Frank Klepacki Frank Klepacki has made many of the Dune music he created for the various Dune computer games available on his website:

Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty (1992)
01 Dune 2 Medley 1
An extreme rarity from the Klepacki archives, this song is from Dune 2, and this medely never before heard until now!

Dune 2000
01Under Construction4:34
02The Waiting Game4:16
03The Fremen4:33
04The Atreides Gain4:18
05The Ambush4:06
06Spice Scouting5:14
08Rise of Harkonnen3:39
10Land of Sand5:07
11Harkonnen Battle4:21
12Fight for Power5:55
13Enter the Ordos5:15
14Attack on Arrakis4:06

Emperor: Battle For Dune
01Fremen Alliance
Variation on a mix of some of the other themes for a neutral feel
02Fight in the Dunes5:15
03The Overseer
A nice moody piece capturing the environment of Dune
04Infiltrating the Harkonnen
A theme that begins with sending troops to scout, find a strategy, and then attack
05Sand Excursion4:32
06Battle of the Atreides
An epic battle score depicting the Atreides gaining leverage while running into obstacles
07Assassination Attempt
This one revisits a few of the older Dune 2 themes by Frank
08Unsuspected Attack
This one was mistakenly absent from the game - although the title was there, it was a double of another song - you can finally hear the real song now!
09Ride the Worm
A tribal oriented battle piece inspired by the sandworms of course!
10The Spice Must Flow4:47
11The War Begins
The definitive battle theme for the Atreides in Emperor
12Assembling the Troops
A battle preparation theme