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Dune: Thunder at Twilight - Chapter 2

Thunder at Twilight.

Silence! Do not interrupt me again, if you value your life. House Atreides, our blood foes, have taken Arrakis, and we, with allies of our own in the shadows, prepare to strike back. You must help us retake the planet. Obey without question, send your House to die at our command, and we will consider elevating your pitiful House into the High Council. Fail, and you shall never dare to sleep again.

Title Type Rarity
Abduct Heir Program Random
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Ally:Noble:Baron Set
Baronial Tithes Charter:Directorship Set
Battle Company Tactic:Battle:Declaration Common
Beyond the Faufreluches Decree:Enhancement:Dictum Random
Breeding Program Charter:Partnership Random
Cannon Artillery Equipment:Weapon:Projectile Uncommon
Challenge by Combat Venture:Duel Uncommon
CHOAM Complot Venture:Intrique Uncommon
Contract Audits Event:Dune Uncommon
Counter Conspiracy Venture:Transfer Uncommon
Czigo - Harkonnen Trooper Aide:Soldier:Unique Rare
Deep Training - In the Weirding Way Enhancement:Skill Common
Demolition Corps Personnel:Corps:Division Common
Dew Harvesting Charter:Directorship Random
Disguised Sardaukar Personnel:Troop:Brigade Common
Disguising Uniform Equipment:Device:Suit Common
Dishonorable Knifework Tactic:Duel:Declaration Common
Dr. Yueh - The Traitor Ally:Vassal:Physician:Suk Set
Dune Regency - Seat of the Oppressor Homeworld:Dune Fief Box
Exploit CHOAM Channels Venture:Arbitration Uncommon
Fall of a Great Rival Program Set
Fremen Band Personnel:Troop:Reserve Uncommon
Fremen Marauder Aide:Warrior:Native Uncommon
Gang Assailants Tactic:Intrigue:Declaration Common
Glossu Rabban - Regent of Arrakis Ally:Noble:Count Set
Gross Soliciting Tactic:Discard:Declaration Rare
Guild Bank - Financial Headquarters Enhancement:Bastion Uncommon
Hazard Rates - Shipping Rate Increase Event:Nexus:Imperium Uncommon
Hellhounds - Mercenary Corps Personnel:Troop:Brigade Common
House Armory Enhancement:Bastion Rare
Hydraulic Initiative Corps Personnel:Corps:Division Uncommon
Immobilize Urban Center Program Random
Imperial Suk - Of the Inner Circle Aide:Physician:Suk Common
Jarmush - Security Officer Ally:Vassal:Officer:Spy Random
Lt. Kinet - Scarface Aide:Pilot:Unique Rare
Maneuver Pawn Venture:Weirding Uncommon
Manual of the Friendly Desert Equipment:Device:Book Common
Medical Tampering Venture:Deployment Uncommon
Mockery of CHOAM Event:Imperium Uncommon
Overwhelming Affluence Tactic:Inititive:Declaration Uncommon
Piter de Vries - Twisted Mentat Ally:Vassal:Mentat:Assassin Random
Political Combine Tactic:Arbitration:Declaration Common
Political Conniving Enhancement:Skill Common
Regent-Siridar - Planetary Governor Decree:Enhancement:Title Set
Scavenging Warfare Event:Nexus:Imperium Uncommon
School Injunction Enhancement:Dictum Common
Schooled Adept Decree:Enhancement:Title Random
Scout 'Thopter Equipment:Transport:Craft Uncommon
Seat of Governance Enhancement:Bastion Rare
Shelter the Lisan Al-Gaib Program Random
Smuggling Compact Tactic:Discard:Declaration Uncommon
Styros - Expert Saboteur Ally:Vassal:Officer:Native Set
Suborn Suk - Break Conditioning Program Random
Tahadi Al-Burhan Enhancement:Secret Common
Thunder At Twilight Event:Nexus:Dune Set
Tsimpo - Garrison Town Dune Fief:City Set
Umman Kudu - Captain of the Guard Ally:Vassal:Officer:Guard Set
Weather Scanner Aide:Office:Scout Uncommon

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