Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 71-72 : Duke's Gambit

Back in the palace Jessica comes down the main stairway and all attention is drawn to her by her natural beauty.

Kynes kisses her hand but keeps his lips closed. Jessica states that one day Dune will have enough water that men will no longer fear losing water when kissing a woman. Kynes realises that Jessica shares the Fremen's dreams -"Did you bring the Kwisatz Haderach ?"

Leto comes down the stairway too, but rejects Jessica's arm - "Your place is in the shadow." Jessica leans on Kynes for comfort.

Leto stands up on the band's rostrum, and proposes a toast. Leto smashes the glass - it's a signal - Atreides soldiers swarm in and the industrialists' generals are brought before Leto, who gives another signal and the 50 generals are beheaded!

A third signal and the walls separating each of the 4 parties are brought down, yet another signal and the hall doors are opened and a crowd of beggars burst in.

Leto announces that this is what is needed on Dune, a united people. He has seized control of the water, food and energy sources on Dune, and tells the industrialists to leave Dune forever.

He offers to work with the other groups fairly and equally if they help the Atreides defend Dune against the Imperium.

However, one by one, the Fremen, the smugglers and the spice searchers each refuse to fight the Atreides' battle, and leave the hall.

The Duke's plan has failed! But the beggars that remain offer their lives to the Duke - who laughs like a madman - "Old men... weak men... sick men... madmen... That's all I have!"

Meanwhile, thousands of Harkonnen ship are crossing through space towards Dune.

What good will the thousands of beggars be to the Atreides? Join us next time as Halleck tries to train them.

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