Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 55 : Dual Alliance / Token of Respect

Outside the Government Palace Duncan is showing Leto gifts from the Fremen : distilling devices (stillsuits), jewels, Spice brandy ... and something special for Duncan himself.

Duncan picks up the black sheath of the Crysknife given to him by the dying Fremen, and it about to pull out the blade when a voice shouts out "Leave it in its sheath!"

Everyone turns to look as Farok walks forward - the Atreides guards draw their swords.

Duncan explains that Farok saved his life and the guards allows him to pass. Farok tells them that only Duncan may see the blade, and that the eyes of impure men would stain it.

Leto asks if he would be allowed to view the Crysknife, but Farok will only allow the Duke to win the right to see it.

This offends the Atreides guards and Hawatt exclaims that only the Duke can give orders.

Leto calms everyone, and agrees to honour the Fremen custom as well as the Fremen who died.

Farok stares at Leto and then spits at Leto's feet, the Atreides guards once more draw their swords.

It is Duncan who calms everyone this time, explaining that spitting is a mark of respect, given how precious water is to the Fremen.

Farok asks if Duncan wishes to put himself at both the Duke's and Farok's service, covers his face and walks towards the desert.

Leto announces that the Fremen are the men they need, if they are all like Farok, but Duncan says that being proud and free they will be difficult to organise.

Leto says they'll need 10 battalions of Fremen, and that they are depending on Duncan. Duncan puts on a distilling device and runs after Farok, they walk together into the desert, disappearing behind a dune.

While no Moebius storyboards are available for this scene, it is very similar to the original novel by Frank Herbert, although it was Stilgar, not Farok, as the Fremen who visits the Duke.

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