Dune: Collector's Edition

Also available in a Metal Tin casing containing a 32 page colour booklet.

Disc 1: Theatrical Version

Disc 1: Main Menu.
  • Picture: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen PAL
  • Audio
    • DTS 5.1
    • Dolby Digital 5.1
    • Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Region: 4
  • Subtitles: None
  • Running Time: 130:59
  • Region: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Disc 1: Scenes Menu.
Title Length
1 A Very Delicate Time 4:26
2 The Guild Navigators Orders 5:42
3 House Atreides 19:05
4 House Harkonnen 16:37
5 The Conqueror Worm 16:33
6 The Harkonnen Attack 19:52
7 The Fremen 11:11
8 The Weirding Way 3:40
9 The Worm Conqueror 3:38
10 The Coming of Muad'Dib 4:27
11 The Water of Life 6:52
12 Wormsign 5:09
13 The Descending Storm 3:11
14 Alia The Avenger 1:08
15 The Last Harkonnen 3:51
16 The Word of God & End Titles 5:31
Total Running Time: 2:10:59

Note: The chapters are not named, I have taken the titles from the UK Dune Special Edition DVD

Disc 2: TV Version

Disc 2: Main Menu.
  • Picture: 4:3 PAL
  • Audio
    • Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Region: 4
  • Subtitles: None
  • Running Time: 177:01
  • Region: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Disc 2: Scenes Menu.
# Length
1 16:05
2 19:27
3 25:05
4 10:39
5 10:28
6 8:20
7 9:20
8 15:43
9 32:43
10 12:04
11 7:13
12 6:23
13 3:20
14 0:06
Total Running Time: 2:57:01

Disc 3: Extras

Disc 3: Main Menu.

[Note: The extras are mostly the same as those on the UK Dune Special Edition DVD]

Impressions of Dune
Impressions of Dune. This is the main extra on the DVD and is a excellently produced series of interviews with cast and crew, intermixed with footage from the movie, and behind the scenes images. Mike Goodridge (author of Directing [Screencraft Series]) arranged and conducted most of the interviews, which took place in LA, New York and London.

Kyle MacLachlan in Impressions of Dune. Featured are Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Atreides), Raffaella De Laurentiis (Producer), Freddie Francis (Cinematographer), Antony Gibbs (Editor), David Ansen (Film Critic), Harlan Ellison (Screenwriter), Golda Oppenheim (Production Supervisor), Frederick Elmes (Cinematographer - 2nd Unit) and Gordon Hayman (Camera Operator).

Conspicuous by his absence is David Lynch, who rarely talks about his films, and given that, ultimately, Dune was an experience he'd soon as forget it is no great surprise that he isn't part of the interview. But even without the director we still hear from many of the other people who shaped Dune into the movie that it was.

Title Length
1 Impressions of Dune 8:38
2 Frank Herbert 9:37
3 The Shoot 8:00
4 Off Camera 9:12
5 Conclusions 2:33
Total Running Time: 38:02

Destination Dune
Destination Dune. The documentary, known as 'Destination Dune' was used for publicity and to show at conventions, and so is designed to be short, running at just under 6 and a half minutes. But in this short time we get to see several scenes being rehearsed and filmed (including a couple of cut scenes) plus get a peak inside the model shop with David Lynch discussing designs with Carlo Rambaldi. Dino De Laurentiis, and of course, Frank Herbert also make an appearance.

Destination Dune. The film was transferred from 3/4" tape, and has been digitally enhanced, but obviously the quality isn't comparable to that of the movie.

If Dune was filmed today it would no doubt have a team of people recording everyone and everything just for the DVD release, as it is we are lucky that we get this glimpse into the production process of Dune. A must see look at the making of the movie Dune.
Running time: 6.16

Frank Herbert Interview
Frank Herbert Interview. At under 2 minutes this isn't the longest extra, but it is interesting as it features Frank Herbert (minus beard) on UK breakfast TV talking about Dune. This interview, along with Frank Herbert's brief appearance in the 'Destination Dune' documentary also on this DVD is one of the few times I've seen any video footage of Frank Herbert, and is a welcome addition to the DVD.
Running time: 1.24

Theatrical Trailer. Theatrical Trailer
Ah, the obligatory trailer. Nothing special about it, and it has been on just about every Dune DVD. But good to have for the sake of completeness. Notice the style of the 'Dune' logo, which was changed when the film was released.
Running time: 3.03

  • Cast and Crew Biographies
    • Patrick Stewart (Gurney Halleck)
    • Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Usul Muad'Dib Atreides)
    • José Ferrer (Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV)
    • Max von Sydow (Dr. Kynes)
    • Linda Hunt (Shadout Mapes)
    • Sting (Feyd-Rautha)
    • Francesca Annis (Lady Jessica)
    • Virginia Madsen (Princess Irulan)
    • Sean Young (Chani)
    • David Lynch (Director)
  • Subtitles
    • None
Note: The first batch of DVDs contained an error on the DTS track (the centre channel comes through the right speaker), anyone who has a faulty disc can return it for an exchange free of mailing charges:

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