Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 109-110 : Jamis Fight

Arriving at Sietch Tabr they descend into a large cave, where Stilgar introduces Paul & Jessica to suspicious Fremen, telling them that Kynes asked for Paul and Jessica to be accepted.

The Fremen react when they learn that Paul might be the Kwisatz Haderach and that his mother is a Bene Gesserit.

Jamis, however, is angry and demands proof. He challenges Paul to a fight. Jessica tries to use the Voice to prevent it, but Jamis demands silence.

Chani helps Paul prepare, giving him a Krys, and insight into Jamis's fighting techniques.

With the Fremen forming a ring around them, Paul and Jamis begin to fight, with Paul easily avoiding the attacks, but is unable to bring himself to strike back.

The Fremen believe that Paul is toying with Jamis, but when Paul manages to disarm him, and has the point of the knife against Jamis's chest he asks "Do you give up?"

Stilgar explains that it is a fight to the death! Paul backs away and Jamis takes up his Krys again. Jamis realises that Paul is the better fighter and attacks, at the last minute performing a knife switch, but Paul counter attacks and Jamis collapses dead - Paul's knife plunged into his heart.

The Fremen rush and cover the body and carry it off. Chani and Stilgar ask why he acted like a murderer, playing with his victim. Jessica explains that it is the first time that Paul has killed with a knife.

Stilgar asks what name Paul wishes to be know as now, and Paul picks the name of the mouse that jumps - Muad'Dib.

Meanwhile the water has been recovered from Jamis's body and Chani offers Paul a drink of it so he can recover the water lost during the fight. Paul is disgusted, but at Jessica's prompting he takes a long drink.

Paul then eats from a Spice dish, and immediately falls into a vision, and sees himself standing over the body of Feyd Rautha before being killed himself by Count Fenring.

The Moebius storyboards follow the script pretty closely. We see people entering into a cave, and then surrounded by a a ring of Fremen Paul and Jamis fight. There is Paul holding a knife to Jamis's throat, backing away, Jamis switching the knife to his other hand and finally being covered over after being killed. There is also a blurry storyboard that could be Paul's vision of Fenring killing him by cutting his throat.

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