Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 126-131 : Gurney Reunited

A Fremen brings his heavily pregnant wife before Jessica, explaining that his son cannot be born, and that his wife will die.

Jessica examines the woman, but announces that nothing can be done. A four year old Alia however says that she will help, and sits on the woman's stomach and makes movements with her hands and feet until the baby is successfully delivered.

In the desert Paul leads an attack on smugglers, and approaches the single survivor, only to discover it is Gurney Halleck! Gurney is overjoyed to discover Paul is alive, but collapses from his wounds.

The Fremen return with Gurney back to the sietch, where Gurney's wounds are treated while Paul goes to tell Jessica the news.

Paul gives Jessica a message found on a Harkonnen - the order to exterminate all Fremen. Jessica tells Paul that is time he killed Stilgar and became leader of the Fremen armies.

Paul rejects this, stating that he has seen the future, and he does want the fire nor the violence. Jessica coldly tells Paul that the leaders are waiting and if Paul doesn't challenge Stilgar then she will.

Paul goes to meet with the leaders, but says that the customs must change, to kill Stilgar would be like cutting off his right hand. Now is the time that the Fremen need to work together and not rob the tribe of its strength and wisdom.

As the leader agree Alia rushes in and talks to Paul, who runs to Jessica's room where Gurney has a knife to her neck.

Gurney still believes Jessica to be the traitor that killed Leto, but Paul plays him Yueh's message to prove the truth.

Paul decides to take the Water of Life.

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