Dune Spice Opera - Exxos

Dune Spice Opera - Exxos

This rare CD was available with a special edition of the original Dune computer game.

# Title Length Composer
01Spice Opera4:47Ulrich/Picq
02Emotion Control4:19Picq
06Free Men6:37Picq
07Wake Up5:15Ulrich/Picq
08Dune Theme5:07Picq
09Chani's Eyes5:03Picq
10Sign of the Worm3:15Picq
12Dune Variation6:20Picq

All tracks Produced by Philip Ulrich
All songs Published by Virgin Music (Publishers Ltd).
The copyright in this recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd.

(P) 1992 Virgin Records Ltd.
© 1992 Virgin Records Ltd.

"I would like to thank Nadia, Sally, Aïni, Amel, Emmanuelle, Nadége, Samira Rosa, my family, and all the people who supported me. I dedicate my work to Catherine." Stephane Picq.

"Special thanks: Jean Martial Lefranc, Dider Bouchon, Rémi Herbulot, Jean Jacques Chaubin, Sohor Ty, Patrick Dublanchet, Nelly Desclaux, Frank Hermann, Martin Alper, David Bishop, Andrew Wright, David Leo and Frank Herbert." Philip Ulrich.

Recorded at the Cryo Laboratory Studio 1992.

Original music by Stéphane Picq and Philip Ulrich

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