Frank Herbert's Dune

Dune CD Cover

Original Television Soundtrack From The Sci Fi Channel Mini Series

Music by Graeme Revell
Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus

Part 1
01Main Theme1:55
02Navigator Advises1:30
03Pain Box2:59
04Worm Sign / Escape the Worm4:17
06Up The Ladder / Battle1:22

Part 2
07Desert Trek1:44
08Outrun Worm2:22
09Travel With Fremen1:21
10Reclaim Janis? Water / Worm Riding 4:47
11Fremen Village2:47
12Underground Lake Vision2:14
13Paul & Chani2:18
14Chani & Paul's Love2:07
15Worm Bark2:26
17Seduction Pt.24:12
18Jessica Changes Water1:41
19Desert Love1:28

Part 3
20Paul's Vision1:41
21Conquering The Worm2:51
22Paul Drinks2:49
23Paul Reigns3:37
24The Killing of the Innocent2:22
25Baron Harkonnen Dies2:01
26Jihad Begins / Last Fight2:57
27Paul Chooses-Finale3:25

Album Credits
David RussoArranger, Programming
Mark BanningArt Direction
Juraj DurovicMixing
James NelsonDigital Editing, Mastering
Gregg NestorMusic Preparation
Graeme RevellProducer
Josh WingetMusic Editor

GNP/Crescendo Records

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