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Dune: Thunder at Twilight - Chapter 1

Thunder at Twilight.

Trusted friend, House Atreides stands alone on Arrakis. We are beset on all sides by our foes, who seek to destroy us with political rhetoric and poisoned blade. In this, our hour of need, we turn to you. Stand with us on Dune. Defy the corruption of the Imperium and the atrocities of powermad Houses. We can make changes, my House and yours... from your new seat on the High Council.

Title Type Rarity
Advance Base Enhancement:Bastion Common
Arrakeen Richece Personnel:Corps:Reserve Common
Atreides Brigade Personnel:Troop:Brigade Common
Backstabbing Tactic:Duel:Engagement Common
Battle-Rigged 'Thopter Equipment:Transport:Craft Common
Benefice of Allegiance Event:Nexus:Imperium Set
Bill of Particulars Enhancement:Compact:Document Uncommon
Blackmarket Enterprise Imperial-Charter:Partnership I/R
Cpt. Trumane Aide:Officer:Unique Uncommon
Dharva Glynn - Miners Guild Advisor Imperial-Aide:Vassal:Mentat:Native I/R
Directorship Kickbacks Imperial-Charter:Directorship I/R
Distrans Message Tactic:Declaration Rare
Drag-Line Outfit Equipment:Transport Common
Ducal Signet Ring Imperial-Decree:Enhancement:Symbol I/R
Ducal Tithes Imperial-Charter:Dune Tithe Set
Duchy of Arrakis Imperial-Homeworld:Dune Fief Box
Duke Leto Atreides Imperial-Ally:Noble:Duke Set
Duncan Idaho Imperial-Ally:Vassal:Swordmaster I/R
Expert Command Enhancement:Skill Common
Fabled Crysknife Equipment:Weapon:Blade Uncommon
Fencing Operation Venture:Petition Rare
Focus Awareness Venture:Prescience Uncommon
Fog of Battle Tactic:Battle:Engagement Common
Grant Furlough Venture:Transfer Uncommon
Gurney Halleck - Troubador-Warrior Imperial-Ally:Vassal:Officer Set
Harvesting Oufit Personnel:Troop:Division Uncommon
Honor Guard Personnel:Troop:Guard Uncommon
Incite Hysteria Tactic:Intrigue:Engagement Common
Insert Watchers Imperial-Progam I/R
Instrument of the Guild Imperial-Decree:Enhancement:Dictum I/R
Lady Jessica - Concubine to Duke Leto Imperial-Ally:Vassal:Adept:Concubine Set
Landsraad Spokesman Enhancement:Title Rare
Lighter Pilot Aide:Pilot:Native Uncommon
Lt. Fedor - Field Commander Aide:Officer:Unique Uncommon
Master of Arms - Guard Commander Aide:Officer Common
Melee Training Enhancement:Skill Common
Mobilization of the Tribes Event:Nexus:Dune Uncommon
Open Battle Venutre:Battle Uncommon
Paul Atreides - Son of Duke Leto Imperial-Ally:Noble:Heir Set
Political Blackmail Venture:Arbitration Uncommon
Prevail in Kanly Imperial-Progam I/R
Propaganda Corps Personnel:Corps:Division Common
Regional Assignment Venture:Rite Uncommon
Resurrect Alliance Imperial-Progam:Venture I/R
Revolt of the Dew Gatherers Event:Nexus:Dune Uncommon
Sack of the Guild Bank Event:Dune Uncommon
Scorn of the Landsraad Event:Imperium Uncommon
Shadowed Place Enhancement:Condition Rare
Shaitan's Bargain Tactic:Inititive:Declaration Uncommon
Sister of the Azhar Aide:Adept:Spy Uncommon
Splintered Rock Imperial-Dune Fief:Outpost Set
Stake Reputation Tactic:Petition:Declaration Uncommon
Storm Damage Enhancement:Condition Rare
Supply Routing Tactic:Declaration Common
Surpass Mining Quota Imperial-Progam I/R
Tame Arrakis Imperial-Progam Set
'Thopter Piloting Enhancement:Skill Common
Thufir Hawat - Master of Assasins Imperial-Ally:Vassal:Mentat I/R
Unfulfill'd Plans Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Water Magnate Imperial-Decree:Enhancement:Title I/R

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