Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 138-141 : Rabban's Death

Paul leads the army of Fremen through a town defended by Harkonnen, leaving behind the town in flames and filled with dead Harkonnens.

Later the Fremen are killing more Harkonnen, who have formed a cirlce around a pile of shields. When the last soldier is dead the Fremen part, allowing Paul and Stilgar to approach the shields, under which they find a cowering Rabban, who Stilgar shots in disgust.

Rabban's head is raised on a long lance and the Fremen cry in triumph.

In a conference with the Fremen leaders Paul tells them that they have won the planet, but not the war. Paul foresees thousands of ships attacking Dune, lead by the Emperor himself. Paul gives orders to the Fremen and then says to Alia that the Emperor will only find a single child.

Meanwhile, in space, an enormous fleet of space war-ships is approaches Dune.

"These ships, bearing the Emperor's emblem, look sinister. They are completely covered in claws, spikes and teeth."

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