Collectors of Dune.


Who made Collectors of Dune?
The webmasters of Dune Index and Dune - Behind The Scenes combined forces to create this website.

Where did the information and images come from?
Most of the items are in the extensive Dune collections of the webmasters. Images have been sourced from scans/digital photographs of the originals, images from manufacturers/retailers websites, or from other Dune collectors. In cases where the item was never released, scans have been made from promotional material.

I have found a mistake/omission - what should I do?
Please let us know, providing as much detail as possible, using the form on the Contact Us page.

I really want a particular Dune item, where can I buy it from?
Where possible we have included links to websites that sell that item. If there is no link then your best bet would be to try online auction sites like eBay. We reget items from our Dune collections are not for sale.

Is this a complete list of EVERY Dune item?
No, there are far too many variations worldwide on the books, DVDs, magazines etc that it would be impossible to compile the information. What we have tried to do is show the main items. We do hope to include Laserdiscs and worldwide book covers in the future though.

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