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Dune: Thunder at Twilight - Chapter 3

Thunder at Twilight.

We, the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, are greatly concerned with the war between two of our greatest Houses. We herewith command that you shall intercede upon Arrakis and ensure our will is executed. You are granted the right to act in our name. Abuse this great privilege, and you shall suffer our wrath. Perform your duties well, and we shall grant you a seat in the High Council.

Title Type Rarity
Assailant's Calling Card Tactic:Intrique:Engagement Common
Assertion of Mining Rights Event:Nexus:Dune Uncommon
Blood Feuding Venture:Duel Uncommon
Byzantine Corruption Enhancement:Condition Rare
CHOAM Company Flag Decree:Enhancement:Dictum Random
Cielago Distrans Equipment:Device Common
Commander Aramsham Ally:Vassal:Officer:Sardaukar Set
Corrupt Water Official Aide:Office:Spy Uncommon
Culmination of Training Event:Nexus:Imperium Uncommon
Division Leader Enhancement:Title Common
Dominate the Assembly Program Random
Dr. Kynes - Judge of the Change Ally:Vassal:Native Set
Emperor Shaddham IV Ally:Noble:Emperor Set
Emperor's Proxy Charter:Partnership Set
Enlist Survivor Venture:Petition Uncommon
Evangelina - Breeding Mistress Ally:Vassal:Adept:Consort Random
Folk of Grabban and Pan Personnel:Corps:Reserve Common
Gaius Helen Mohiam Ally:Vassal:Reverend Mother Set
Genetic Factor Enhancement:Condition Uncommon
Grant Quarter Tactic:Battle:Declaration Common
Guild Security Division Personnel:Troop:Battalion Uncommon
High College - Imperial Suk Certificate Decree:Enhancement:Title Random
House Courier Aide:Pilot:Spy Common
Imperial Agents Personnel:Corps:Cohort Common
Initiative Coup Program Random
Jareh Benquait Ally:Vassal:Native Set
Kardif - Colonel-Bashar Ally:Vassal:Officer:Sardaukar Random
Landing Field Enhancement:Bastion Common
Lasgun Turret - Mounted Lasgun Equipment:Weapon:Projectile Rare
Letter of Credit Tactic:Petition:Declaration Uncommon
Lisan Al-Giab - Voice of the Outer Worlds Decree:Enhancement:Title Random
Lost in the Desert Tactic:Declaration Rare
Lt. Erta - Junior Levenbreche Aide:Sardaukar:Spy:Unique Rare
Marduk - Bashar of the Corps Aide:Officer:Sardaukar:Unique Rare
PreOrdained Sequence Tactic:Initiative:Declaration Uncommon
Program of Extermination Event:Dune Uncommon
Relinquish Claim Tactic:Arbitration:Engagement Common
Remain Invisible - Operate in the Shadows Program Random
Right of the Farfreluches Event:Nexus:Dune Random
Sabotage Enhancement:Skill Common
Salusa Secundus Homeworld:Fief Box
Sardaukar Drop-Battalion Personnel:Troop:Battlallion Common
Sardaukar Mystique Enhancement:Condition Uncommon
Silo Trust Management Charter:Directorship Random
Skirmishing Spoils Charter:Partnership Random
Smuggler Underground Personnel:Coprs:Cohort Uncommon
Spice Stockpiling Program Random
Sterilization Proceedings Venture:Battle Uncommon
The Assassins' Handbook Equipment:Device:Book Common
The Broken Land Dune Fief:Desert Set
Transfer Orders Tactic:Declaration Common
Traverse the Alam Al-Mithal Venture:Prescience Uncommon
Troop Crusher - Battle Frigate Equipment:Transport:Craft Common
Truthtrance Inquest Venture:Weirding Uncommon
Unleashed Horror Venture:Intrique Uncommon
Usurp CHOAM Directorship Program Set
Watchdog - Informant Aide:Delegate:Spy Uncommon
Witching Power Enhancement:Skill Uncommon

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