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Dune: Judge of the Change
Dune Smugglers

Judge of the Change. Dune Smugglers Logo.

You have found us, and proven you are worthy of our attention. We are outlaws to be sure, and our life is fraught with peril. But with great risk comes great reward. Water. Coffee. Liquor. Spice. Serve us long enough and you'll have enough spice to a seat on the Landsraad Council. If you should fail in your grasp for power we will smuggle you to safety off-planet...if you can afford it.

Title Type Rarity
Advance Team Reports Tactic:Battle/Engagement Common
Alliance Review Board Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Approximation Analysis Venture:Intrigue Uncommon
Assembly Chairmanship Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Attack Sinister Tactic:Duel/Engagement Common
Broken Arrangement Tactic:Petition/Declaration Uncommon
Carthag Privateer Aide:Merchant/Spy Common
Comandeer Transport Venture:Battle Uncommon
Command of the Padishah Venture:Petition Uncommon
Desert Hawk Aide:Officer/Native Uncommon
Diplomatic Settlement Tactic:Arbitration/Declaration Common
Elacca Langour Enhancement:Sickness Common
El-Sayal Event:Dune Uncommon
Esmar Tuek Ally:Vassal/Native F
Eyes of Ibad Venture:Prescience Uncommon
False Wall South Fief:Homeworld/Dune Fief F
Feige Treazal Ally:Vassal/Native F
Free Trader Scout Aide:Spy/Native Uncommon
Ghost Caravan Event:Dune F
Grumman Fiet Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Uncommon
Guild Spy Ring Personnel:Corps Uncommon
Hagga Basin Fief:Dune Fief/Desert F
Honorarium Familia Enhancement:Sanction Common
House Subfief Decree:Dictum Rare (Imperial Deck)
Imperial Entourage Personnel:Corps Uncommon
Irrevocable Directorship Decree:Dictum Rare (Imperial Deck)
Kaldo Radij Ally:Vassal/Assassin Rare (Imperial Deck)
Mahdi Enhancement:Title Rare
Muddled Vision Tactic:Declaration Rare
Name of the Great Mother Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Otheym Ally:Vassal/Native Rare (Imperial Deck)
Padishah Lapdog Aide:Delegate Uncommon
Pre-Spice Mass Event:Dune Uncommon
Private Consortium Enhancement:Company Common
Proctor of Spies Aide:Officer/Adept Uncommon
Production Quota Event:Imperium Uncommon
Protracted Duration Tactic:Declaration Common
Pru-Door Scenario Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Common
Pundi Rice Market Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Pyretic Conscience Enhancement:Condition Common
Quasi-Fief Decree:Enhancement F
Remy Egusku Ally:Vassal/Native F
Shadow Partnership Charter:Partnership Rare (Imperial Deck)
Shari-A Projects Charter:Directorship Rare (Imperial Deck)
Smuggler Band Personnel:Corps Common
Smuggler Battalion Personnel:Troop Common
Smuggler Frigate Equipment:Transport Rare
Smuggler's Ambassador Decree:Title Rare (Imperial Deck)
Smuggling Revenues Charter:Partnership F
Sonar Probe Equipment:Device Common
Soo Soo Nejhre Ally:Vassal/Banker F
Staban Tuek Ally:Vassal/Heir F
The Voice Enhancement:Skill Uncommon
Trafficking Partnership Charter:Partnership F
Troop Carrier Equipment:Transport Common
Umma Enhancement:Title Rare
Undermine Support Tactic:Declaration Rare
Vanguard Battalion Personnel:Troop Common
Venture Within Venture:Weirding Uncommon
Wake Shot Equipment:Device Uncommon
War of Assassins Event:Imperium Uncommon

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