84-85 & 87 : Traitor's Reward

In the palace Yueh turns off the protective shield.

A victory parade approaches the palace, with the Baron sat on a throne which is in turn sat on top of a float made to look like the planet Dune.

As they reach the palace the Baron gives an order and Sardaukar enter the palace and bring out Leto strapped to a table - the army cheers at this sight.

However when Yueh steps out a hush settles over them, until shouts of "Traitor" begin, and clods of earth are thrown, then the Sardaukar take him away too.

Back inside the palace the Baron demands to learn from Yueh where Paul & Jessica are, but Yueh lies, telling him that only the Duke knows.

The Baron rings a bell and Yueh's wife Wanda is brought out on a stretcher, her body is covered by a sheet and only her head is visible.

Yueh runs towards her, but Peter sticks a dagger into his back, and as Yueh falls he grabs the sheet, revealing Wanda's body, which has been completely crystallized! As Yueh lays dying on the floor Uman Kudu smashes Wanda beside Yueh, and with his last breath he kisses a few shards of Wanda's body, points and laughs at the Baron and then dies.

The Baron states "You can't trust a traitor!" and then asks Peter to interrogate Leto - which we'll see next time!

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