Jodorowsky's Dune Uncovered

Jodorowsky's Dune.

Scene 56-58 : Hunter Seeker

Paul's bedroom has an oceanic theme, with painted walls, a cloud shaped window, and a bed that looks like a fish!

Yueh is giving Paul a lesson on the unusual wildlife on Dune - "blue rats, falcons with horned beaks, beetles with butterfly wings".

After the lesson ends Yueh give Paul a sleeping pill, but Paul want to go for a walk. Yueh insists, saying it is Jessica's order.

Paul reluctantly takes the pill and goes to sleep, but immediately gets up and spits out the pill as soon as Yueh leaves the room.

Paul starts to get dressed when he notices the fish's mouth opening and an electronic insect coming out of it. The insect is carrying a miniature bomb, and is attracted to the noise of the curtains fluttering in the wind, then a moth banging against a nightlight, but then moves towards the sounds of Paul's breathing. Paul stops his breathing, but the sound of his heartbeat still draws the insect closer. Paul concentrates and stops the beating of his heart. The insect continues to sweep the room passing inches from Paul.

Outside the room a woman's footsteps can be heard, the handle turns and Jessica opens the door. The insect rushes towards her, but Paul manages to grab it and Jessica quickly removes the explosive charge and hurls it against the wall while throwing herself and Paul to the ground.

The device explodes, taking a piece of the wall with it, and the noise brings Leto, Yueh, Hawatt and Atreides soldiers running into the room.

Paul points to the tiny device causing Thufir and the soldiers to run off through the corridors, knocking down doors, looking for the operator. But all they find is an abandoned control panel.

Distraught, Hawatt returns to the room, and tells the Duke that he is too old and that he gives up.

Leto comforts Hawatt, telling him that his lessons saved Paul, and that he can do nothing against a traitor.

A corrupt system has sown bitterness among even the Atreides, but they will fight it and make a better world - "even if we have to set alight the Galaxy to do it!"

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