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Dune: Judge of the Change
Spice Miner's Guild

Judge of the Change.

We are the Dune men; ours is a quick life. Quickly to sand, quickly to sift the spice, quickly comes the worm. The worm always comes, and death is also quick on the sand. Without us, no one would mine the spice, and the universe would grind to a halt. They all pay our price and you will be no different, our success brings profits beyond imaging... profits enough to buy yourself a place in the Landsraad.

Spice Miner's Guild Logo.

Every governor of Arrakis must strike a bargain with the Spice Miners Guild if he hopes to meet his quota and keep his house in the good graces of the Padishah Emperor and the Landsraad Council. The Atreides are no different. Duke Leto's first move as the new governor is to earn the respect and calm the fears of experienced spice men who know all too well the dangers of aiding a sworn enemy of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Title Type Rarity
Ancestral Provenance Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Uncommon
Arbiter Authority Decree:Enhancement Rare (Imperial Deck)
Arbiter Proclaimation Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Common
Atreides House Guard Personnel:Troop Uncommon
Atreides Occupation Event:Imperium Uncommon
Baraka Aide:Prophet Uncommon
Casting Nets Tactic:Declaration Common
Certificate of Allegiance Tactic:Petition/Declaration Uncommon
Change of Fief Event:Imperium Uncommon
CHOAM Contract Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Communinet Transmitter Equipment:Device Common
Conversion Contracts Charter:Dune Contract F
Directed Retreat Tactic:Duel/Engagement Common
Dump Box Deployment Venture:Transfer Uncommon
Dune Men Personnel:Troop Common
Emperor's Truthsayer Decree Rare (Imperial Deck)
Festival of the Harvest Event:Dune Uncommon
Fremen Siech Reserves Personnel:Troop Uncommon
Guild Spokesman Aide:Delegate Uncommon
Harvester Pad Enhancement:Bastion Uncommon
Harvesting Summit Event:Dune F
Hebe Ally:Vassal/Prophet Rare (Imperial Deck)
His Majesty's Fief Decree:Dictum Rare (Imperial Deck)
House Frigate Equipment:Transport Uncommon
Imperial Servant Enhancement:Title Rare
Intelligence Report Tactic:Declaration Rare
Judge of the Change Decree:Enhance/Title F
Justice of the Great Enhancement:Skill Common
Learning of the Wise Enhancement:Skill Common
Lt. Aneirin Ally:Vassal/Pilot F
Matter of Kanly Venture:Arbitration Uncommon
Mess'r Coss Ally:Vassal/Native F
Omri B'rrican Ally:Vassal/Native F
Pardee Ally:Vassal/Spy F
Pillar of Fire Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Plasteel Industries Charter:Contract Rare (Imperial Deck)
Prana-Bindu Suspension Tactic:Declaration Rare
Prayers of the Righteous Enhancement:Skill Common
Pyon Elder Aide:Delegate Common
Pyon Labor Force Personnel:Corps Common
Pyon Village Enhancement:Bastion Common
Razzia Venture:Battle Uncommon
Sandmaster Aide:Officer Uncommon
Schlag Hide Exports Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Shield Wall Bases Charter:Dune Contract F
Silo Pillaging Tactic:Battle/Engagement Common
Siridar Tithes Charter:Tithe Rare (Imperial Deck)
Sister Baruna Ally:Vassal/Mentat Rare (Imperial Deck)
Spice Dogs Personnel:Corps Common
Spice Driver Aide:Officer Uncommon
Spice Infusion Enhancement:Condition Rare
Spotter Flight Venture:Deployment Uncommon
Straight-Line Computation Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Common
The Great Flat Fief:Dune Fief/Desert F
The Shield Wall Fief:Homeworld/Dune Fief F
Tivor Manx Ally:Vassal/Native F
Ultra-Fast Coagulation Enhancement:Condition Rare
Valor of the Brave Enhancement:Skill Common
Vessel of Karama Venture:Prescience Uncommon
Whale Fur Industries Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Wormsign Event:Dune Uncommon

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