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Dune: Judge of the Change
Water Seller's Union

Judge of the Change. Water Seller's Union Logo.

Water is life. By this maxim all Arrakis lives or dies. By this maxim the people here understand our power. Many factions vie for a claim on Arrakis, but they all come to us for their survival. Arrakis is a harsh world. You are wise to have allied with us, for we are the axis upon which Dune spins. Great Houses may rise and fall, but we will always be here. Aid us now and you will prosper as we prosper. In this, the time of change, we thrive!

Title Type Rarity
Amtal Accord Venture:Duel Uncommon
Arrakeen Patriarch Aide:Noble/Merchant Common
Arrakeen Water Facilities Charter:Directorship F
Arsunt Fief:Dune City F
Assassin's Honor Tactic:Intrigue/Declaration Common
Atreides Sector-Guard Aide:Officer Uncommon
Botanical Testing Grant Charter:Dune Contract Rare (Imperial Deck)
Carthag Engineering Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Cesar "La" Layre Ally:Vassal/Banker Rare (Imperial Deck)
Contract Negotiations Event:Imperium Uncommon
Culmination of Dark Things Event:Imperium Uncommon
Cutteray Equipment:Device Uncommon
Emrys Jago Ally:Vassal/Native Rare (Imperial Deck)
Fakhir Zirut Ally:Vassal/Native F
Fortune of Al-Lat Venture:Transfer Uncommon
Glacier Mining Operation Charter:Directorship F
Glacier Refinery Enhancement:Bastion Uncommon
Governor of Arrakis Decree:Enhancement F
Guild Bank Arbiter Decree:Enhancement Rare (Imperial Deck)
Guild Bank Representative Enhancement:Title Rare
Guild Shuttle Equipment:Transport Rare
Harkonnen Sleeper Personnel:Troop Uncommon
Harkonnen Sleeper Aide:Assassin/Spy Uncommon
Ice Riggers Personnel:Troop Common
Infraction of the Change Tactic:Declaration Rare
Ionesco Valdeshar Ally:Vassal/Assassin F
Kanly Omissia Enhancement:Sanction Rare
Kulon Husbandry Charter:Dune Contract Rare (Imperial Deck)
'Lida Banfi Ally:Vassal/Native F
Lingar Bewt Ally:Vassal/Native F
Mantene Principia Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Common
Mark of the Drowned Man Venture:Transfer Uncommon
Noble Born Enhancement:Title Common
Northern Polar Sink Fief:Homeworld/Dune Fief F
Period of Truce Event:Dune Uncommon
Petitioning Coup Tactic:Petition/Declaration Uncommon
Petitioning Retribution Event:Imperium Uncommon
Prana-Bindu Conditioning Enhancement:Skill Common
Precept of Istislah Venture:Transfer Uncommon
Rapier Equipment:Blade Common
Ritual Combat Tactic:Declaration Rare
Scars of Rememberance Tactic:Duel/Declaration Common
Semuta Addiction Enhancement:Sickness Common
Shifting Tides Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Siridar Governorship Charter:Governorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Soaks Personnel:Corps Common
Sponsored Funding Charter:Partnership Rare (Imperial Deck)
Stillsuit Equipment:Device Common
Strategic Positioning Tactic:Battle/Engagement Common
Strategy Delegation Personnel:Corps Common
Support of the Houses Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Uncommon
Tithing Clemency Decree:Enhancement Rare (Imperial Deck)
Turn of Events Venture:Deployment Uncommon
Unreckoned Numbers Enhancement:Secret Common
Water Despot Decree:Enhancement Rare (Imperial Deck)
Water Marshall Aide:Officer Uncommon
Water Peddler Aide:Merchant/Native Uncommon
Water Shortage Event:Dune F
Water Tribute Tactic:Declaration Common
Weirding Embassy Personnel:Corps Uncommon
Zenzi Bewt Ally:Vassal/Heir/Native F

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