Collectors of Dune.

Dune: Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm. Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet...
The spice-drug Melange is found only on one planet in the universe: Arrakis. A blasted, waterless world of unending desert, it is a deadly place filled with unseen dangers. Melange - Spice - allows the strangely mutated Navigators of the Spacing Guild to pierce the veil of prescience and move their vast starships through hyperspace. It provides the mysterious Bene Gesserit Reverend Mothers the ability to enter the truthtrance. It prolongs life, and it allows those with the proper training and genetic ability to rise to a higher state of awareness, to see all possible futures.

You must take control of the Spice and use your position within CHOAM, the holding company which controls the economy of the galaxy, to gain favor and make a bid to rise to the status of a Great House with a direct hereditary line to the Imperial Family itself.

Title Type Rarity
Aborted Raid Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Accomplished Blademaster Enhancement:Title Uncommon
Act of Cowardice Venture:Duel Uncommon
Albrecht Nim Ally:Vassal/Navigator F
Alliance Negotiations Event:Imperium Common
Ambitious Enterprise Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Common
Arclight Assault Venture:Battle Common
Armistice Treaty Event:Imperium Uncommon
Arms Training Enhancement:Skill Common
Arrakeen Fief:Dune Fief/City F
Assassin Cohort Personnel:Corps/Cohort Common
Assembly of Lords Event:Imperium Rare
Atreides Battalion Personnel:Battalion Uncommon
Atreides Propagandist Aide:Spy Rare
Back to the Wall Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Rare
Badge of the Lion Enhancement:Title Uncommon
Baliset Equipment:Persona Common
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Ally:Noble/Baron F
Battle Captive Tactic:Battle/Engagement Rare
Battle Fatalities Tactic:Battle/Engagement Rare
Bene Theilax Accord Charter:Partnership F
Best Blade Venture:Duel Common
Betrayal Venture:Intrigue Rare
Blade Parry Tactic:Duel/Engagement Rare
Blinding Defense Tactic:Duel/Engagement Common
Bodies in the Well Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Rare
Brilliant Rhetoric Tactic:Arbitration/Declaration Uncommon
Buyout Agreement Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Rare
Caladan Fief:Homeworld F
Caladanan Exports Charter:Directorship F
Carryall Equipment:Transport Common
Carthag Fief:Dune Fief/City F
Chani Ally:Vassal/Native F
Chaumurky Venture:Intrigue Rare
CHOAM Delegate Aide:Delegate Common
CHOAM Directorship Charter:Directorship F
CHOAM Dividends Event:Imperium Common
CHOAM Insolvency Event:Imperium Rare
CHOAM League Personnel:Corps/Legation Common
CHOAM Recess Event:Imperium Uncommon
CHOAM Restructuring Event:Imperium Uncommon
Claim Initiative Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Common
Coins Under the Table Venture:Arbitration Common
Collusion Tactic:Petition/Declaration Rare
Column of Smoke Tactic:Intrigue/Declaration Common
Command Center Enhancement:Bastion Common
Commander Aramsham Ally:Vassal/Swordmaster F
Compel Surrender Venture:Duel Rare
Coriolis Storm Event:Dune Common
Count Hasimir Fenring Ally:Noble/Count F
Covert Venture Tactic:Declaration Rare
Crysknife Equipment:Weapon/Blade Rare
Desert-Rigged Ornithopter Equipment:Transport Common
Device Malfunction Tactic:Engagement Common
Diplomacy Enhancement:Skill Common
Diplomatic Initiative Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Uncommon
Doctor Kynes Ally:Vassal/Native F
Dorvin Saeth Ally:Vassal/Officer F
Dr. Wellington Yeuh Ally:Vassal/Suk F
Dueling Honors Tactic:Duel/Engagement Uncommon
Duke Leto Atreides Ally:Noble/Duke F
Duncan Idaho Ally:Vassal/Swordmaster F
Dune Siridar/Dune Fief F
Dune Charter Renewal Event:Dune Rare
Dune Smuggler Aide:Smuggler/Native Common
Early Procurment Tactic:Petition/Declaration Rare
Ecological Testing Site Enhancement:Bastion Uncommon
Emperor's Outrage Event:Imperium Uncommon
Engineering Corps Personnel:Corps/Division Rare
Exchange Proxy Venture:Exchange Common
Exchange Seat Charter:Directorship F
Exchange Suspension Tactic:Exchange/Declaration Rare
Exchange Violation Tactic:Exchange/Declaration Rare
Expeditionary Invasion Venture:Battle Rare
False Allegations Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Common
False Diversion Tactic:Declaration Common
Famous Battle Account Tactic:Battle/Engagement Uncommon
Fanaticism Tactic:Battle/Engagement Common
Feigned Unreadiness Tactic:Battle/Engagement Common
Feyd Rautha Ally:Noble/Heir F
Financial Reward Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Uncommon
Flip Dart Equipment:Weapon/Needle Rare
Focused Gambit Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Common
Fold-Space Complications Tactic:Declaration Rare
Forbidden Match Venture:Duel Common
Forbidden Zone Fief:Homeworld/Dune Fief F
Formal Discharge Venture:Transfer Common
Formal Impressment Tactic:Duel/Engagement Rare
Formidable Patron Enhancement:Compact Common
Fremen Battalion Personnel:Troop/Battalion Uncommon
Fremen Naib Aide:Naib/Native Rare
Full Reverend Mother Enhancement:Title Rare
Gaius Helen Mohiam Ally:Vassal/Rev Mother F
Garrison Enhancement:Bastion Common
Gauvir Mucca Ally:Vassal/Mentat/Navigator F
Giedi Prime Fief:Homeworld F
Glossu Rabban Ally:Noble/Count F
Gom Jabbar Equipment:Weapon/Needle Rare
Guard Commander Aide:Officer Common
Guild Entourage Personnel:Corps/Legation Uncommon
Guild Heighliner Equipment:Transport Rare
Guild Navigator Aide:Navigator Rare
Guild Stockpiling Event:Imperium Uncommon
Guild Surplus Event:Imperium Uncommon
Gurney Halleck Ally:Vassal/Officer F
Hand of God Enhancement:Condition Common
Harkonnen Battalion Personnel:Troop/Battalion Uncommon
Harkonnen Industries Charter:Directorship F
Harkonnen Slavemaster Aide:Slavemaster Rare
Harvesting Contract Charter:Dune Contract F
Heat Sickness Enhancement:Sickness Uncommon
Heir Designate Enhancement:Title Rare
Hereditary Claim Enhancement:Compact Common
Hidden Reserves Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Rare
High Steersman Enhancement:Title Rare
Historic Acquisition Venture:Arbitration Rare
Hoarding Tithe Event:Imperium Uncommon
Holding Tithes Event:Imperium Common
Hostage Option Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Rare
House Agent Aide:Spy Common
House Assassin Aide:Assassin Uncommon
House Atomics Venture:Battle Rare
House Battalion Personnel:Troop/Battalion Common
House Mentat Aide:Mentat Uncommon
House Physician Aide:Physician Common
House Shield Generator Equipment:Device/ hield Rare
House Swordmaster Aide:Swordmaster Uncommon
House Turmoil Event:Imperium Rare
Hunter-Seeker Equipment:Weapon/Device Uncommon
Iaken Nefud Ally:Vassal/Officer F
Imperial Basin Fief:Dune Fief/Desert F
Imperial Codex Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Rare
Imperial Conditioning Enhancement:Condition Uncommon
Imperial Courtiers Personnel:Corps/Legation Rare
Imperial Favor Event:Dune Common
Imperial Fete Event:Imperium Rare
Imperial Intervention Tactic:Duel/Declaration Common
Imperial Recess Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Imperial Reprimand Event:Dune Common
Imperial Revenues Charter:Directorship F
Imperial Seal Enhancement:Compact Rare
Imperial Suk School Profits Charter:Partnership F
Implicate Traitor Venture:Intrigue Common
Industrial Sabotage Venture:Intrigue Uncommon
Inert Poison Tactic:Declaration Rare
Informal Induction Venture:Petition Uncommon
Intelligence Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Common
Interests of Detente Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Rare
Invocation of Caste Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Uncommon
Irulan's Peace Event:Imperium Uncommon
Jamis Ally:Vassal/Native F
Jareh Benquait Ally:Vassal/Smuggler/Native F
Juice of Sapho Enhancement:Condition Common
Kaitain Homeworld Fief:Corrino F
Kindjal Equipment:Weapon/Blade Common
Knife Switch Tactic:Duel/Engagement Uncommon
Knife Tip Shatters Tactic:Engagement Common
Korba Ally:Vassal/Officer/Native F
Lady Jessica Ally:Noble/Sister F
Lady Margot Ally:Noble/Sister/Adept F
Landsraad Coalition Personnel:Corps/Legation Common
Landsraad Emissary Aide:Delegate Uncommon
Landsraad Inquest Event:Imperium Uncommon
Landsraad Summit Event:Imperium Rare
Lasgun Rifle Equipment:Weapon/Projectile Rare
Leven Breche Aide:Sardauka/Officer Rare
Liquidation Measures Venture:Arbitration Rare
Liscia Theirese Ally:Vassal/Assassin F
Litany Against Fear Venture:Weirding Uncommon
Long, Cold Night Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Low Morale Tactic:Battle/Declaration Common
Machines from Ix Charter:Partnership F
Magnanimous Appeal Tactic:Petition/Declaration Uncommon
Maker Hooks Equipment:Transport Rare
Marshalling of the Troops Tactic:Battle/Declaration Uncommon
Master of Assassins Enhancement:Title Uncommon
Maula Pistol Equipment:Weapon/Projectile Common
Mentat Analysis Skill Enhancement:Mentat Uncommon
Mentat Precision Tactic:Intrigue/Declaration Uncommon
Military Appropriations Charter:Directorship F
Military Transport Event:Imperium Common
Missionaria Protectiva Personnel:Corps/Legation Uncommon
Moonlit Fray Tactic:Duel/Declaration Uncommon
Naib's Countenance Enhancement:Compact Rare
Oberon Ally:Vassal/Navigator F
Oil Lense Binoculars Equipment:Device/Sensor Common
Order of the Sword Enhancement:Title Uncommon
Palace Keep Enhancement:Bastion Uncommon
Paul Atreides Ally:Noble/Heir F
Peer of the Realm Enhancement:Title Uncommon
Perilous Terrain Tactic:Battle/Declaration Uncommon
Personal Shield Equipment:Device/Shield Common
Petitioning Delays Event:Imperium Common
Petitioning Savvy Tactic:Petitioning/Declaration Rare
Petitioning Tithe Tactic:Petition/Declaration Rare
Philanthrophy Drive Event:Dune Rare
Piter de Vries Ally:Vassal/Mentat F
Pogrom Venture:Battle Common
Poison Gas Tooth Enhancement:Condition Rare
Poison Snooper Equipment:Device/Sensor Common
Poisoned Blade Tactic:Duel/Engagement Rare
Policy of Oppression Venture:Engagement Common
Powerful Ally Tactic:Initiative/Declaration Uncommon
Predawn Ritual Tactic:Declaration Common
Pre-Emptive Strike Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Prescience Enhancement:Skill Uncommon
Prescience Shielding Enhancement:Condition Rare
Prescience Trance Venture:Prescience Uncommon
Princess Irulan Ally:Noble/Heir/Sister F
Priority Matter Tactic:Declaration Common
Proces Verbal Venture:Arbitration Uncommon
Production Bonus Event:Dune Rare
Production Setbacks Tactic:Declaration Common
Prophetic Vision Venture:Prescience Rare
Provoke Insurgency Venture:Arbitration Common
Public Defamation Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Common
Quality Inspection Tactic:Exchange/Declaration Rare
Rachag Stimulants Tactic:Declaration Common
Recruitment Drive Venture:Deployment Common
Renegade Sister Aide:Sister/Adept Rare
Residual Poisoning Enhancement:Sickness Rare
Return to the Floor Venture:Petition Common
Sabotage Device Equipment:Device Uncommon
Salvaging Operation Venture:Draw Rare
Sand Scrub Venture:Battle Uncommon
Sandworm Event:Dune Common
Sardaukar Battalion Personnel:Troop/Battalion Uncommon
Scuttled Negotiation Tactic:Petition/Declaration Rare
Secret Allegiance Enhancement:Condition Uncommon
Secund-Elect Tactic:Duel/Declaration Uncommon
Security Sweep Tactic:Declaration Common
Seismic Probes Equipment:Device/Sensor Rare
Shaddam IV Ally:Noble/Emperor F
Sharing of Inner Lives Venture:Weirding Rare
Shield Failure Tactic:Engagement Common
Shield Fighting Enhancement:Skill Uncommon
Shigawire Bonds Enhancement:Bonds Rare
Sietch Community Enhancement:Bastion Uncommon
Silo Destruction Venture:Discard Rare
Sister Ramallo Ally:Vassal/Rev Mother F
Sisterhood Covenant Charter:Directorship F
Slip-Tip Equipment:Weapon/Blade Uncommon
Slow Attack Tactic:Duel/Engagement Common
Smuggler Activity Event:Dune Uncommon
Smuggler Bribes Charter:Dune Tithe F
Spacing Industries Charter:Directorship F
Spice Addiction Enhancement:Sickness Rare
Spice Blow Event:Dune Common
Spice Harvester Equipment:Desert Common
Spice Mining Inspection Event:Dune Rare
Spice Trance Venture:Prescience Uncommon
Spotter Control Charter:Dune Contract F
Sterling Reputation Tactic:Arbitration/Declaration Uncommon
Stilgar Ally:Vassal/Naib/Native F
Storm Hazard Tactic:Declaration Common
Stranglehold Venture:Petition Uncommon
Stunner Equipment:Weapon/Projectile Uncommon
Subterfuge Enhancement:Skill Common
Subvert Arrangement Venture:Arbitration Uncommon
Supply Tampering Tactic:Declaration Rare
Surgical Strike Venture:Battle Uncommon
Surprise Assault Tactic:Battle/Engagement Uncommon
Suspensor Technologies Charter:Partnership F
Symbol of Authority Equipment:Device/Emblem Rare
Terrain Advantage Tactic:Battle/Engagement Rare
Terrorism Venture:Intrigue Uncommon
The Minor Erg Fief:Dune Fief/Desert F
The Open Bled Fief:Dune Fief/Desert F
The Shadout Mapes Ally:Vassal/Native F
'Thopter Outpost Enhancement:Bastion Common
Thufar Hawat Ally:Vassal/Mentat F
Thumper Equipment:Device Rare
Tiger Cunning Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Uncommon
Timed Drug Enhancement:Sickness Rare
Traverse Fold-Space Venture:Prescience Rare
Trespass Accord Charter:Dune Contract F
Truth Sayer Enhancement:Title Rare
Truth Saying Venture:Weirding Rare
Tupile Fief:Homeworld F
Twilight Assault Venture:Intrigue Common
Unforseen Difficulties Tactic:Intrigue/Declaration Uncommon
Unprecedented Intercession Venture:Petition Rare
Usurp Holding Venture:Transfer Common
Valor Enhancement:Persona Common
Vanish Without Trace Tactic:Declaration Uncommon
Vendetta Venture:Duel Rare
Venomous Faith Tactic:Petition/Declaration Uncommon
Voice Command Venture:Weirding Uncommon
Waking Dream Venture:Prescience Uncommon
Wallach IX Fief:Homeworld F
Water Rationing Venture:Deployment Common
Water Riot Event:Dune Rare
Weapon Misfire Tactic:Engagement Common
Weather Control Charter:Dune Agreement F
Weirding Combat Enhancement:Skill Uncommon
Weirding Talent Enhancement:Skill Uncommon
Weirding Way Venture:Weirding Uncommon
Well-Placed Bribes Tactic:Arbitration/Engagement Common
Windtrap Equipment:Bastion Common
Windtrap Technologies Charter:Dune Contract F
Witness Testimonial Tactic:Intrigue/Engagement Uncommon

Listen, friend. Times are hard, but the winds of change are in the air, brought about like you and I. Look at this planet, Arrakis. The people here are oppressed; abuses are so commonplace in the Imperium that they are no longer noticed. Only we can make the changes that are so obviously necessary. Support our motions before the Landsraad, and we will use our influence to secure your admission to the High Council.

Hear the passage of Shai-Hulud? He is the great Maker - the sandworm of Arrakis. Those who see the wormsign know that great conflict comes to the open bled and none will be spared the burdens of those battles. Share your water with our tribes and we will share with you the knowledge that we alone possess. With our help, your control of the Spice will be decisive and you shall achieve your goals in the Landsraad.

We, the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, have become greatly concerned with the events now transpiring on Arrakis. We command you, our vassal, to work our will and ensure that our interests are protected. We will allow you to act in our name to the limited extent necessary to enforce your commission. When you have successfully negated these various threats we will grant you a seat on the High Council of the Landsraad.

We have folded space to meet with you, though our time here is short. Other commitments call, for our control over the movements and communications of the Empire provides us with both awesome strength and great responsibility. For now, you must be content with knowing that all you do has been foreseen and is according to our wishes. Be patient and support us, and soon your fortunes in the Landsraad will start to rise.

Silence! Do not speak, and obey without question. The Baron requires your assistance. Now that you have made your fateful choice you will become entwined in our web of intrigue and deception. That web obscures our true motives, which are not for you to know. What you must do is protect Harkonnen interests while we arrange your nomination to the High Council. Vast power will soon belong to your House!

Are you human or animal? This question, once asked, can only be safely answered in the affirmative. Those who oppose us, dubious in their humanity, seek to know our secret ways and closely held plans. We will provide what assistance we may, provided you act to protect those matters we wish kept confidential. We need support on the High Council, and if you prove worthy we shall help you gain the Landsraad.

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