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Frank Herbert's Dune: The Mini-Series Commemorative Set Checklist

Released by Rittenhouse Archives, the Limited edition of 999 sets, containing 54 cards. Includes 50 movie cards with 2 photos per card, plot synopsis and memorable quotes. Also included are 2 authentic costume cards from costumes worn by Duke Leto Atreides (William Hurt) and Emperor Shaddam IV (Giancarlo Giannini) and an hand-signed autograph card from Alec Newman (Paul Atreides). Comes with a custom-designed album with an exclusive promotional card.

Promo Cards
Frank Herbert's Dune: Promo1 P1 General Distribution Frank Herbert's Dune: Promo2
P2 Binder Exclusive
Base Cards
02Responsibility for Breakfast
03The Test
04In a Fighting Mood
05An Elegant and Vicious Plan
06Value of Water
07Traps and How to Evade Them
08First Time in a Stillsuit?
09Worm Attack
10The Leader's Legacy
11Things Change
13Parties, Politics and Cannibals
14An Unrefiend Little Princess
16Baron Harkonnen Keeps His Word
17Into the Eye of the Storm
18The Desert Duke
19Princess Irulan's Wrath
20Running from the Worm
21In the Fremen's Den
22The Woman of His Dreams
23Learning to Kill
24Liet's Legacy
25Leadership Through Combat
26The Navigators Are Concerned
27Unstoppable Desert Power
28Mother Ramallo's Oracle
29The Secret of the Spice
30Braon Harkonnen's Guest
31Subdue The Maker
32Sayyadine-The Consecration
33Wrapping Feyd Around Her Finger
34The Agony and the Ecstacy
35Maud'Dib's Vision of Victory
36Alia Know Things
37A Challenge To the Maker
38The Return of Gurney Halleck
39Sardaukar Assassin
40Captive Guild Agent
41He Could Have Killer Her
42I Am the Tool of Fate
43Long Live The Duke
44A Task for Otheym
45They're Coming
46Maud'Dib's Sister
47The Storm Is Coming
48Rabban's End
49Past and Future Emperors
50Last of Harkonnens
Autograph Card
A1Alec Newman as Paul Atreides
"From The Archives" Costume Cards
C1Duke Leto Atreides
C2Emperor Shaddam IV