This is the seventh draft script for Dune, by David Lynch.

I have tried to maintain the layout, and formatting of the original script,
and each page is as it appears in the original script.

Please note that this draft seems to have been created using segments of other
drafts, and so the page numbering is inconsistent, but all pages are included.

Spelling has been corrected (from "Geidi Prime" to "Giedi Prime" for example),
although no doubt I've introduced a few errors myself.

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This document builds on work by:
Matthew Robinson, Kirk Boweat, Fabien Tassin and Roger Bert.


December 9, 1983 DUNE 1. 1. ARRAKIS - A SCENE FROM SPACE Also known as DUNE, home of the Fremen, former Zenzunni wanderers. 1A. INT. ROCK LEDGE - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT BLACK FADE IN to the dark eyes of the mysterious face of the REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO, who sits against smooth black rock. Her eyes are deep blue-within-blue and her skin is a haunting translucent white. Her voice ECHOES as if in a great cavern. REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO We are the secret of the Universe. RESPONSE OF TWENTY THOUSAND VOICES Bi-la kaifa. REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO We are the secret of the Universe. We know of spice...the spice called melange... the greatest treasure in the Universe. It exists on only one planet - ours Arrakis, Dune. We know of spice and the Bene Gesserit sisterhood's selective breeding plan of ninety generations to produce the Kwisatz Haderach, the one the spice will awaken. RESPONSE OF TWENTY THOUSAND VOICES Bi-la kaifa. REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO And now the prophecy... Silence...then a powerful low organ NOTE resounding in the cavernous space. REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO (CONT'D) He will come... the voice from the outer world, bringing the holy war, the Jihad, which will cleanse the Universe and bring us out of darkness. He will have been born of a Bene Gesserit mother. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 2. 1A. CONTINUED (1) The Reverend Mother continues speaking of the Prophecy, but we do not hear it. The huge wind organ BLOWS louder and louder, obscuring her voice. The picture FADES. 1B. KAITAIN - A SCENE FROM SPACE Home planet of House Corrino and Shaddam IV, Emperor of the known universe. 2. INT. DROP - NIGHT FADE IN to: ...interior of one drop of water. The image changes subtly. 2A. EXT. - DROP - NIGHT PULL BACK to a shot revealing the outside of the drop. There is a distant ROARING and within the drop we can see the distorted image of a space ship landing on a sophisticated landing field. 3. (Deleted) 3A. EXT. LANDING FIELD - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT On the dark landing field, chemicals spill out of the ship in troughs and tank-suited Guildsmen begin to swarm out of a hatch opening. 4. through 6. (Deleted) 7. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT The EMPEROR is surrounded by crowds of COURTIERS in his Throne Room. Suddenly a GUARD enters from a small door and quickly crosses to ANOTHER GUARD. A warning SOUND begins. The Emperor turns nervously. Guards quickly begin to clear the large room. Several women are rushed toward us to a door beyond. One of the woman, IRULAN, stops and turns back for a worried, caring look to her father, the Emperor. IRULAN Father. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 3. 7. CONTINUED (1) EMPEROR Irulan. She sees that SARDAUKAR OFFICERS are surrounding him now, speaking to him. Irulan turns and leaves. The Emperor moves away from his officers to the center of the now-empty room. He drops his golden robe from his shoulders. He stands in his elegant black uniform, thinking. The Reverend Mother is ushered in and the Sardaukar Officers leave her alone with the Emperor. EMPEROR (quickly) A Third Stage Guild Navigator will be here within minutes! REVEREND MOTHER We felt his presence. EMPEROR I shall want telepathy during his visit and a report when we're finished. REVEREND MOTHER Their minds are so.... They move in strange directions.... EMPEROR Yes? REVEREND MOTHER Forced spice evolution of humans changes many things.... I must sit close to him. EMPEROR He will not permit anyone but me to see him. You must be outside this room.... Do what you can. REVEREND MOTHER I am your Truthsayer, my lord... (sensing something outside the room) He is here, my lord. Under the carved inscription "Law is the Ultimate Science", the doors to the Emperor's chambers slide open and FIFTY GUILDSMEN wheel in a forty-foot long giant black box. One of the Guildsmen addresses the Emperor through a translating device. TANKED GUILDSMEN #1 The Bene Gesserit witch must leave. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 4. 7. CONTINUED (2) The Emperor looks to the Reverend Mother. EMPEROR Leave us. REVEREND MOTHER Yes, my Lord. EMPEROR (after she has gone) We are alone... 8. INT. HALLWAY - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT The Reverend Mother enters through doors and takes a seat on a chair just outside the door. She closes her eyes. 9. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT Inside the Emperor's chamber, the TANK-SUITED GUILDSMEN are arranging themselves in a "V" formation around the box. Suddenly the box opens, slowly and beautifully revealing a huge, thick glass tank. Inside the tank floats a THIRD STAGE NAVIGATOR twenty feet long, much like a cross between a pasty, pale human being and a fleshy grasshopper. The tank is filled with swirling orange spice-gas, and Guildsmen continuously vacuum up the toxic chemical spills dripping from under the tank. Suddenly the Guild Navigator swims toward the Emperor. His head is enormous and fleshy, like a huge grasshopper head -- the eyes are totally deep blue. His voice is a high, fleshy whispering and an intricate electrical apparatus in the front of the tank translates into English and broadcasts it into the room. NAVIGATOR We have just folded space from Ix... EMPEROR (extremely nervous) Yes?... How was your journey? NAVIGATOR (after a long pause) Many machines on Ix... new machines. EMPEROR Oh yes? CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 5. 9. CONTINUED (3) NAVIGATOR Better than those on Richesse.. You are transparent... I see many things... I see plans within plans. EMPEROR Is there a problem?... Usually there is a problem when one of you makes a visit. No answer. NAVIGATOR (finally) The answer is within the problem... 10. INT. HALLWAY - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT Outside the Emperor's chamber the Reverend Mother sits, her eyes closed, straining. 11. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - REVEREND MOTHER'S MENTAL IMAGE - NIGHT A very blurred scene of the Emperor with the Guild Navigator. She is not getting the English version but a much different language version which is fascinating to listen to. A lilting, sing-song monologue. 12. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT NAVIGATOR I see two Great Houses -- House Atreides, House Harkonnen -- feuding... I see you behind it. EMPEROR Yes. The Navigator breathes the spice-gas heavily and swishes gently in his tank. NAVIGATOR You must share with us. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 6. 12. CONTINUED (1) EMPEROR The Atreides house is building a secret army!... using a technique unknown to us... a technique involving sound. The Duke is becoming more popular in the Landsraad... He could threaten me.... I have ordered House Atreides to occupy Arrakis to mine the spice... thus replacing their enemies the Harkonnens.... House Atreides will not refuse because of the tremendous power they think they will gain. Then, at an appointed time Baron Harkonnen will return to Arrakis and launch a sneak attack on House Atreides ... I have promised the Baron five legions of my Sardaukar terror troops. NAVIGATOR So the Harkonnens will rid you of House Atreides... EMPEROR Yes. 13. INT. HALLWAY - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT Outside, the Reverend Mother is seeing the scene mentally. She suddenly sees and flinches. 14. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - REVEREND MOTHER'S MENTAL IMAGE - NIGHT The Guild Navigator turns toward her and comes very close to her. We hear the Navigator speak to her. NAVIGATOR (to Reverend Mother, mentally) Reverend Mother... I will give you the Tleilaxu Path. REVEREND MOTHER (V.O.) (an excited whisper) A chance for escape? But for whom? 15. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT EMPEROR Can you hear me?... If this visit has anything to do with spice... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 7. 15. CONTINUED (1) The Guild Navigator shudders and swishes quite violently in his tank. NAVIGATOR LISTEN TO ME!! The spice must flow... the spice has given me accelerated evolution for four thousand years... it has enabled you to live two hundred... the spice helps make the sapho juice, which gives the red-lipped mentats the ability to be living computers... the secret side of spice... the water of life. 16. INT. HALLWAY - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT REVEREND MOTHER (V.O.) He shouldn't speak of this... 15. BACK TO SCENE NAVIGATOR the Bene Gesserit sisterhood the metaphysical ability to see have superior powers... Our power to fold space is in the spice... Without us, your empire would be lost on isolated scattered planets... You would be lost. EMPEROR I can assure you... NAVIGATOR Do not interrupt!!! Do not speak lightly of the spice... ONE SMALL POINT... 16. BACK TO SCENE REVEREND MOTHER (V.O.) Here it comes... 17. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT NAVIGATOR We ourselves... foresee a slight problem within House Atreides.... Paul... Paul Atreides. EMPEROR You mean, of course, Duke Leto Atreides... his father. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 8. 17. CONTINUED (1) NAVIGATOR I mean... Paul Atreides....We want him killed... Blend his extinction into your recipe and you will come with a meal to our liking.... I didn't say this. The box begins to fold back over the Navigator. NAVIGATOR (CONT'D) I am not here... EMPEROR I understand. The Navigator has now disappeared within the black box and the Guildsman are removing him. The Emperor watches as they leave. He wears a very perplexed, worried look on his face. EMPEROR (CONT'D) (whispering, to himself) Why would they want the Duke's son killed? 18. (Deleted) 19. INT. HALLWAY - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT The Reverend Mother hurries along. Some of the sisterhood gathers near her. REVEREND MOTHER We must have a look at Paul Atreides, on Caladan. 20. through 21. (Deleted) 22. EXT. SPACE - NIGHT MUSIC -- DARKNESS -- WIND - THE PLANET OF CALADAN IN SPACE - HOME PLANET OF HOUSE ATREIDES. 23. EXT. SEA - CALADAN - NIGHT Out of the DARKNESS now WAVES can be seen, crashing against a black rock cliff wall.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 9. 24. EXT. CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT High on the rock cliff stands Castle Caladan. Its appearance is dark and medieval. There is a window on the seaward wall lit from within... 25. INT. TRAINING ROOM - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT ... by a drifting glowglobe. Paul sits at an L-shaped table studying filmbooks and maps of Arrakis and the Universe. 25A. INSERT - FILMBOOK We SEE vast star fields and galaxies. 25. BACK TO SCENE PAUL (whispering) Here we are now... nineteen light years beyond... 25A. INSERT - FILMBOOK We SEE the galaxies move as we HEAR a HUM. PAUL (V.O.) (whispering) ... beyond Epsilon Alangue... is Arrakis. We HOLD on this, then we see Arrakis grow larger in the filmbook screen and we SEE it is a planet of vast deserts. 25. BACK TO SCENE PAUL (whispering again) It does look dry.... 25A. INSERT - FILMBOOK The picture grows larger again, and we see the Arrakeen Valley. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 10. 25A. CONTINUED (1) FILMBOOK (V.O.) Each day the palms along the outer wall of the Palace at Arrakeen consume enough water to sustain the lives of one hundred men. The palms were placed by the Harkonnens to flaunt their water wealth in front of the city Fremen. 25. BACK TO SCENE PAUL Where are the Harkonnens from here? 25A. INSERT - FILMBOOK The star fields and galaxies move slightly then. PAUL (V.O.) (whispering) There!... Giedi Prime and the Baron Harkonnen... the enemy. 25. BACK TO SCENE In the background, FOOTSTEPS grow louder, pounding on thick wooden floors. THUFIR HAWAT, GURNEY HALLECK and DR. YUEH enter. Paul has his back to the door. Thufir suddenly looks perturbed when he notices this. PAUL (without turning) I know, Thufir, I'm sitting with my back to the door. Hawat suppresses a smile. PAUL (CONT'D) I heard you, Dr. Yueh and Gurney coming down the hall. THUFIR Those sounds could be imitated. PAUL I'd know the difference. Paul rises and turns to face them. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 11. 25. CONTINUED (1) THUFIR (inner voice) Yes. Perhaps he would at that. PAUL My father sent you to test me. Music then? Thufir scowls. GURNEY No music. I'm packing this for the crossing. Shield practice. PAUL Shield practice? Gurney... we had practice -- this morning.... I'm not in the mood. GURNEY (angered) Not in the mood?! Mood's a thing for cattle and love play... not fighting. PAUL I'm sorry Gurney. GURNEY Not sorry enough. Gurney draws his knife. 25B. SHIELD EFFECT - THE FIGHT Gurney activates his body shield, sending a shimmering FORCE FIELD around his body. He advances swiftly toward Paul. Paul snaps on his FORCE FIELD, draws his knife and jumps back, collecting himself hurriedly for the fight. GURNEY (his voice sounding strange coming through the forcefield) Guard yourself for true! Gurney leaps high, then forward, pressing a furious attack. Paul falls back. The shield edges CRACK loudly as they touch each other. PAUL (inner voice) What's gotten into Gurney? He's not faking. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 12. 25. CONTINUED (2) Paul presses forward and the fight moves quickly around the room. The smell of ozone grows stronger as the shields hit and SPARK off one another. Paul directs a parry downwards, turns, and leads Gurney against the table, plunging at just the right moment to pin Gurney against the table top with his blade right at Gurney's neck. PAUL (strange shielded voice) Is this what you seek? GURNEY (strange shielded voice) Good... the slow blade penetrates the shield... but look down. Paul looks and sees Gurney's blade at his groin. GURNEY (CONT'D) We'd have joined each other in death. However, you did seem to finally get the "mood." PAUL Would you really have drawn my blood? GURNEY If you'd fought one whit below your abilities I'd have scratched you a good one. Paul stands and snaps off his shield as does Gurney. 25. BACK TO SCENE PAUL Things have been so serious here lately. GURNEY Yes. I sensed the play in you lad, but this can no longer be play. Tomorrow we leave for Arrakis! Arrakis is real. The Harkonnens are real. Thufir, Yueh, Gurney and Paul stare at each other for a moment in silence. Dr. Yueh moves forward and begins to take Paul's pulse rate and to collect other data with a small black machine. PAUL Dr. Yueh, do you have any information on the worms of Arrakis? CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 13. 25. CONTINUED (1) DR. YUEH I have obtained a filmbook on a small specimen... only 125 meters long. PAUL Only?! They smile at each other. DR. YUEH There have been documented sightings of worms as large as 450 meters in the deep desert -- far from where we'll be in Arrakeen.... The desert belt and the south polar regions are marked forbidden.... Why? PAUL The storms and the worms. Is it true, that the sand can blow at seven hundred kilometers per hour? YUEH It can render flesh to dust in minutes. And these dry winds can generate tremendous static electricity in the atmosphere. Our body shields won't have enough power to operate in the open air on Arrakis. PAUL Well, how do the Fremen survive there? YUEH We don't know much about the Fremen... They live in the deep desert... some of them in the cities and they have blue-within-blue eyes... PAUL (smiling) The eyes -- yes, yes... saturation of the blood by the spice -- melange. Could the spice affect us in other ways? THUFIR Many dangers exist on Arrakis. For one, we know the Harkonnens would not have given up their CHOAM company contract so easily. PAUL (rising) The Harkonnens are our enemies, yes... but behind them, I suspect, is the Emperor. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 14. 25. CONTINUED (2) THUFIR You will make a formidable Duke! Paul bows. THUFIR (CONT'D) Now remember... the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence. PAUL I know. But if it is a trap then why are we going? THUFIR We have our new army. (in the same breath) Dr. Yueh, put the weirding module on him. Thufir, noticing a SQUAD OF GUARDS at the other end of the training room, calls out to them. THUFIR (CONT'D) Clear and lock the room. Gurney activates a series of locks. LIGHTS GLOWS above each doorway. THUFIR (CONT'D) Activate a fighter. 25C. ROBOT FIGHT Suddenly a FIGHTER ROBOT lowers from the ceiling. As the robot begins to rotate and go through several frightening, complicated movements, Dr. Yueh places a plastic device around Paul's neck. He tightens it around the Adam's apple above Paul's voice box. Paul turns and emits a very strange, powerful sound through the weirding module as he rushes towards the robot. GURNEY (to Yueh) Precise control.... 26. INT. HALLWAY - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT The hallway is empty in the foreground but in the distance a changing of the guard is seen.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 15. 26A. through 26B. (Deleted) 27. INT. HALLWAY - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT Paul walks down the stairway. In the distance, moving troops are packing Atreides belongings. Beyond, Paul sees some troops carrying a large bull's head. The horns are covered with dried blood. PAUL The bull that killed my grandfather... is this an evil omen? Suddenly, DUNCAN IDAHO appears from behind the giant black head. PAUL (happily) Duncan! DUNCAN Paul. (they shake hands) I was on my way to say goodbye to you. I have to go on ahead. PAUL Why? I wish you were coming with us. DUNCAN It's something for your father. He wants to talk to you. (places hand on Paul's chest) I'll see you in Arrakis. May the hand of God be with you. PAUL May the hand of God be with us all, Duncan. 28. EXT. CLIFF WALL - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT Paul walks to meet his father near the wall. PAUL (diffident) Father. DUKE LETO Thank you for joining me, Paul. (voice tired) It will be good to get to our new home and have all this upset behind us.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 16. 28A. (Deleted) 28B. DUKE LETO AND PAUL AGAINST SEA They look out over the sea. A huge wave crashes below. The Duke turns to Paul. DUKE LETO (CONT'D) (inner voice) My son. (out loud) Thufir Hawat has served House Atreides three generations.... He swears you are the finest student he's ever taught. Yueh, Gurney and Duncan say the same.... It makes me feel very proud... PAUL I want you to be proud of me. Paul smiles up at his father. The WIND blows the Duke's hair and behind him stands the castle and the green and black Atreides banner against the night sky beyond. The RAIN starts again -- lightly. Paul takes a closer look at the Atreides banner moving in the wind. DUKE LETO (studying the dark sea below) I'll miss the sea... but a person needs new experiences... they jar something deep inside, allowing him to grow. Without change, something sleeps inside us... and seldom awakens... The sleeper must awaken. Paul's attention goes to his father's hand where he sees the Duke's signet ring. Again he smiles at his father. FADE TO: 29. through 29A. (Deleted) 30. INT. PAUL'S ROOM - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT Paul is sweating during his sleep and WHISPERS as if struggling with some disturbing thought. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 17. 30. CONTINUED (1) PAUL Arrakis... Dune... Desert Planet... Arrakis... Desert Planet... moving... moving. 31. DARK WATER - MENTAL IMAGE We see Paul's dream. It is very dark. PAUL (V.O.) Arrakis... Dune... Desert Planet. Suddenly a drop falls into the black, and white hot widening rings appear on the dark water's surface. Darkness again. Two moons rise in the darkness. As the second appears: VOICE The second moon, your moon... 31A. INT. RESERVOIR - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Dark again. A figure turns toward Paul. It is a BEAUTIFUL GIRL in deep shadow. She speaks. BEAUTIFUL GIRL Tell me of your homeworld, Usul. 32. INT. PAUL'S ROOM - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT CU Paul's face in fitful sleep. 33. EXT. COURTYARD - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT In a small stone courtyard, the back-lit figure of a woman moves towards us through the heavy RAIN and darkness. As she nears us, the large, protective glowglobe overtakes her and in an instant we see a beautiful woman -- JESSICA. JESSICA (inner voice) I know she has come to test him... no man has ever been tested with the box... only Bene Gesserit women. I may lose my son. The doors open, she meets the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam (the Emperor's truthsayer) and takes her back toward the Castle. The rain rushes loudly into the storm drains.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 18. 34. INT. PAUL'S ROOM - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT PAUL (whispering again) Arrakis... Dune... Desert planet... moving... moving. CU Paul's face. Paul's eyes snap open. He hears footsteps outside his door. As the door opens he closes his eyes, however, and pretends to be asleep. Jessica and the Reverend Mother enter and stand in the doorway looking at him. REVEREND MOTHER We'll salvage what we can... but I can tell you... dear God ...for the father ... nothing. Jessica turns to the Reverend Mother, stunned! She turns back to look at Paul. Her hands tremble. REVEREND MOTHER (CONT'D) Did you really think that you could bear the Kwisatz Haderach?... How dare you! REVEREND MOTHER My greatest student... and my greatest disappointment.... He's awake!... He's listening to us. (considering) Good... Ready yourself, young Paul Atreides... I want to see you in your mother's chamber in one quarter of an hour. She turns and walks away. Jessica remains at the door and calls out to Paul in the darkness. JESSICA Paul?... This is very important... Jessica leaves, closing the door behind her. Paul sits up in bed. PAUL Kwisatz Haderach?... For the father... nothing? 35. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT Jessica and the Reverend Mother enter. It is quite dark. Jessica WHISPERS a code number and a glowglobe LIGHTS on a very dim setting. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 19. 35. CONTINUED (1) REVEREND MOTHER (angrily) Jessica... You were told to bear only daughters to the Atreides... Jessica! JESSICA It meant so much to him... REVEREND MOTHER You thought only of a Duke's desire for a son?... Desires don't figure in this! An Atreides daughter could have been wed to a Harkonnen heir and sealed the breach. We may lose both bloodlines now. JESSICA I vowed never to regret my decision. I'll pay for my own mistakes. REVEREND MOTHER And your son will pay with you. 42. INT. DUKE LETO'S QUARTERS - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT Under a dim glowglobe, the DUKE is writing a note on a scroll-like piece of paper. Finishing reading, the Duke seals the message in a cylinder and presses his signet ring, with a red hawk symbol of House of Atreides, into a hole, which seals the cylinder with a swift HISSING. He pauses, studying the metal tube. With a VOICE COMMAND, he extinguishes the glowglobe above him. He leans back in his chair as lightning flashes outside the window. FADE TO: 35. BACK TO SCENE Paul enters the room and Jessica closes the door behind them. JESSICA Paul, this is the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam. She is going to... observe you... (to Reverend Mother) Please... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 20. 35. CONTINUED (1) REVEREND MOTHER Jessica, you know it must be done. I enjoin you to stand guard at the door and practice the meditation of peace. JESSICA Your Reverence. PAUL (inner voice) What does she fear? (out loud) What about my Father? JESSICA Paul... please, Paul... listen to the Reverend Mother and do what she tells you. Jessica leaves the room. The Reverend Mother speaks to Paul using The Voice, a Bene Gesserit training which permits an adept to control others merely by selected tone shadings of the voice. It sounds as if two people are talking -- one normal and the other gutteral and slightly electronic. The effect is strange, yet subtle. REVEREND MOTHER (using The Voice) Now you come here. Paul finds he cannot help but obey her, yet he fights her controlling him. PAUL (inner voice) She's using The Voice. (out loud) No. She sees him struggling. REVEREND MOTHER (inner voice) Some strength there. Surprising! (out loud) Come here. The Reverend Mother holds up a green metal cube. REVEREND MOTHER (CONT'D) See this... Put your right hand in the box. Paul stares at the hole in the box. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 21. 35. CONTINUED (2) PAUL What's in the box? REVEREND MOTHER Pain. Just then, she raises one hand to his neck. Paul sees a glint of metal. He tries to back away. REVEREND MOTHER (CONT'D) (The Voice) STOP! Put your hand in the box. Paul's hand goes in. Fear passes over his face. PAUL (inner voice) The Voice again. REVEREND MOTHER I hold at your neck the gom jabbar. Don't pull away or you'll feel that poison. A Duke's son must know about many poisons -- this one kills only animals. PAUL Are you suggesting a Duke's son is an animal? REVEREND MOTHER Let us say I suggest you may be human. Your awareness may be powerful enough to control your instincts. Your instinct will be to remove your hand from the box. If you do so you will die. You will feel an itching -- there... see? Now the itching becomes burning... heat, upon heat, upon heat. PAUL (whispering) It burns. REVEREND MOTHER SILENCE... SILENCE. PAUL (inner voice)(struggling to compose himself) I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear... I will permit it to pass over me and through me. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 22. 35. CONTINUED (3) The Reverend Mother moves her face up to his. Her ancient face with its metal teeth gleaming inches away breathes hotly. She is smiling. REVEREND MOTHER You feel the flesh crisping? 36. THE HAND - PAUL'S MENTAL IMAGE Paul's inner mind sees his hand on fire with all sorts of sores. The skin is bubbling. 37. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT REVEREND MOTHER Flesh dropping off. 38. THE HAND - PAUL'S MENTAL IMAGE He pictures this. The destruction of his hand is complete -- now only blood spurts out and burns. 39. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT Paul's face registers extreme pain. PAUL (cannot help the explosion) THE PAIN! REVEREND MOTHER NO!! ENOUGH!! Kull wahad! No woman child ever withstood that much. I must have wanted you to fail. Take your hand out of the box and look at it, young human.... Do it! Paul pulls his hand out of the box. No sign of anything wrong. He turns his hand, flexes his fingers. He looks to the Reverend Mother. REVEREND MOTHER (CONT'D) (explaining) Pain by nerve induction... A human can resist any pain. Our test is crisis and observation. PAUL I see the truth of it. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 23. 39. CONTINUED (1) REVEREND MOTHER (inner voice) Could he be the one?... Maybe... but will he be ours to control? (out loud) You know when people speak the truth? PAUL I know it. Suddenly the Reverend Mother holds her hand against Paul's head. She closes her eyes. 40. INT. RESERVOIR - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT - REVEREND MOTHER'S MENTAL IMAGE She sees a blurred image of Paul's earlier dream. She sees the beautiful girl turn. She hears a muffled voice say "Tell me of your homeworld, Usul." 41. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT REVEREND MOTHER Your mother wants you to tell me about your dreams. I only want to know one thing.... Do they come true? PAUL Not all of them... I know which ones will. REVEREND MOTHER Perhaps you are the Kwisatz Haderach. PAUL What is it? REVEREND MOTHER (profoundly) The person who can be many places at once... the one who bridges space and time.... He will look where we cannot. PAUL Where? REVEREND MOTHER Do you know of the Water of Life?... the Truthsayer drug? PAUL I have heard of it. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 24. 41. CONTINUED (1) REVEREND MOTHER It is very dangerous... very painful. The Bene Gesserit sisterhood drink it to see within.... There is a place terrifying to us... to women. It is said a man will come... the Kwisatz Haderach... he will go where we cannot... Many men have tried... PAUL Did they try and fail? REVEREND MOTHER They tried and died.... (she calls out loudly) Jessica! Jessica enters immediately and sees with great relief that Paul is still active. REVEREND MOTHER I sense your teachings in him. Ignore the regular order of training. His safety requires The Voice. PAUL I've heard enough of my safety... What about my father?... I heard you talking. You speak as if he was dead. Well, he isn't! JESSICA Paul! She tries to hold him. PAUL Well he isn't... and he won't die... Tell me he won't die! REVEREND MOTHER What can be done has been done. PAUL MOTHER! Tell me! The Reverend Mother covers herself and moves quickly to the door.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 25. 42A. through 45. (Deleted) 46. EXT. GIEDI PRIME - DAY HOME PLANET OF HOUSE HARKONNEN - As seen from space, the black planet as we saw it in Paul's filmbook. 47. EXT. GIEDI PRIME - DAY The surface of the planet is a vast sea of black oil. A small cable car traverses high above the sea toward a gigantic black city in the shape of a rectangular box over 100 stories high. Before the city there are rows of huge black towering steel heads atop massive furnaces. SMOKE billows out of their mouths. 48. INT. CABLE CAR - GIEDI PRIME - DAY Inside the cable car stands PITER. In one hand he holds the cylinder with DUKE Leto's ring imprint. PITER It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed - The lips acquire stains - The stains become a warning - It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. 48A. INT. GREEN PORCELAIN ROOM - GIEDI PRIME Somewhere in the interior of Giedi Prime, we are in a green porcelain room. Two large Harkonnen soldiers, using large hoses, are washing down the walls and floors of the room. WE MOVE DOWN into the water rushing along the floor toward troughs. Closer, WE SEE bits of flesh, hair, and blood. 49. EXT. GIEDI PRIME - DAY The car zooms past gigantic faces, and the furnaces far below ROAR with tremendous power. The city now looms gigantic and overpowering -- millions of electrical cables stretch off the top into dark energy taps above the city.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 26. 50. INT. GIEDI PRIME - DAY Inside the city the cable car passes into a huge inner chamber filled with open-topped lime green porcelain rooms with tremendous electrical lines criss-crossing above. 51. (Deleted) 52. INT. BARON'S ROOM - GIEDI PRIME - DAY In front of a huge steam boiler, the cable car stops and Piter gets out, steps down steel stairs and enters a porcelain room where the Baron is being treated by a DOCTOR for sores on his face and body. The doctor uses a lasbeam on a big sore on the Baron's lips. The Baron is sickly and hugely fat and sweaty and looks like he has been sickly for some time. He turns to Piter as he enters the room. PITER My Lord! BARON Piter. Piter moves up to the Baron. PITER The Atreides will be leaving Caladan soon, Baron, and I have here your answer from Duke Leto. BARON What does Leto say, Piter? PITER He wishes to inform you that Vendetta -- as he puts it, using the ancient tongue, the art of Kanly -- is still alive. He does not wish to meet or speak with you. BARON (swallowing; angry) I made my peace gesture... the forms of Kanly have been obeyed. He throws down the cylinder. PITER As you instructed me, I have enlightened your nephews concerning my plan t... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 27. 52. CONTINUED (1) BARON My plan! PITER The plan to crush the Atreides. Feyd, Rabban... go quietly... no other great house of the Landsraad must ever know of the Emperor's aid to the Baron. The entire Landsraad would turn against the Baron and the Emperor. DOCTOR Put the pick in there Pete And turn it round real neat. His assistant does so. Rabban breaks open a squood (living food). The squood makes a tiny SCREAM, then Rabban drinks the blood and bodily fluids. He throws the empty container of tiny animal meat into the dark water trough running through the center of the room. Across the room, TWO HARKONNEN SOLDIERS enter, holding big guns on a BOY who is wearing white pants. The Baron smiles when he sees the boy, who is deeply afraid. The guards force the boy to arrange violet flowers on a stand by the far wall opposite the Baron. BARON (as the Baron watches the boy) You're so beautiful, my Baron Your skin, love to me Your diseases lovingly cared for For all eternity. BARON I will have Arrakis back for myself... he who controls the Spice, controls the universe... and what Piter didn't tell you is we have control of someone who is very close to Duke Leto. This person... this traitor... will be worth more to us than ten legions of Sardaukar. FEYD Who is the traitor? BARON (laughs) I won't tell you who the traitor is or when we'll attack. However, the Duke will die before these eyes and he'll know that it is I -- Baron Vladimir Harkonnen -- who encompasses his doom. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 28. 52. CONTINUED (2) The Baron gives a hand signal and seven gates in the wall open, emitting tremendous SOUNDS. Suddenly the Baron begins to float straight up, twenty-five feet in the air. It is a frightening sight. He floats down under the giant, humming electrical tube light and rubs his head and body with a black fluid which drips from tiny holes in either side of the pink glow. Feyd and Rabban watch nervously. The Attendants stand completely still with fear. The Baron swoops down to the Boy, who stands petrified. The Harkonnen guards smile nervously as they step slightly backwards. The boy begins SCREAMING as the Baron pulls the boy's heart plug, located in his chest. The violet flowers are bumped and disarrayed by the violence which ensues. Then the Baron turns smiling to Feyd as the SOUNDS continue to roar. 52A. through 52B. (Deleted) 52C. EXT. ATREIDES SHIP - CALADAN - DAY A DRUM CORPS pounds out a powerful cadence in front of a water and cannon show as the Duke, Paul and Jessica mount the steel stairs to their ship. In the doorway, they turn back for a final look. The Duke places a hand on Paul's shoulder. We see the signet ring. Jessica is there. She tries to get Paul to look at her, but he scowls and turns to his father. JESSICA (turning away) (inner voice) I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer... the little death that brings total obliteration... The door of the spaceship closes. 53. EXT. HEIGHLINER - SPACE 3,415 Atreides ships are approaching the Guild Heighliner, which is staggeringly colossal. The Atreides ships look like dots next to the sun. The Duke's ship enters the frame and moves toward the Heighliner. 53A. through 54. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 29. 55. INT. ATREIDES SHIP - SPACE Paul, Jessica and Duke Leto look out the forward viewing glass as tiny lights move outside in the darkness. They hear and feel their ship stop with a huge, echoing, metallic jolt. They look at each other in the silence which follows. DUKE LETO Soon they'll begin to fold space. PAUL (inner voice) Far off in the control rooms.... Travelling without moving. They wait. 56. (Deleted) 57. INT. CONTROL ROOM - HEIGHLINER - SPACE We pass through electrical shields into a 2,000-foot high control room filled with orange spice gas. On the floor are large gratings covering an exhaust and filtering system. Tons of spice gas are being converted into toxic chemicals as it cools down at floor level. We move up into the clouds of gas along a wall of machinery. From within a dark metal tunnel comes a Guild Navigator. He exits the tunnel and swims up through the gas 1,000 feet to a six-dimensional layered miniature replica of the entire Universe. The Navigator emits a long piece of light from his mouth which travels to one edge of the Universe and changes into a likeness of the planet Caladan. The Navigator turns and emits another piece of light which travels to the opposite side of the Universe. It changes into a likeness of Arrakis. The Navigator begins to put his slender fingers in amongst the stars and he emits SOUNDS and bursts of light into the mass of stars and galaxies. The Universe begins to vibrate and elongate, then to curve. Electrical lightening traverses from Caladan to Arrakis as the Universe bends into a U-shape. Arrakis submerges deep into the light. The navigator swims to the point where Arrakis disappeared. He begins to pull and tear a hole in the Universe. Stars like sparks and SOUNDS and rings of light appear, along with a roaring WIND. The Navigator swims deep into this hole through the rings of light. The Navigator becomes more and more transparent, until he's lost in darkness. The sounds fade.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 30. 58. through 60. (Deleted) 60A. EXT. HEIGHLINER - ABOVE ARRAKIS - SPACE Suddenly, the real planet Arrakis appears and the giant Heighliner materializes above it. 61. through 63A. (Deleted) 63B. EXT. ARRAKEEN - DAY Through a brownish-orange haze appears the dusty valley of Arrakeen. 64. INT./EXT. THE ATREIDES SHIP - DAY ARRAKEEN The Atreides ship has landed at Arrakeen. The door is open - the family walk down the steps - DUKE LETO with his dog - PAUL and JESSICA. 64A. through 64C. (Deleted) 65. EXT. GROUNDS - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY ... clusters of troops standing at attention around the enormous dark, cool doorway as the Duke, Paul and Jessica enter the Palace. 65A. through 65B. (Deleted) 65C. EXT. PALACE - ARRAKEEN - DAY The Atreides banner is raised on the top of the Palace. 66. (Deleted)

March 28, 1983 DUNE 32. 67. INT. MILITARY SUB-BASEMENT ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Atreides army soldiers milling, YELLING noisily. 68. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY. In a darkened passageway, fans turn, casting deep, slow-moving shadows. SOUNDS ECHO in the distance. 69. INT. COMMUNICATIONS ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY A room of technicians and electronic gear. The SIGNALS are being heard and interpreted. ATREIDES TECHNICIAN Harkonnens. 70. EXT. BLACK ROCK - ARRAKEEN - DAY Far in the distance in deep black rock, Harkonnen spies move, carrying strange electronic equipment. 71. (Deleted) 72. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Thufir marches down a hallway with a squad of TROOPS with electronic gadgetry, LIGHTS and SOUNDS going constantly. THUFIR (into a radio microphone) Why isn't the shield up yet? 73. INT. GENERATOR ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Down in the basement, Atreides engineers are removing a complicated device from heavy machinery. A MAN radios back to Thufir. ATREIDES RADIO MAN We found and removed another sabotage device. I think it will go up now. (CONTINUED)

12/13/82* DUNE 33. 73. CONTINUED (1) The engineers activate a series of atometric Holtzman generators. Suddenly SOUNDS begin. The machines start; at first low, then they WHINE upwards to a high pitch. When the pitch is steady, a series of levers are pulled. 74. EXT. PALACE - ARRAKEEN - DAY Just after the second set of levers is pulled, a huge house shield is seen going up in a box shape, encompassing the Palace with SHIMMERING protection. 75. EXT. WINDOW - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY From a small window, Thufir observes the shield with a critical eye. THUFIR (inner voice; worried) We found these sabotage devices too easily... 76. INT. GREAT HALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Two giant glowglobes drift into the Great Hall where Jessica and Dr. Yueh stand watching a giant bull's head is being hung above the massive fireplace. The MOVING TROOPS are unpacking crates and organizing furnishings. Jessica watches them. Distant SOUNDS reverberate inside an elaborate air vent beside them. DR. YUEH Listen here.... You can here the people of Arrakeen outside.... Can you here the cry "Soo Soo Sook" of the water sellers? JESSICA So many reminders of the scarcity of water. DR. YUEH Have you noticed the line of palms along the wall... the Harkonnen put them in ... to flaunt their water wealth in front of these people.... Each day those palms take enough water to sustain the life of one hundred men. JESSICA The way you say Harkonnen... I didn't know you had so much reason to hate them. DR. YUEH (swiftly) My wife... you didn't know my wife... they... (CONTINUED)

12/13/82* DUNE 34. 76. CONTINUED (1) JESSICA (out loud) Forgive me... (inner voice) ... His wife was Bene Gesserit too... the signs are all over him.... They must have killed her. Jessica sees a droplet of sweat break out on Yueh's cheek. DR. YUEH I'm sorry I'm unable to talk about it. Above them a series of iron curtains begins to open over deep rock window slots, sending narrow shafts of light down across the room. TWO ATREIDES WOMEN in uniform approach. ATREIDES WOMAN #1 (referring to several robed figures standing in the room) My lady... the local people... the maids and servants await your inspection. Hawat has cleared them. Dr. Yueh turns to Jessica. DR. YUEH The Harkonnens may have tampered medically.... please wait. He turns a yellow light on and moves it over the crowd. The yellow beam plays over the blue-within-blue eyes. One of the women, the Shadout Mapes, watches Jessica continuously. Yueh's hand shakes slightly. JESSICA (inner voice; noticing Yueh's hands) He's hiding something -- holding something back. (She studies his face closely.) It's not just his wife... He's a good man though. He's probably trying to save my feelings... (We see her mouth.) I could use The Voice... make him tell me... It would only shame him. (We see her eyes.) I must place more trust in my friends. (We see Yueh turn toward her, fearful.)

March 2, 1983 DUNE 35. 77. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Paul wanders through the darkened passageways alone, his footsteps echoing as he goes. He takes pleasure observing the details of the rock Palace but all the while he feels an uneasiness -- a feeling of fear builds in him. 78. INT. PAUL'S BEDROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Paul enters a small bedroom and sits down on the bed. He opens a filmbook, and activates it. 78A. INSERT - FILMBOOK We SEE a gigantic carryall lower down above a spice harvester and pick it up off the desert floor as a narrator speaks over. NARRATOR (V.O.) One carryall handles four spice mining teams; however, it will fly only two harvesters at a time. Today, we have nine hundred and thirty harvesters and nine hundred and eighty-one carryalls.... 78. BACK TO SCENE Paul looks up. Across the room he sees a tray of small pastries which have been laid out. He goes to them and scans them with his poison detector, which he carries on his belt. A pleasant tone SOUNDS and the word "safe" appears in green light. Paul takes a pastry, bites into it and turns back toward the bed. Suddenly he stops. He looks at the pastry. PAUL (inner voice) Spice... As he continues eating it he notices the sunlight through the slats over the window begins to GLOW white hot. Paul's eyes are intense as the light GLOWS brilliantly. PAUL (CONT'D) (whispering inner voice) Terrible purpose.... What is it? 78B. INSERT - RED DROPLETS Some red droplets appear rushing through the white light. Three images follow: MENTAL IMAGES: 79. INT. CONTROL ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - DAY A blurred Guild Navigator.

12/13/82* DUNE 36. 79A. INT. MAKER ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Paul dead on a stone floor. 79B. EXT. ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Fire burning. 80. INT. PAUL'S ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY The LIGHT decreases and Paul stands trembling. As he moves to the bed he sees a portion of the headboard slowly folding down and he sees a chrome sliver of metal glide out from within the dark opening. He freezes. PAUL (inner voice) A hunter-seeker!... It can't get me if I don't move... It's too dark in here for it to see clearly... The hunter-seeker begins to lift and swing across the room and back-- searching. PAUL (CONT'D) (inner voice) I've got to grab it -- the suspensor field will make it slippery on the bottom -- I must grip it tightly. The seeker drops a little, circling around the bed. A faint HUMMING sound is heard. PAUL (CONT'D) (inner voice) Who is operating that thing?... It has to be someone in the Palace. I could shout for help but it would kill whoever opened the door... Just as Paul finishes this thought the other door to his room begins to open and the Shadout Mapes peers in. The hunter-seeker arrows past Paul toward the motion. Paul swiftly reaches out and grips the deadly thing. It HUMS and twists violently in his hand. With a powerful turn and thrust, Paul slams the glass nose of the seeker into the stone wall. The seeker goes dead in his hand. He looks up into the deep blue eyes of the Shadout Mapes. SHADOUT MAPES (shaken) It would have killed me... not so? PAUL I was the target. It went to the motion. Who are you? (CONTINUED)

March 28, 1983 DUNE 37. 80. CONTINUED (1) SHADOUT MAPES I am the Shadout Mapes... the housekeeper. PAUL A Fremen... Could she be the operator? No... SHADOUT MAPES I must cleanse the way between us.... You saved my life... and we Fremen pay our debts. It's known to us that you've a traitor in your midst. Who it is we cannot say but we're certain of it. PAUL (inner voice) A traitor... Before he can speak the Shadout Mapes is gone -- running off down the passageway. Jessica enters. PAUL (CONT'D) (looks to Jessica) There is a traitor among us. 80A. (Deleted) 81. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Running TROOPS storm down the hallway with electronic gear and big stun guns.

March 28, 1983 DUNE 38. 82. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Thufir walks quickly toward SEVERAL TROOPS. THUFIR Set up a sonar probe immediately! 83. INT. AUTOPSY ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Dr. Yueh sticks his head out the doorway as SEVERAL TROOPERS run past. 84. INT. OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Duke Leto is calling on a radio phone. GENERALS surround him, as well as Gurney. DUKE LETO (on phone) Thufir?... anything?... keep looking. (Inner voice) ...and a traitor... God help us. 85. INT. SUB-SUB-SUB-BASEMENT - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY TROOPS come off an elevator. The glow-span indicates the very bottom floor of 18 sub-floors. The ground is uneven rock and the ceiling is low. The air is thick. The troops fan out shinning chemical lamps here and there. A soldier suddenly stops. Ahead in his light beam is a dead Harkonnen -- bloody vomit dried around his mouth. He lies beside an electronic device. 86. INT. AUTOPSY ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Dr. Yueh covers his face with his hands in a darkened room... sobbing. 86A. EXT. WALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT SEARCHLIGHTS sweep over the faces of City Fremen who are sitting or moving solemnly around the outer wall of the Palace. Some are chanting "Mahdi" and "Lisan al-Gaib." Others hold up one open hand as a sign they feel the messiah is near. A slow-moving spike-backed dog sucks ants up out of a small anthill; he snorts. 86B. INT. GREAT HALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT In the darkened Hall we can HEAR the distant sound of the Fremen reverberating.

March 28, 1983 DUNE 38A. 87. INT. OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Duke Leto sits with Paul, Thufir, EIGHT GENERALS and SIX SUB- LIEUTENANTS. The Duke's small dog wanders under the table and rests his head on the Duke's boot. In front of Thufir is a device FLASHING brilliant light bursts over his face. The others are all talking among themselves. Suddenly Thufir's face turns brilliant red (as red as his sapho-stained lips) and he begins speaking rapidly into the machine in code using a strained high voice. (CONTINUED)

12/13/82* DUNE 39. 87. CONTINUED (1) THUFIR (Mentat voice) Sector 6 - 80 -- copy the sixth -- the summit -- the eight the quadrant over the ninth plus eighty -- four circles -- weave the eighty and call the fourth copy -- enter nine -- seven by seven a seven the seven call seven B seven -- enter the circles call the sixth copy the sixth over the summit.... eight. The machine FLASHES several bright irregular SIGNALS. Then it stops and HUMS. The blood leaves Thufir's face. THUFIR (CONT'D) (very fast and casually) Eight.... Thufir Hawat... Mentat... Master of Assassins. The hum stops. Thufir turns to Duke Leto. He looks up. Everyone is quiet now. THUFIR (CONT'D) The Palace is now secure. The city of Arrakeen is under martial law... we have troops here headquartered underground on sub-floors six through ten. The rest of the troops are stationed in Arrakeen and we have some on the airfield. Our new army is still training, but everything is shielded.... With the shielding, we are impenetrable. Dr. Kynes is waiting, Sire, for your inspection of spice mining operations, but since the attempt of the young master, I am against your leaving the Palace. DUKE LETO (very angry) The attempt failed... Harkonnen captives have already been taken. We must crush the Harkonnen machine on Arrakis.... You all know what to do. (Turning towards Gurney) ...Gurney! We desperately need more spice miners... many are threatening to leave on the next shuttle. We need spice drivers, weather scanners, dune men ... any with open sand experience. You must persuade them to enlist with us. (CONTINUED)

March 28, 1983 DUNE 40. 87. CONTINUED (2) GURNEY They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind. And they shall gather the captivity of the sand. DUKE LETO (squints at Gurney) Very moving, Gurney. On your way... and take care of Dr. Kynes until Paul and I arrive. We will not be prisoners here in this place. GURNEY (artfully easing the Duke's anger) Behold as a wild ass in the desert go I forth to my work. Gurney strides off. Thufir sits, contemplating. Paul and Duke Leto smile at each other and shake their heads. 88. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Jessica is sitting in a small room, smiling, reading a note. It reads "I miss you. Leto." She sets the note down. She begins to tremble. She becomes fearful. In her mind she SEES three quick images: MENTAL IMAGES 89. INT. CONTROL ROOM - HEIGHLINER A blurred Guild Navigator. 89A. INT. MAKER ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Paul dead on a stone floor. 89B. EXT. ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Fire burning. 90. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Jessica continues to tremble. JESSICA (inner voice) I must speak with you Leto!

12/13/82* DUNE 41. 91. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Outside in the passageway, feet suddenly move quietly toward the door to Jessica's room. 92. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Jessica HEARS this and looks up just as the Shadout Mapes silently enters her room. JESSICA (staring at the blue-eyed woman -- waiting for possible danger.) Yes? SHADOUT MAPES I am the Shadout Mapes, your housekeeper, Noble Born. What are your orders. JESSICA You may refer to me as "my lady." I am not noble born. I'm the bound concubine of Duke Leto -- mother of the heir designate.... "Shadout"... that's an ancient word. MAPES (strangely asked) You know the ancient tongues? JESSICA I know the Bhotani Jib and Chakobsa, all the hunting languages. MAPES As the legend says. JESSICA (inner voice) That's it! The Missionaria Protectiva has been here planting protective legends against a day of Bene Gesserit need. And that day has come. I must play out this sham. (out loud) I know the Dark things and the way of the Great Mother. Miseces prejin. Mapes takes a step backward to flee. JESSICA (CONT'D) I know many things. I know you came prepared for violence with a weapon in your bodice. (CONTINUED)

March 2, 1983 DUNE 42. 92. CONTINUED (1) MAPES My lady, I... the weapon was sent as a gift if you should prove to be the one. JESSICA And the means of my death should I prove otherwise. (inner voice) Now we will see which way the decision tips. Slowly Mapes reaches into her dress and brings out a sheathed knife. She unsheathes it. MAPES Do you know this my lady? JESSICA (inner voice) It could only be one thing.... (out loud) It's a crysknife. MAPES Say it not lightly... (very slowly) Do you know its meaning? JESSICA (inner voice) Here is why this Fremen has taken service with me, to ask that one question. Delay is as dangerous as the wrong answer. Shadout is Chakobsa... knife, in Chakobsa is... maker of death. (out loud) It's a maker... Mapes SCREAMS with elation and grief. JESSICA (CONT'D) (inner voice) Maker?... Maker is the key word... the tooth of the worm? That was close... (out loud) Did you think that I, knowing the mysteries of the Great Mother, would not know the maker? MAPES My lady, when one has lived with prophecy for so long, the moment of revelation is a shock. Mapes sheathes the blade... slowly (CONTINUED)

92. CONTINUED (2) JESSICA (inner voice) There's more here... yes! (out loud) Mapes, you've sheathed that blade unblooded. With a GASP Mapes drops the knife into Jessica's hands and opens her blouse. MAPES Take the water of my life! Jessica withdraws the knife from the sheath and, with the blade, scratches a line just above Mapes' right breast. MAPES (CONT'D) You are ours.... You are the one. Jessica's eyes stare ahead. She knows these words ring with truth. 93. INT. TUNNEL - OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY The Duke, Paul and SEVERAL ARMED GUARDS enter a tunnel to a 'thopter landing pad which is illuminated by a shaft of light coming from a chimney-like exit above. DR. KYNES and his Fremen guard are standing next to Gurney. KYNES (to Gurney) So, this is Leto the Just... GURNEY (sharply) I hope I made myself clear. You may call him "The Duke," "My lord," or "Sire." And there is a more ancient term you might keep in mind -- "Noble Born." KYNES (inner voice) Play out your little comedy while you can, off-worlders... Gurney turns and activates a device... 93A. INSERT - ORNITHOPTER OPENING ...which causes the ornithopter behind to fold open ready for flight.

93B. INT. TUNNEL - OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY The two parties meet and are introduced. DUKE LETO So you are Dr. Kynes, the Imperial Ecologist? KYNES (turning to Gurney) I prefer the more ancient term, planetologist... Noble Born. DUKE LETO This is my son, Paul. PAUL Are you a Fremen? KYNES I am a servant of His Majesty the Emperor. I have served His Majesty on Arrakis long enough for my eyes to change. PAUL (inner voice) He's hiding something. DUKE LETO I understand we have you to thank for these stillsuits, Doctor. KYNES They are Fremen suits. I hope they fit well, my lord. PAUL "Your gift is a blessing of the river." Kynes' FREMEN GUARDS, hearing this are seized with agitation. Kynes QUIETS them, then studies Paul. KYNES (inner voice) The Mahdi will greet you with holy words and your gifts will be a blessing. (spoken, nonchalantly) Most of the desert natives here are a superstitious lot. They mean no harm. With your permission, I will check the security of your suits. Gurney and the guard move forward warily. GURNEY (angrily) The Duke is to be addresses as... (CONTINUED)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 40. 93B. CONTINUED (1) Kynes comes forward and adjusts the Duke's suit, checking seals and pulling on straps. KYNES Basically... GURNEY (leaping forward to protect his Duke) Sire! DUKE LETO It's all right Gurney. Gurney steps back. GURNEY Yes, Sire. KYNES It's a high-efficiency filter and heat exchange system. Perspiration passes through the first layer and is gathered in the second. The salt is separated. Breathing and walking provide the pumping action. The reclaimed water circulates to catchpockets from which you can drink through this tube at your neck. Urine and feces are processed in the thigh pads. Should you be in the open desert, remember to breathe in through your mouth, out through the nose tubes. The Duke is now properly fitted. Kynes places the noseplug into his nose. KYNES (CONT'D) With a Fremen suit in good working order, one can sustain life for weeks, even in the deep desert. He removes the noseplug. DUKE LETO My thanks. KYNES With your permission... Kynes turns to Paul, running his hands over the slick fabric. He stands back with a puzzled expression. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 41. 93B. CONTINUED (2) KYNES You've worn a stillsuit before? PAUL No. KYNES Your suit is fitted desert fashion. Who told you how to do that? PAUL No one. It... seemed the proper way. KYNES That it is. (inner voice) He shall know your ways as if born to them. Kynes' Fremen guard are watching Paul very closely now. GURNEY We're wasting time, Sire. Duke Leto, Dr. Kynes, Gurney and Paul enter the ornithopter... 88. through 89B. (Deleted) 90. INT. JESSICA'S CHAMBER - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Jessica trembles. JESSICA (inner voice) I must speak with you Leto! 91. through 92. (Deleted) 93C. EXT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - TUNNEL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY ...and the thopter turns slowly as it goes up into the light. 93D. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 42. 93E. EXT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY From outside the Palace's atomic shield we see the blur of the ornithopter pass through a porthole and come out perfect like a gleaming jewel. 93F. through 94. (Deleted) 94A. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY KYNES Southeast over the Shield Wall. That's where I told your sandmaster to concentrate his harvesting. 95. EXT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY They crest the top of the wall which opens out into a black, level expanse of rock, cratered and fractured. On the other side is the huge, seemingly endless plain of sand, the Great Desert. In the hazy distance, flashes of lightning can be seen. 96. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY PAUL Will we see a worm? KYNES Where there is spice and spice mining there are always worms. PAUL Always? KYNES Always. PAUL Why do they come? KYNES To protect their territory. Vibrations attract them. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 43. 96. CONTINUED (1) PAUL (inner voice) I've registered him now... a knife in a sheath on his left arm.... He's strong... a person born to command... He's hiding many things. (out loud, suddenly) Is there a relationship between the worms and the spice? Kynes turns instantly and stares at Paul. Gurney sees the wonder in Kynes' eyes. GURNEY The young master is a trained Mentat, an advanced student of Prana Bindu has studied under some of the finest teachers in the Universe. Kynes takes a second look at young Paul. KYNES As I said... they defend the spice sands. As to their relationship with the spice... who knows. 97. through 97A. (Deleted) 98. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY GURNEY Dust cloud ahead, Sire. KYNES That's it... spice mining... no other cloud quite like it. See the spotters over it? They're watching for wormsign... the telltale sand waves. Seismic probes on the surface, too Sire... worms can travel too deep for their waves to show... Looks like a good patch of spice. DUKE LETO Wormsign? Is it wormsign? CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 44. 98. CONTINUED (1) KYNES Yes!... worm. Big one! You've got sharp eyes Sire.... May I? Kynes grabs the microphone and dials in the correct frequency. 98A. through 99. (Deleted) 100. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER From the window, we see that the sand below is rippling, like water with a big fish just under the surface. KYNES (into radio, after having found the frequency) Calling Harvester Pad Nine. Wormsign! STATIC... then a voice. VOICE (over radio) Who calls Pad Nine? GURNEY (quickly) Don't mention the Duke... This is an uncoded channel. KYNES Unlisted flight northeast of you... wormsign on intercept course... estimated contact fifteen minutes. VOICE (over radio) Have sighting confirmed. Stand by for fix. Contact in sixteen minutes minus. Very precise estimate. Who is on that unlisted flight? Kynes clicks off the radio. DUKE LETO What happens now? KYNES The carryall will come and lift off the spice harvester. Try and get in close over the harvester... you'll find this interesting Sire. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 45. 100. CONTINUED (1) The Duke accelerates the ornithopter in the direction of the harvester. Paul can SEE... 101. EXT. HARVESTER - DESERT - DAY ...huge amounts of sand being spewn out of the gigantic stack atop the metal and plasteel harvester. 102. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY KYNES They'll work until the very last minute. The yellow cloud of the harvester envelops them. The Duke flies up to get a clearer look. VOICE (over radio) Spotter control... no sign of the carryall... it isn't answering. Everyone looks at one another. GURNEY The worm is eight minutes away, Sire. VOICE (over radio) Spotter control -- give me a report by the numbers. Over the radio MANY VOICES report they have no contact with the carryall. DUKE LETO Damn it... Harkonnens. He punches a control button and grabs a microphone. DUKE LETO (CONT'D) (into microphone) We are coming down to take you off the harvester... All spotters are ordered to comply. VOICE (over radio) Ordered by whom? CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 46. 102. CONTINUED (1) DUKE LETO (angrily) Duke Leto Atreides.... Gurney and Paul turn to each other, worried. VOICE (over radio) Yes... yes, Sire! DUKE LETO How many men do you have? VOICE (over radio) Full crew -- twenty-six men -- but Sire, we can't leave this spice... DUKE LETO Damn the spice! Get out of there. 103. EXT. HARVESTER - DESERT - DAY All the spotters begin landing and the Duke descends directly in front of the harvester which has stopped mining yet still emits a tremendous rhythmic GRINDING noise. No one is coming out. 104. INT./EXT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER/DESERT - DAY Gurney nervously scans the sky for enemy ships. A very low, powerful SOUND starts now and the ground begins to shake. 105. EXT. HARVESTER - DESERT - DAY A hatch opens and MEN come pouring out. 106. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DESERT - DAY DUKE LETO (yelling at the men) Two men in each of the spotters... You!... over here... run!! The ground is really shaking now. A tremendous low THUNDERING sound grows along with a high rasping HISS. KYNES (to Paul and Gurney -- yelling over the noise) I can't see him yet but he's very close... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 47. 106. CONTINUED (1) DUKE LETO (out loud to himself as he watches the men scrambling) Damn sloppy -- really damn sloppy. FOUR MEN begin tumbling into the Duke's machine. GURNEY Come on boys... come on. (then, to the Duke) We're going to be heavy, Sire. The men press on Gurney and Paul. Paul can feel the fear. The sound is a horrible ROAR and deeper RUMBLING now and the 'thopter is vibrating and shaking violently. The air suddenly begins to SPARK with static electricity. KYNES (nervous) Here he is... We've got to go. The Duke closes the doorways, surveys the area one last time, then takes the controls. 106A. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY The ship strains and lifts off -- slowly. Paul sees the brown powder clumped on the suits of the men... their bluish eyes. He smells the spice. He begins to feel its affect. PAUL (inner voice as a blinding light comes and goes) Spice!... pure un-refined spice! KYNES (murmuring) Bless the Maker and his water... Bless the coming and going of him. May his passage cleanse the world. DUKE LETO (yelling) What's that you're saying? KYNES Nothing. A spice miner turns and sees Kynes, who remains silent. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 48. 106A. CONTINUED (1) SPICE MINER #1 (astonished) Liet! SPICE MINER #2 Shhhhh. Paul hears this, then looks to Kynes -- locks on his image. PAUL (inner voice) Liet? KYNES (pointing down and yelling) You are about to witness something few have seen -- watch! Watch! Paul looks down as the Duke banks over the harvester. 107. EXT. HARVESTER - DESERT - DAY Static electricity is IGNITING in the air and the sand is swirling around the harvester. Then they see it. A wide hole emerges from the sand, glistening spokes within it. The hole is twice the size of the harvester. Suddenly the machine turns and slides into the hole, parts of it EXPLODING. The SOUND is deafening. The Duke's ship is WHINING to stay aloft. 108. INT. ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER - DAY GURNEY Gods, what a monster. DUKE LETO Someone is going to pay for this... I promise. KYNES (inner voice -- as he studies the Duke) This Duke is more concerned over his men than the spice! I must admit... against all better judgement... I like this Duke. FADE TO: 109. through 113B. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 49. 114. INT. OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Duke Leto walks into the room. The NIGHT GUARD comes to attention as he passes. DUNCAN IDAHO, wearing a dark, dusty stillsuit, emerges from the shadows. DUKE LETO and DUNCAN meet at the foot of the steps. The men embrace and separate. DUKE LETO (happily) Duncan! What have you discovered about the Fremen, Duncan -- tell me. Why haven't we heard from you? DUNCAN My lord... I suspect so much. I think they are the allies we seek... they are strong and fierce... they do not give their loyalty easily or quickly.... As you know, the Imperium has never been able to take a census of the Fremen. Everyone thinks there are but few -- wandering here and there in the desert.... My lord, I suspect an incredible secret has been kept on this planet... that the Fremen exist in vast numbers... vast numbers... and it is they who control Arrakis. 115. through 116. (Deleted) 116A. NEW SCENE - SHADOUT MAPES ALONG PASSAGE 117. INT. PAUL'S SUB-BASEMENT ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT DUKE LETO'S VOICE Guard. Open the door. Paul is in a fitful sleep. Leto enters and smiles at his son. DUKE LETO Sleep well... my son. The Duke smiles at Paul then leaves the room, but after he goes, Paul strains with all his might to lift himself to call out. PAUL (struggling painfully) Father!... father... drugged...

December 9, 1983 DUNE 50. 122. INT. BARON'S QUARTERS - HARKONNEN SHIP - NIGHT The BARON's face -- expressionless. The SOUND of his ship screams in the background. The DOCTOR is seated beside him. 118 INT. SUB-BASEMENT PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT The Duke walks down steps to a very narrow passageway. The passageway becomes very dark. Suddenly the Duke hears a strange MEWLING sound. He turns down an even darker passageway. He can hear the shield WHINING in the distance. He almost has to feel his way. Up ahead he sees a shape. He bends down and sees the SHADOUT MAPES dying on the cold stone floor in the darkness. She tries to speak but cannot. She falls. Suddenly the Duke HEARS the shield generator start whining down. DUKE LETO What happened? What? (as Mapes dies) The shield! The Duke reaches to activate his shield but a large dart is shot into his shoulder. The Duke lurches upwards then tumbles to the ground. Out of the darkness comes Dr. Yueh. The dart drops and CLATTERS as if a dream. DUKE LETO (Cont'd) (mind racing -- struggling) Yueh! (inner voice) He's sabotaged the house generators, we're wide open. YUEH (with self-disgust) I've brought House Atreides down. I've destroyed the new army's weirding modules. DUKE LETO (hoarse whisper) ... Why? The generator WHINES lower and lower CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 51. 118. CONTINUED (1) YUEH I wish to kill a man... not you, my dear Duke, but the Baron.... You were dead already... but you will get close to the Baron before you die. You will be tied and drugged but you can still attack. When you see the Baron you will have a new poison gas tooth. He will want you close so he can gloat over you. One bite on this tooth and a strong exhale... DUKE LETO Refuse... YUEH No! -- You mustn't... for in return I will save the lives of your Paul and Jessica. Yueh removes the Duke's signet ring and shows it to him. YUEH (cont'd) For Paul... He implants the tooth. Yueh becomes more and more blurred. His image begins to fade. His lips move in the darkness. The generator WHINE is low and going lower and lower. YUEH (CONT'D) When you see the Baron, remember the tooth! The tooth! 119. (Deleted) 119A. INT. COMMUNICATIONS ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT ATREIDES GUARD #1 comes running down the steps and up to the CAPTAIN and a TECHNICIAN. ATREIDES GUARD #1 The shield is down! The shield is down! ATREIDES GUARD CAPTAIN Harkonnen... (turns and shouts) Get that shield up!

December 9, 1983 DUNE 52. 119B. EXT. LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT A warning TONE begins. TROOPS begin pouring onto the field. 119C. EXT. ROCK - LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT Troops race toward their ships. 119D. (Deleted) 119E. INT. GUARD HOUSE - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT ATREIDES GUARD The shield! The shield! 120. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT A loud warning TONE vibrates. Thufir turns away from the doorway of a small room where he's horrified to SEE... 120A. INSERT ... a chemical FIRE consuming the thousands of Atreides weirding modules. 121. through 121A. (Deleted) 123. EXT. PALACE - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT A thousand Harkonnen ships dive over Arrakeen and the Palace. Giant deep thunderous EXPLOSIONS shatter the land. Billowing SMOKE clouds column upwards, forming a black wriggling death curtain around the Palace. 124. INT. PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Troops are running through the passageway, right and left. SMOKE is everywhere and the horrible SOUNDS of the explosions continue. The SOUNDS of stone crunching, shifting, and breaking. SCREAMS. A wall of stone suddenly cracks open. A burst of air and dust shoots out, HISSING. The Duke's dog runs through the passageway WHINING with fear.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 53. 125. (Deleted) 125A. EXT. HARKONNEN SHIP - LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT Sardaukar rush out of a Harkonnen ship. Their electrically distorted faces come screaming toward us. 125B. (Deleted) 126. EXT. LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT Harkonnen hammer ships thunder the ground, sending cracks and fissures throughout the landing field. Harkonnen scare SIRENS scream. 126A. EXT. HAMMER SHIPS - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT Atreides soldiers run from the hammer ships. 129. EXT. GROUNDS - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT FIRE and SMOKE. SCREAMS. An ATREIDES SOLDIER's head is hit with a large white hot piece of explosion. Through the black smoke, large SARDAUKAR chase after THREE SOLDIERS and stab them with hydraulic knife-guns. One blade enters the back of one man's head and comes out his nose. Tremendous NOISE of battle. Gurney and a squad of TROOPERS climb through bodies and thick smoke. Gurney has the Duke's dog safely inside his coat. The little dog's head sticks out -- looking about. Gurney strokes the dog's neck when they reach safety behind some rock. Small glimpses, as the smoke moves this way or that, let them see thousands of Sardaukar fighting. GURNEY LONG LIVE DUKE LETO! TROOPERS Long live Duke Leto! The CRY from the men rings out as they attack with frenzy equalling that of the Sardaukar. 127. INT. AUTOPSY ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT The distant HAMMERING of the Harkonnen hammer ship. Jessica's eyes open and she sees two big boots but they seem to be floating above the stone floor she is lying on. She is gagged and tied. She looks up. She sees the huge Baron Harkonnen staring down at her. In the distance she HEARS the battle raging. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 54. 127. CONTINUED (1) BARON The drug was timed. Dr. Yueh has been very valuable to us.... What a pity you must remain gagged. We can't let ourselves be swayed by your witch's Voice, now, can we? JESSICA (inner voice) Leto... where are you? 86. INT. A ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Dr. Yueh covers his face with his hands in a darkened room... sobbing. 127. BACK TO SCENE The Baron floats across the room with suspensor-borne lightness. BARON Goodbye, Jessica and goodbye to your sweet son.... I want to spit once on your head... just some spittle on your face -- what a luxury. He spits on her cheek. The Baron floats out of the room into the passageway. BARON (CONT'D) We were ordered to kill them... so kill them. 129. BACK TO SCENE - BATTLE 127. BACK TO SCENE NEFUD What are your orders, Piter? PITER Take them to the desert, as the traitor suggested and worms will destroy the evidence. Their bodies must never be found.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 55. 129. BACK TO SCENE - BATTLE 127. BACK TO SCENE (2) PITER (whispering to Jessica, rubbing the spittle around on her face with his hand, delicately) I'd thought of many pleasures with you. It is perhaps better that you die in the innards of a worm. Desire clouds my reason.... That is not good... that is bad. 129. BACK TO SCENE - BATTLE 128. INT. SUB-BASEMENT PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT - SHIELD EFFECT Duncan Idaho kills a Sardaukar soldier and rushes forward frantically. His eyes blaze intensely. He yells out to other Atreides soldiers. DUNCAN They're on this floor somewhere.... The soldiers disappear, searching in another direction. Duncan runs, pounding, down the passageway -- his eyes searching in every doorway. Suddenly, twelve huge Sardaukar round a corner on a quick march. Duncan turns his shield up and charges them. Behind them he sees Paul and Jessica bound in straps and being carried. Duncan attacks and fights valiantly but he is outnumbered. In the fight the lights are blown out and Duncan is killed by a slow stunner pellet through the head. Paul strains to help. PAUL (seeing Duncan) Duncan!! DUNCAN!! Paul and Jessica are carried off, quickly, through the darkness. The battle SOUNDS thundering.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 56. 128A. DUNCAN'S BODY - INT. SUB-BASEMENT PASSAGEWAY - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT - SHIELD EFFECT Duncan's dead, shielded body slides sparking in the dark against the passageway walls. 129. BACK TO SCENE - BATTLE - RABBAN ON BRIDGE 131C. (Deleted) 132. EXT. PALACE - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT FIRE and SMOKE. 133. INT. OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT The Baron's face, the light of FIRE and EXPLOSIONS playing over it. The Baron turns as Piter ushers in the traitor Yueh. BARON (to Yueh - quietly) You wish now to join your wife, is that it, traitor? A sudden flash of hope crosses Yueh's face. YUEH She lives? The Baron smiles, almost sympathetically. BARON You wish to join her... join her, then. Piter moves to Yueh, a knife glistening in his hand. It flashes into his back. A GASP escapes Yueh's throat, a sad look passing over his face, as if to say: "I thought as much." He stands stiffly, then falls gasping. He tastes his own blood, then dies. BARON Take him away. 144. EXT. GROUNDS - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Black smoke palms.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 57. 145. EXT. LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Rabban strides in front of his uncle's ship, carrying Kynes over his shoulder. Harkonnen and Sardaukar SOLDIERS stand at attention. Rabban tears off Kynes' stillsuit. Kynes falls. RABBAN He was in the Palace with the Atreides... I also say he was a spy for the Emperor. (looking up to the troops) Go now! Take him to his desert to die. Go! 129A. EXT. HARKONNEN ORNITHOPTER - NIGHT The small 'thopter climbs toward the Shield Wall through a SMOKEY atmosphere illuminated by distant EXPLOSIONS. 130. INT. HARKONNEN ORNITHOPTER - NIGHT JESSICA (inner voice) Yueh's sign. He's left a satchell. Jessica and Paul, bound by cabin straps, lie in the back, the two guards at the controls. Outside, 'thopters and ships fly past them toward the city. The distant FIRES play over Jessica's face as she sees Yueh's triangular tattoo scratched in the cabin roof. HARKONNEN GUARD #1 I'd like to have some fun before we kill her. HARKONNEN GUARD #2 (laughing) Of course... what did you think? Jessica looks to Paul. PAUL (struggling to use The Voice) Don't touch my mother... JESSICA (inner voice) Oh great mother! He's trying the voice. The Reverend Mother said it could save him. HARKONNEN GUARD #1 Did you hear a noise from the little one? CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 58. 130. CONTINUED (1) HARKONNEN GUARD #2 I didn't hear anything. HARKONNEN GUARD #1 No? HARKONNEN GUARD #2 No. He turns and hits Paul in the shoulder with a stungun. Paul recovers and starts taking long, calming breaths. JESSICA (inner voice) The calming exercise. HARKONNEN GUARD #1 The little one! (they laugh) Suddenly, Guard #1 reaches around and puts his hand up Jessica's skirt. He starts breathing hard. Paul clears his throat. PAUL (using The Voice) Remove her gag! JESSICA (inner voice) Excellent! Guard #1 finds himself removing Jessica's gag. Guard #2 turns away from his controls but seems powerless to stop him. Once it's off, Jessica smiles seductively and writhes on the 'thopter floor. JESSICA (CONT'D) (The Voice) There's no need to fight over me. The two men stare at one another a moment. Then Guard #1's hand, glinting silver, flashes into Guard #2's chest, killing him. Guard #1 pulls the knife out, smiling. The ornithopter begins to veer off into a dangerous nose dive. HARKONNEN GUARD #1 Now? JESSICA (The Voice) First cut my son's bonds. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 59. 130. CONTINUED (2) Guard #1 slowly cuts Paul's big straps, never taking his eyes off Jessica. The ornithopter gets closer and closer to the top jagged surface of the Shield Wall. JESSICA (CONT'D) (The Voice) That's it. The blade cuts through the strap holding Paul's legs. Paul kicks upwards extremely powerfully and his foot breaks through the man's chest cavity and drives his heart up into his head, spewing blood out the man's mouth. Paul grabs the controls but it's too late. The ship falls into the rock. 130A. EXT. HARKONNEN ORNITHOPTER - DESERT - NIGHT The 'thopter slides across the rock, shearing off a wing. Suddenly they are beyond the rock three miles above the great desert and plummeting fast toward the dunes below. 130. BACK TO SCENE Paul pulls desperately on the controls and manages to keep the ship aloft and flying into the deep desert. JESSICA Oh, my God! 131. through 131A. (Deleted) 131B. EXT. PALACE - ARRAKEEN - NIGHT CU violently burning palm. 133. BACK TO SCENE Nefud exits - TWO HARKONNENS wheel in the stretcher, and swing it round - one of the GUARDS hands Piter his knife back - the Guards exit and the door closes - Piter moves up to Duke Leto and leans over him moving his knife across the Duke's face. The Baron flies down to the stretcher. BARON Duke Leto Atreides. Someone's torn the insignia off your uniform. Such carelessness. Leto shows no sign that he has heard. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 60. 133. CONTINUED (1) PITER It was Feyd. Leto's POV: The Baron and his Mentat are only DIM FARAWAY SHAPES. Their voices reach Leto as if travelling across a great distance. The Baron looks to Leto and then moves to him, looking him over. BARON It was Feyd? (laughing) It was Feyd! Where is the ducal signet ring? I must have his ring. PITER The ring?... he was brought to us as is, Baron. I... BARON You killed the doctor too soon, you fool! DUKE LETO (inner voice) Yueh... Yueh... dead... Paul and Jessica safe... the tooth! PITER He's coming round, my Lord. The Baron moves from behind a table stacked with dirty dishes and foodstuffs and goes to Leto. DUKE LETO (inner voice) Wait... he must be near... BARON Where is your ring? The Baron's face is now very close to Duke Leto's. BARON (CONT'D) You do not answer! DUKE LETO (very faint) A... little... closer.... The... water... of my life... for Paul. The Baron briefly wonders at these words and then turns to Piter. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 61. 133. CONTINUED (2) BARON He's crying! (he hits Duke Leto) He's crying! He's crying, Piter. What does he mean? Piter moves forward. The Baron sees a succulent piece of chicken skin on the table. He picks up the plate, then the chicken skin. Leto's POV: It's grown HAZY again. The Baron is beginning to move away, reaching for the small piece of chicken skin. Piter leans close to Leto. DUKE LETO Now! We hear a CRUNCH, hear a tumultuous RUSHING SOUND as Piter's face is pushed forcibly away. The Baron is turning, a dumbfounded look on his face. He drops the plate, and backs away. There is a tremendous ROARING. Bits of visions of Caladan rush through Leto's ever-darkening consciousness -- MENTAL IMAGES: 134. through 134A. (Deleted) 134B. EXT. CLIFF WALL - CALADAN - DAY The Atreides banner, the green of it, then the black. The blackness flaps; then all fades to SILENCE. 135. INT. HARKONNEN ORNITHOPTER - NIGHT As they fly deeper into the desert with the ship shuddering and straining, Jessica suddenly cries out with tremendous premonition and fear. JESSICA Leto! Leto! Tears course down her cheeks as Paul turns to her. JESSICA (CONT'D) (to Paul) Leto! He's dead! He's dead... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 62. 135. CONTINUED (1) PAUL I know (inner voice) I have NO FEELINGS!! Why? 136. INT. OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT Duke Leto and Piter lie dead. 137. INT. ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT The Baron floats near the ceiling in a small passageway. He is ecstatic. BARON (screaming) I'm alive!!! I'm alive!!! 137A. INT. HARKONNEN 'THOPTER - NIGHT Paul is fighting the controls of the Harkonnen 'thopter. 137B. CLEAN POV Harkonnen 'thopter lights on dunes. 137A. BACK TO SCENE PAUL I can't maintain any altitude... we'll never reach the safety of rock. Maybe that small rock. JESSICA Where are we do you think? PAUL The South Polar regions... the forbidden area. We must make it to that rock... 137C. EXT. HARKONNEN 'THOPTER - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT The 'thopter violently hits the sands and flips up -- almost turning over. It falls slowly back, then slides down the side of a dune.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 63. 137D. EXT. HARKONNEN ORNITHOPTER - DESERT - NIGHT PAUL Hurry! He jumps out of his seat. JESSICA Bring these satchels! She hands him one. PAUL (at doorway) Hurry -- This crashing may bring a worm. As Paul puts the satchel over his shoulder, he feels something. He looks at his father's ring. He stares at it silently, then closes his hand around it. They jump outside. JESSICA (starting to cry) A million deaths are not enough for Yueh... PAUL (inner voice)(reacting to his mother's tears) Where are my feelings... I feel for no one... 138. EXT. ROCK - DESERT - NIGHT Paul and Jessica running. Paul pulls Jessica to a place in the wall where a small overhang offers shelter. Jessica falls to the ground. She CRIES, pouring out her grief, but soon the sound of it is carried away by the building rush of WIND. Paul turns and looks out to the open desert, this portion of which is a dust ocean. 138A. PAUL'S POV: The Mouse Moon has risen. Ripples of dust undulate tide-like in the light of the moon. The WHISPERING grains billow up like the foam of waves as they hit the rock. 138. BACK TO SCENE Paul turns, his face illuminated by the two moons above. His eyes lock on the moon which has the image of the mouse. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 64. 138. CONTINUED (1) PAUL (inner voice) The second moon... from the dreams... 138B. INT. PAUL'S EYE - NIGHT We move into Paul's eye, where the mouse moon appear and revolves slowly. The moon begins to explode. The pieces of the moon soar toward us burning with white-hot flames. Within the flames we see... 139. (Deleted) 139A. EXT. ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT ... the burning Palace of Arrakeen. We move closer to it. 189B. INT. OBSERVATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN PALACE - NIGHT We then see Duke Leto's face. The Baron leans over the Duke and clutches the skin on the Duke's face. He begins pulling it. The skin on the Duke's race slowly rips open -- making a hideous tearing SOUND. Black SMOKE issues forth from the hole which tears larger. PAUL (V.O.) (distorted) House Atreides is ruined. (less distorted) This moon holds my past. 139C. INT. VESTIBULE - OBSERVATION ROOM - NIGHT Inside and through the SMOKE Paul sees Feyd tear the Red Duke insignia off his father's uniform. He sees Feyd laughing. The moving, now-brilliant red hawk insignia becomes... 139D. EXT. CASTLE CALADAN - NIGHT ... a burning meteor ROARING over the castle on Caladan. The meteor crashes in the black sea. PAUL (V.O.) This moon holds my future.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 65. 139E. INT. WATER - NIGHT Foaming confusion turning into a small, twisting fetus under the sea. Its eyes closed. Moving close to it, its eyes snap open. Through the eyes is the pale white face of JESSICA. 139F. EXT. SHIELD WALL - DESERT - NIGHT There is a huge soaring WIND sound and beyond JESSICA the dunes roll like ocean waves. 139G. EXT. MOUSE MOON - NIGHT The moon continues to spew out pieces of moving images which are seen then disappear as fast as sparks. The broken, burning pieces float eerily toward us over the undulating dunes below. One image floats closer. It is a hand folded into a fist. PAUL (V.O.) I am only a seed... The fist begins to open. DUKE LETO (V.O.) The seed must grow. The hand opens fully with slow blue fluid pulsating out the very center of the palm. The hand floats eerily forward. DUKE LETO (V.O.) The sleeper must awaken. 139H. EXT. WATER - NIGHT The last image which passes is foaming and spitting dark blue water. As the image passes, the black smoke trailing behind it obscures the picture to blackness. 140. EXT. ROCK - DESERT - NIGHT Through the darkness we move to Paul's clenched hand. It opens, revealing the signet ring in the very center of his palm. Paul looks upward to the moons of Arrakis. He looks back to the ring, then to his mother. PAUL Listen to me!... you wanted to know about my dreams... and I've just had a waking dream... do you know why?... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 66. 140. CONTINUED (1) JESSICA Calm yourself. PAUL The spice! It's in everything here. The air, the soil, the food... It's like the Truthsayer drug..... It's a poison!!!! You knew the spice would change me. But thanks to your teachings it's changed my consciousness. I can see it... I can see it. JESSICA (inner voice) Is he....? PAUL You carry my unborn sister in your womb! JESSICA (inner voice) He knows. PAUL You and your Bene Gesserit sisterhood... I'm not your Kwisatz Haderach... I'm something different, something unexpected! (inner voice) I'm a seed. (out load) I am so much more... You don't begin to know me... 141. through 142A. (Deleted) 142B. EXT. ROCK - DESERT - NIGHT Paul's head goes down. He places the ring on his finger. PAUL (inner voice) Father... now I have become a killer and I will continue to kill until I have avenged your death. (out loud) Father! Jessica cries as she stares at her son. 143. through 143A. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 67. 145. BACK TO SCENE Rabban steps up the ramp. He wears a large smile. His thick head sweats and the sweat runs down his thick neck. He goes inside and the doors swing closed. 146. INT. HARKONNEN SHIP - NIGHT He enters the ship and moves down within to the Baron's quarters, passing two dwarves cooking a dead legless cow which hangs from chains. Rabban tears out the cow's tongue and eats it. Then he exits through a door which closes behind him. 147. INT. BARON'S QUARTERS - HARKONNEN SHIP - NIGHT The Baron is flying wildly, circling the outside of a large steel shower, while Nefud and a DWARF play a strange instrument producing maniacal, perverse, screaming MUSIC. The Baron SEES Rabban enter, but continues to fly around the shower. BARON (very excited) Rabban!!... we're knee deep in Atreides blood! We've gutted them. We've gutted them! (laughs) The Baron floats to Rabban and begins lovingly massaging Rabban's massive neck as he speaks to him. BARON Rabban, Rabban... I place you in charge of Arrakis. It's yours to squeeze, as I promised. I want you to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. (massaging in rhythm) Give me spice! Drive them into utter submission. You must not show the slightest pity or mercy... as only you can... Never stop! (releasing him) Go.... Show no mercy! RABBAN Yes, my lord Baron. Rabban leaves just as Feyd steps out of the shower. The Baron turns to him lovingly. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 68. 147. CONTINUED (1) BARON (to Feyd) And when we've crushed these people enough I'll send in you Feyd... they'll cheer you as a rescuer... lovely Feyd... really a lovely boy. (suddenly he smiles and screams) Where's my doctor? 148. INT. HARKONNEN SHIP - NIGHT As Rabban leaves, he looks into one room of the ship. Behind the glass porthole sits Thufir Hawat bound head and foot, his eyes darting this way and that. 148A. EXT. ROCK - DESERT - NIGHT Paul and Jessica are in stillsuits. Paul is looking through a Fremkit. He finds a paper with Dr. Yueh's mark on it. PAUL (inner voice) Yueh's left the plans for the weirding modules. 148B. EXT. MOONS - ARRAKEEN - DESERT - NIGHT The moons have moved further across the sky. 148A. BACK TO SCENE Suddenly Paul turns and studies his mother. A stronger WIND comes up. PAUL We have to get to that mountain of rock. We have entered the time when all will turn against us and seek our lives... Jessica gets up. They make their way up the crest of a dune by a small rock. PAUL (CONT'D) It's further than I thought... a worm is sure to come.... I'll plant a thumper, that should divert it. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 69. 148A. CONTINUED (1) Paul moves off into the shadows. Suddenly, Jessica SEES a burst of LIGHTNING illuminate the mountain of rock in the distance and the vast dunes before them. JESSICA (CONT'D) (inner voice) (as Paul leaves to light the thumper) ...the night is a tunnel... a hole into tomorrow... if we're to have a tomorrow... 149. through 151. (Deleted) 151A. EXT. DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Paul plants the thumper which begins a powerful rhythmic noise. He turns to Jessica. PAUL (returning) Remember... walk without rhythm and we won't attract a worm... it'll go to the thumper. JESSICA (puts in her noseplug) I'm ready. Paul and Jessica move into camera and exit right. 151B. EXT. DEEP DESERT AND ROCKS - NIGHT Another burst of LIGHTNING. The distant rock seems to have grown no larger. Their muscles begin to ache. Suddenly they HEAR the thumper start behind them. PAUL Keep going... 152. EXT. DEEP DESERT AND ROCKS - NIGHT (LATER) Their breathing becomes very labored. The sand moves like slow water, forever rolling down and up. Then they hear the worm, the low thundering HISS shaking the tonnage of sand and rock. The thumper stops. Paul turns. PAUL Faster!! CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 70. 152. CONTINUED (1) JESSICA (screaming) It's deafening! Their bodies ache and they feel like dropping, yet the cliff is still a good distance away. The worm SOUND grows louder and Paul turns to look. 153. EXT. WORM - DESERT - NIGHT A flash of LIGHTNING. The worm is now coming toward them. The mound of sand over the worm is enormous and is approaching at a terrifyingly fast speed. The power of this worm is awesome. 153A. EXT. DEEP DESERT - NIGHT PAUL (screaming) Run! JESSICA I can't... I can't. She turns to see. Then she runs. 153B. EXT. DRUM SAND - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT All at once their feet tromp down on firmer sand. The SOUND is very loud. PAUL Drum sand! The DRUMMING sound ECHOES deep within the ground. Jessica falls. Paul stops and drags her up. They run again. The worm SOUND becomes unbearably loud. Static electricity SPARKS giant bolts of pure white LIGHTNING and the air turns to ozone. Finally they find rock. Behind them the SOUND of the worm changes. They turn. 154. EXT. WORM - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT The gigantic head of the worm is just breaking through the sand. The mouth begins to open in an eighty-foot circle of teeth and darkness. The mouth arches forward searching for them. 155. EXT. BASE OF THE CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Paul and Jessica climb up and up inside a narrow slit of rock.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 71. 155A. INT. ROCK CLIFF - DESERT - NIGHT The worm's mouth climbs higher also but it cannot penetrate the narrow opening in the rock. 156. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - NIGHT Paul and Jessica have scrambled upwards a couple of hundred feet. 156A. EXT. WORM AND ROCK - NIGHT Still the worm stretches up to them. Suddenly the worm begins BANGING on the rock. Huge SHUDDERS drive through the black stone. Over and over again the worm mindlessly hits at the rock. 156B. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - NIGHT Paul and Jessica crouch further back in the tiny passageway of safety, but a solid back wall of rock prevents them from moving back any more. 156C. INT. ROCK CLIFF - NIGHT The breath from the worm is like a hurricane of WIND. PAUL (inner voice) Cinnamon... the spice! (out loud) Do you smell it? JESSICA Yes... PAUL (inner voice) I know the secret. The worm is the spice... the spice is the worm. 157. (Deleted) 157A. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Suddenly a colossal section of the rock wall cracks and topples off into the worm's mouth. Instantly the worm pulls back. A huge FIRE roars deep within the worm consuming the rock.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 72. 158. INT. ROCK CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT The worm now can get even closer to Paul and Jessica. It looms up again and crushes its mouth up against the rock. 158A. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Another fissure opens, and suddenly half the rock wall protecting them splits off entirely and falls... taking Paul with it. 158B. EXT. WORM AND ROCK - NIGHT ...against the worm. 159. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Paul is knocked off the cliff and falls straight down two hundred feet. His feet skid along the face of rock. He bounces and brakes. He hits and jumps. He careens from one boulder, flies upside down, rights himself then tumbles and skids into the sand. Unhurt, he jumps up and scrambles up another part of the rock to safety. 160. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT JESSICA Paul! She presses against the narrow ledge that is left after the worm assault. 161. EXT. BASE OF THE CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT The worm is just coming up again when distant THUMPING is heard. The worm, as if charmed by the sound, turns and moves off towards it. PAUL (inner voice) A thumper. 161A. (Deleted) 162. EXT. ROCK CLIFF - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Jessica climbs further up and manages to get over to a place where she can meet up with Paul, who is now climbing back. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 73. 162. CONTINUED (1) JESSICA (crying) What's happened?... Why did it leave? PAUL (breathing heavily) Someone started another thumper.... We're not alone. They climb upwards until the ledge ends at the mouth of a dark crevice. Paul and Jessica try to see into the inky black hole. 163. EXT. CREVICE - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Slowly Paul and Jessica enter, inching forward. A low moan of WIND comes up. Paul can see nothing, then suddenly he SEES stars above and SEES the hint of stairs cut into the rock. JESSICA (whispering) Man-carved steps. PAUL (whispering) Yes... They climb the steps and enter an extremely narrow dark channel of stone. As they make their way through the rock, suddenly there is a burst of lightning which illuminates a whole troop of Fremen standing silently in front of them. 164. EXT. FREMEN PLACE - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT STILGAR Perhaps these are the ones Mapes told us of. STILGAR (to Jessica) Are you trained in the ways of the desert? JESSICA No, but many consider my training valuable. STILGAR I will take the boy-man... he shall have sanctuary in my tribe... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 74. 164. CONTINUED (1) A LOW NOTE on a dip stick is blown by one of the Fremen tribe. Jessica shifts, Paul sees it, and just as Stilgar begins a reach for his weapon, Jessica turns, slashes out, utters a SOUND, whirls again and with rock behind her holds Stilgar helpless in front of her -- her hand at his throat. Paul moves on her first move. He races up a rocky incline. 165. EXT. CLIFF - FREMEN PLACE - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT He then jumps higher up and presses himself between two rocks on a low cliff overlooking the rest of the Fremen troop. 166. EXT. FREMEN PLACE - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT The troop starts shooting projectile weapons in Paul's direction. STILGAR Stop! Get back!! She has the weirding way. Why didn't you tell us! Great gods... if you can do this to the strongest of us you're worth ten times your weight of water. As a leader of my people I give you my bond: teach us this weirding way and you both shall have sanctuary. Your water shall mingle with our water. JESSICA Then I will teach you our way of battle.... you have the word bond of a Bene Gesserit. A FREMEN It is the legend. 167. EXT. CLIFF - FREMEN PLACE - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT Up on the rock, Paul turns. He takes a step, then notices a small figure standing in front of him. It is a girl. CHANI I am Chani, daughter of Liet.... I would not have permitted you to harm my tribe. PAUL (inner voice) From my dream... so beautiful. Liet.... is this Kynes' daughter? Paul stares at her in wonder. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 75. 167. CONTINUED (1) CHANI Come with me. I'll show you an easier way down. They exit. 168. EXT. FREMEN PLACE - DEEP DESERT - NIGHT STILGAR (to Paul, as they meet) You have strength... real strength... You shall be known as Usul, which is the strength of the base of the pillar. This is your secret name in our troop. But you must choose the name of manhood which we will call you openly. PAUL (thinking) What do you call the mouse shadow in the second moon? STILGAR We call that one Muad'dib. PAUL Could I be known as Paul Muad'dib? STILGAR You are Paul Muad'dib, and your mother shall be a Sayyadina among us.... We welcome you. Wind blows a cloud of dust through the rock. High above the moon with the mouse shadow glows brilliantly. It dissolves into the sun. 168A. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY Paul, Jessica and the Fremen march through the dunes. 171. through 171B. (Deleted) 172. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DUSK/SUNSET HEAT WAVES and sand dunes. Mysterious SOUNDS echo in the distance as the giant sun is setting. Chani takes Paul to the top of a dune. They stare at the sunset and a huge rock outcropping in the distance. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 76. 172. CONTINUED (1) CHANI Sietch Tabr. Paul looks at the rock, then turns to her. CHANI (CONT'D) Tell me of your homeworld, Usul. These words rend Paul's soul. He cannot speak. He reaches out and touches her hand - her cheek. 173. (Deleted) 174. INT. ENTRANCE - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT The Fremen troop enters into a large square room with slot passageways going off in various directions. 175. INT. PASSAGEWAY - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT They all move down one of the passageways which are beautifully but very plainly cut with lasguns. They are like passages in the pyramids, dark with sharp turns and inclines upwards or downwards, some very steep and long, and others descending hundreds of feet. There is a strong, moaning WIND. 176. through 177. (Deleted) 178. INT. PASSAGEWAY/STAIRS - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT A quiet WIND can be heard -- deep and moaning. JESSICA Moisture... She looks at Paul. He, too, notices. PAUL Wind traps... huge ones. Down a long, sloping, narrow passageway they go until they reach a stairway cut into the stone. It is very dark and gets increasingly darker as they descend. The WIND sound grows. The air grows colder and damper. Paul and Jessica share another questioning look. At the bottom of the stairs they pass through a narrow slot doorway which suddenly opens out on something so totally unexpected it shocks Paul.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 77. 179. INT. RESERVOIR -SIETCH TABR - NIGHT It is an enormous, deep reservoir of black water sitting silently in the depths of this sietch and stretching out into the darkness. PAUL (inner voice) Water on Arrakis!!! I have seen this place in a dream. (out loud) A treasure. STILGAR Greater than treasure, Usul. We have thousands of such caches. Only a few of us know them all. When we have enough... we shall change the face of Arrakis. Listen!... There is the sound of water dripping. The lights are extinguished - reflections play on Paul's face. STILGAR (CONT'D) The Rocks of Arrakis hold many secrets. 179A. through 180 (Deleted) 180A. REVISED SCENE - HALL OF RITES Thousands of Fremen wait below. Paul enters a rock ledge, guided by two monks, which is crowded with Fremen and old Fremen Monks. Below the crowds continue to watch and wait while a giant wind organ moans. A Monk steps up to Paul. MONK We sense that you may be the "voice from the outer world". Both moons told us of you. You must pass tests before we will know ... you must conquer the beast of the desert, both his outer and his deadly inner powers. (moves back) Speak to us... from the outer world. Paul turns and gathers courage to address the multitude below. PAUL (inner voice) I am only a seed. (out loud) I am Usul... Paul Muad'Dib. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 78. 180A. CONTINUED (1) CROWDS (loud murmur) Muad'Dib! MONK The legend. PAUL (inner voice) No one ever dreamed there would be so many. (out loud) Our shared enemy the Harkonnens, are once again in control of Arrakis. Stilgar, your leader, has asked me and my mother to crush the Harkonnens. We must do more than this. We must totally destroy all spice production on Arrakis. The Guild and the entire universe depends on spice. "He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing". I will take one hundred of your warriors and train them. This one hundred will train the thousands that remain. When the spice flow stops, all eyes will turn to Arrakis. The Baron and the Emperor himself will be forced to deal with us. Arrakis will become the center of the Universe. (inner voice) The dream unfolds. 181. through 181A. (Deleted) 182. INT. TRAINING ROOM - SIETCH TABR - DAY Large room with a low ceiling. A drummer playing makes a low ECHOING MUSICAL HIT. A big block of stone is moved across coarse sand -- back and forth -- fast. A rhythm is started -- powerful. Paul enters, pauses and looks to Jessica - he stands in front of over 100 Fremen men. Jessica sits behind him alongside Stilgar. A large rock obelisk has been placed near Paul for this demonstration. PAUL The weirding way has long been a Bene Gesserit secret. With my mother's help, my father isolated an element of the weirding way and externalised it. (cont.) CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 79. 182. CONTINUED (1) PAUL (CONT'D) Because of the Harkonnen treachery, my father's armies were never able to fully develop this new form. This is what I will teach you. You will be the fiercest and most feared fighters in the Universe. Our way of battle is built on rhythm. You understand rhythm like this but you do not yet understand the rhythm of the higher sounds, sounds that heal and build.... sounds that destroy. Motion is the base. You understand motion ... but you do not yet understand the motion that heals and builds ... motions that destroy ... Orato! (he moves forward) This obelisk is of your hardest stone. Kick it... (he does -- the rock doesn't move) Hit it... (he does -- the rock doesn't move) Yell at it... ORATO Break! The Fremen laugh -- the rock doesn't move. A Fremen with a lasgun tries to cut it. Paul motions him back, slightly. PAUL Move back! Paul also moves back. He switches on his weirding module. He opens his mouth and makes a small SOUND, which the module amplifies. PAUL Chuksa! The sound shatters the obelisk to pieces. The one hundred Fremen YELL with surprise and awe. 100 FREMEN Achiii! CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 80. 182. CONTINUED (2) PAUL This is part of the weirding way that we will teach you. Some thoughts have a certain sound... that being the equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs.... We will kill until no Harkonnen breathes Arrakeen air. 100 FREMEN Muad'Dib! PAUL (inner voice) To avenge my father, I will turn you into killing machines. Stilgar turns to Jessica. STILGAR Sayyadina. Our Reverend Mother tells me she is too old...She has been calling through space and time for you to come and let her rest. She asks that you pass within. JESSICA (inner voice) They want me to take the Water of Life... the Truthsayer drug... so dangerous, yet... we must move swiftly if we're to secure our place among these Fremen. (out loud) I will try to pass within. STILGAR Death may be the result.... Are you sure? JESSICA (inner voice) I must do this for Paul, but what of my unborn child? DISSOLVE TO: 183. through 187. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 81. 188. INT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Fremen carry the Fremen REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO in on a litter. The old Reverend Mother is old and frail yet extremely beautiful and mysterious. She turns to Paul and Jessica with a strange look. REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO (to Jessica, in an ancient voice) So you are the ones. She turns away towards the monks who are very busy blowing horns and waving pots of burning spice, purifying the area fof the rite. Several Fremen blow on dip sticks and a FEMALE CHOIR begins a haunting chorale as the giant pipe organ blows beautiful low notes below. Paul looks to his mother. He then sees Chani. CU Chani. CU Paul -- he cannot stop looking at her. Stilgar motions to Paul. STILGAR (whispering to Paul) Do you know the Water of Life?... Come... ...Watch... the mystery of mysteries... the end and the beginning. He shows Paul through a narrow passageway -- almost a slot through the stone to a small room. Through an opening in the stone wall, Paul is shown a very strange and somewhat horrifying scene. 189. INT. BABY WORM - MAKER ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT A thirty-foot baby worm is being lowered into a stone chamber. The chamber is then covered with a wire top. Valves are turned and water rushes into the chamber. The worm begins to writhe violently and leap and bang against the bars above. The worm begins to turn inside out from the mouth back and it begins to gag. Some monks and watermasters quickly drain the stone chamber and wrench the worm out using large steel hooks. They hold the worm above a large tub. A watermaster- reed man runs a long reed in to the worm, causing it to spasm and gag up a beautiful deep blue bile as it dies. 189A. INT. MAKER ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT The bile and worm water are combined in ceremonial containers. Paul turns to Stilgar. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 82. 189A. CONTINUED (1) STILGAR The Water of Life. PAUL (inner voice) The most lethal poison in the Universe. Then we HEAR from Paul's memory his conversation with the Reverend Mother: REVEREND MOTHER ... Many men have tried. PAUL Did they try and fail? REVEREND MOTHER They tried and died. 190. INT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Stilgar and Paul return to the ledge above the Hall of Rites. A MONK PRIEST steps forward, addresses the crowd, silencing them. The other monks move back carrying their smoking cleansing bags. MONK #1 One among us has consented to enter the rite. She will attempt to pass within that we not lose the strength of our Reverend Mother. PAUL (inner voice) (turning to his mother) What if she should fail? He brings the jug close to Jessica. MONK #1 Drink! Jessica drinks. JESSICA (inner voice) The ultimate awareness spectrum narcotic. I must transform the poison configuration within my body... the blue must be made clean. She swallows. Her body contorts and spasms violently. She screams. The Reverend Mother screams with her.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 83. 191. (Deleted) 192. INT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT We see Jessica sitting, shoulders tight and spasming -- straining, her eyelids half-closed and flickering. 193. (Deleted) 194. INT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT The old Reverend Mother slowly extends a hand toward Jessica's shoulder. 195. JESSICA - MENTAL IMAGE Inside Jessica, we see the Reverend Mother Ramallo's hand descend through the dark void. Shimmering water starts to ripple, lightly stirring an image of Jessica. As the hand penetrates, something deep within her starts to GLOW. It is a fetus, a female. The Reverend Mother Ramallo's hand flinches as it touches the fetus. The fetus sparks to life - screaming and rapidly spasming upwards on its umbilical cord. 195A. (Deleted) 196. INT. ROCK LEDGE - WALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO (whispering urgently into Jessica's ear) You should have told us. 197. JESSICA'S MENTAL IMAGE - FETUS REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO (V.O.) (gasping) Great Mother! This changes both! What have we done?

December 9, 1983 DUNE 84. 197A. INT. THE TUNNEL - NIGHT Jessica and the fetus rush mentally through a dark strangely worm-like tunnel until suddenly, a gaping black hole appears. A horrible WIND, SPARKS and circles of expanding light issues from it. JESSICA (V.O.) (inner voice)(fearful) No! This is the place where we cannot look. The place only for the eyes of the Kwisatz Haderach. 197B. THE FETUS - NIGHT The fetus twists down the tunnel to join Jessica, her umbilical cord trailing behind. She SCREAMS as she looks into the hole. 197C. THE NAVIGATOR - NIGHT She and Jessica see a shape moving deep within the windy hole. It is a Third Stage Navigator, ROARING. JESSICA What is this?... Is this what kills the men who enter here? She quickly takes the fetus back up the tunnel. As they move: JESSICA (V.O.)(CONT'D) (inner voice) Now my daughter and I are both Reverend Mothers. REVEREND MOTHER RAMALLO (V.O.) (distant) I've been a long time waiting for you. Here is my life. 198. INT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT The old Reverend Mother Ramallo slumps forward onto the stone, dead. The crowd waits. The corpse is tenderly removed. Jessica very slowly opens her eyes and looks about her. The monk holds the jug to her lips. MONK Change it that we may all drink of it. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 85. 198. CONTINUED (1) Jessica spews blue water into the spout. The monk swirls the jug, sniffs at the spout and then drinks. MONK (CONT'D) It is changed! PAUL (inner voice) She did it! 199. INT. HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT The Fremen suddenly turn their attention to Paul.... They whisper "It is the prophecy!" They soon begin to CHANT... "Muad'Dib.... Muad'Dib" over and over again. The chanting sounds fill the hall along with the ghostly wind organ. 200. (Deleted) 201. INT. HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Down below, the crowds continue CHANTING "Muad'Dib, Muad'Dib." 202. INT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Paul continues to stare at Chani. He moves to her. Chani turns. Paul is at her side. Their eyes meet and lock. CHANI (whispering) Come with me. 203. INT. PASSAGEWAY ON ROCK LEDGE - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT At the end of the dark black corridor, Chani turns and she and Paul fall together in a long kiss filled with love. PAUL Chani.... I love you... I've always loved you....

December 9, 1983 DUNE 86. 204. through 209. (Deleted) 169. INT. STAIRCASE - GIEDI PRIME - DAY The Baron and Feyd descend several steps into a darker area of Giedi Prime. Feyd is carrying a strange creature in a small wire cage. The Baron is floating as he descends. BARON (takes a drink) Feyd, even though he's aging, Thufir is one of the finest Mentats in the Universe... and he's mine, Feyd... all mine.... Quiet now. FEYD I will. 170. INT. BASEMENT ROOM - GIEDI PRIME - DAY Nefud stands eating candies behind Thufir's chair. Nefud has a stun gun, even though Thufir's hands are tied. The Baron enters with Feyd. BARON Oh Thufir, I see they've installed your heart plug already.... Don't be angry. Everyone gets one here. But this is not why we're here. We've brought you a little cat, Thufir. You must care for it if you wish to live. A poison has been introduced into you, Thufir Hawat. By milking this smooth little cat body each day you receive your antidote... it must be done each day.... Also, you must do something for me if you wish to live. You know I lost Piter, my dear Mentat... Thufir gives the Baron a weak, wide-eyed stare. FEYD All I can see is an Atreides that I want to kill. BARON Feyd, no, no! Thufir's a Harkonnen now, aren't you Thufir? THUFIR (inner voice) My dear Duke... how I have failed you.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 87. 211. INT. JESSICA'S ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Jessica's face shows signs of straining. Women move around her, Chani and Harah at her side, helping her give birth. Suddenly ALIA is born and her freshly-born moist body is held up in front of Jessica. Alia's eyes snap open, burning brightly. HARAH What will you call her? JESSICA Alia. As they lift Alia for Jessica to see... ALIA Mother. 210. INT. TRAINING ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Paul walks down the steps into the training room - followed by Harah's two sons. He pauses at the foot of the steps. PAUL Activate your weirding modules... Paul activates his, and the Fremens follow suit. PAUL Set the range for two meters. Paul walks down the line of Fremen. PAUL Korba... (points to robot) The arm... KORBA (aiming the module) Chuuk-sa... PAUL Motion... Chuuk-sa... KORBA Chuuuk-sa... He fires the module and the arm of the robot is shot off. Paul smiles and hits him on the shoulder - Paul walks on. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 88. 210. CONTINUED (1) PAUL Stilgar... One of the FREMEN calls out to Paul. A FREMEN Muad'Dib!... The word 'Muad'Dib' causes a tremendous power to build. The module shakes violently in his hand - it suddenly fires upwards, and the wall explodes. PAUL (inner voice) My own name is a killing word. Will it be a healing word as well? 211A. NEW SCENE STILGAR (to Paul as he applies red colour to the shoulders of several large Fremen men) Usul... these are fifteen of our fiercest fighters to serve you as your guard... the Fedaykin. He pauses, then holds up his brilliantly red hand. 212. (Deleted) 213. EXT. DESERT - DAY An EXPLOSION. Paul turns and his eyes are totally blue. He lifts binoculars to them and looks. He sees the Fremen fighters below charging at the Harkonnens. As the Fremen run they make powerful SOUNDS with their weirding modules, exploding everything in their path and catching things on fire. 213A. EXT. CARRYALL - DESERT - DAY In the distance, a huge spice carryall is shot down and it falls to the ground EXPLODING more violently on impact. 213. BACK TO SCENE PAUL Now! CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 89. 213. CONTINUED (1) Stilgar signals, and Fremen run behind them. PAUL (CONT'D) (to Stilgar) They're even better on the battlefield than in the training rooms!! (inner voice) Sound... as a weapon. If only you could see them, father. Paul smiles as he looks at the battle in the distance. PAUL (CONT'D) (his V.O. from the past) When the spice flow stops, the entire Universe will turn its eyes to Arrakis. The Baron and the Emperor himself will be forced to deal with us. 214. INT. PASSAGEWAYS - ARRAKEEN - DAY Rabban stares dumbfounded as many Harkonnen wounded and dead are brought through the passageway beyond. Rabban grabs a Harkonnen and asks: RABBAN What happened? What happened to you? What is he saying? WOUNDED HARKONNEN Muad'Dib!... Muad'Dib!... Muad'Dib!... Muad'Dib! Rabban pushes him away. A HARKONNEN SOLDIER He's been repeating that name ever since we found him. RABBAN Who is this Muad'Dib? 215. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY HEAT WAVES; dunes. A big thumper is forced into the sands. A RHYTHM is heard pounding on Fremen hand drums and rhythm instruments. Feet scramble. Black stillsuited Fedaykin warrior bodyguards gather. Stilgar turns. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 90. 215. CONTINUED (1) STILGAR (to Paul) Usul... It is time you become a sandrider... and travel as a Fremen. Take the kiswa maker hook of our sietch and ride as a leader of men. 216. (Deleted) 217. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY As Paul leaves the troop to plant the second thumper: STILGAR (V.O.) Two thumpers are planted. The worm may not surface for the first - he will rise for the second. Remember, when the worm approaches, you must be utterly still... and close enough to plant the hook firmly under a ring segment.... The worm will turn to lift this exposed area as far from the abrasive sand as possible and it will take you with it -- to the top. Do not get too close as he approaches... the sand will engulf you.... Wait till the head of the worm passes -- then go... quickly. STILGAR & FREMEN Shai-Hulud... Shai-Hulud. In the distance the telltale SOUND of the worm's approach begins. This worm is deep underground and the sound is low and the ground trembles violently. PAUL (inner voice) Only the very strong ones travel this deep.... The SOUND and VIBRATIONS continue to build. In the distance, the Fedaykin and Stilgar watch. STILGAR (to the others) Usul has called a big one. Again... it is the legend. 218. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 91. 219. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY HEAT WAVES... dunes RHYTHM. THUNDEROUS approach of the worm. Paul still cannot see the worm, but the sound begins to drown out the Fremen rhythm instruments and the sand begins to VIBRATE. Suddenly, Paul SEES... 219A. EXT. WORM - DEEP DESERT - DAY ...a mountain of sands rise up, towering, thundering -- lightning SPARKS fissuring throughout the air above the worm. The mountain approaches at a terrifying speed. Then, the worm appears -- rushing. The mouth, at first a small opening, begins to widen -- exposing a thousand glistening teeth. 219B. EXT. DESERT - DAY Paul freezes. He lets the worm get closer and closer. The HEAT WAVES distort the gigantic form, making it even more hideous -- more foreign. He moves forward. The others watch anxiously. This worm is big. It is so much larger than imagined. Its top towers 125 feet in the air. The segments are each ten feet wide. 219C. EXT. VERTICAL SECTION OF WORM - DESERT - DAY Paul gets very close and running alongside, he plants the hook under a segment and pulls back. The SOUND is excruciatingly loud. The sand is so deep and more is being thrown out beneath the body of the worm. Paul gets caught in it and falls. He narrowly escapes being sucked under the beast. He gets up -- runs again and plants the hook once more. He runs faster, bending the segment open to expose the tender flesh. 219D. EXT. FULL-SIZE SECTION OF WORM - DESERT - DAY Suddenly the worm begins to turn. Paul pulls himself up the body as it turns -- holding onto the hook. Soon he is fifty -- sixty -- seventy feet off the ground -- going higher. The giant worm gets the second thumper and Paul at that moment climbs to the top. He plants the second hook. PAUL (inner voice) A sandrider!... Paul works the hooks into the breathing holes along the body...

December 9, 1983 DUNE 92. 219E. EXT. DESERT - DAY ... causing the great beast to make a slow turn toward Stilgar and the bodyguard. They set themselves and as the worm passes... 219F. EXT. FULL-SIZE SECTION OF WORM - DESERT - DAY ...they all clamber on, climbing up the sides to the top. PAUL (yelling) Long live the fighters! They return the traditional CALL and Paul steers the maker in a giant circle. They head out across the dunes. 219G. (Deleted) 219I. EXT. DESERT - DAY Rabban and Harkonnens in the desert. Rabban observes tremendous destruction of his spice harvesters and carryalls. 219K. EMPEROR'S WORLD REPORT VOICE Seventeen Great Houses of the Landsraad have reported a significant delay in delivery of spice per CHOAM agreement. This constitutes a serious violation of CHOAM codes. Contact Baron Vladimir Harkonnen immediately. 219H. INT. GREAT HALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY A furious Rabban sirs in a black steel tub in the Great Hall. A squad of TROOPS stands at attention in front of him, listening to his screaming fit. RABBAN Falsify the reports. We can't hide it all, tell them we've lost only two hundred harvesters... and forty carryalls... and don't let my uncle know about the destruction of the spice silos.... I will catch this Muad'Dib and suck the blood from him!! SUCK THE BLOOD FROM HIM!!!

December 9, 1983 DUNE 93. 219J. through 222. (Deleted) 226A. EXT. HARVESTER - DESERT - DAY SMOKE billows from a burning harvester. 226B. EXT. DESERT - DAY Fighting is going on between Fremen and some smugglers. Paul moves down a smokey dune with Stilgar followed by Fremen and Fedaykin. PAUL We surprised a band of smugglers. STILGAR (racing into thick smoke) Too bad... thought they were Harkonnen. Paul and Stilgar move through the smoke. A man runs up with a maula pistol aimed at Paul but Paul spins and punctures the man's chest with a sound from his weirding module. Paul turns and a large figure comes through the smoke. They surprise each other. The figure holds a gun. PAUL Gurney!... The figure stops -- stunned. PAUL (CONT'D) You've no need of your weapons with me Gurney Halleck. GURNEY (peering; whisper of hope) Paul!! Paul!! PAUL Don't you trust your own eyes. GURNEY They said you were dead. They said... Paul shows him the signet ring on his finger. Gurney moves forward, his eyes tearing, and the two embrace each other and pound each other on the back. GURNEY You young pup! You young pup!

December 9, 1983 DUNE 94. 227. NEW SCENE - WORLD REPORT VOICE Stand-by ... warning ... we have just received a coded threat from the Guild. Spice production is in serious jeopardy... Giedi Prime supplying false reports... Guild to visit Emperor in one standard day. 228. INT. THRONE ROOM - EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT The Emperor sits on his throne. Behind him are his Sardaukar officers. In front of him are several Guildsmen. One holds a large electrical apparatus up to the face plate of another which translates his strange voice into English. TANKED GUILDSMAN #2 Emperor Shaddam IV... You have one last chance to take matters into your own hands and bring the situation under control on Arrakis. EMPEROR What do you mean one last... TANKED GUILDSMAN #2 Do not speak!... Listen!... You do not have more than this one chance.... I represent the entire Guild in this matter.... You have failed to kill the Atreides heir... Paul. EMPEROR But he was said to... TANKED GUILDSMEN #2 (moans like a cow) Noooooo... he is not dead. He is not eaten by worms as you have wanted to believe. He is not missing. He is in the deep desert with the Fremen. The Spice is in great danger. We are not asking... we are telling... remedy the situation or you will live out your life in a pain amplifier. The Guildsmen turn and leave. EMPEROR Who is this Paula Atreides to the Guild? And why? 222A. INT. JESSICA'S ROOM - SIETCH TABR - DAY Jessica sits with Harah. (CONTINUED)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 95. 222A. CONTINUED (1) HARAH Your Reverence, I don't wish to upset you, but the other women... 223. INT. PASSAGEWAY - SIETCH TABR - DAY At the end of the passageway, standing alone -- staring with powerful intense blue-within-blue eyes -- is ALIA. She's listening mentally. HARAH (V.O.) ...they don't like Alia around. She frightens them. It is the strangeness of your daughter. 224. INT. JESSICA'S ROOM - SIETCH TABR - DAY JESSICA It's the way she speaks of things... Alia is listening - then exits. 225. INT. PASSAGEWAY - SIETCH TABR - DAY Alia listens mentally. JESSICA (V.O.) ...beyond her years and of things no child could know -- things of the past. (pause) Alia begins walking. She appears to be angry. JESSICA (V.O.) (CONT'D) A daughter who knew at birth everything I know... 226. INT. JESSICA'S ROOM - SIETCH TABR - DAY HARAH But Your Reverence, they won't have her around them. Alia enters. ALIA (screaming little adult voice) Harah! Would they deny me the right to use this mind?... CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 96. 226. CONTINUED (1) ALIA (CONT'D) (using The Voice) Would they deny me the right to use this voice?... Harah's head nearly bursts with pain and she SCREAMS as if she were dying. JESSICA Alia! 226A. (Deleted) 228. BACK TO SCENE - EMPEROR'S THRONE ROOM EMPEROR (firmly) I want fifty legions of Sardaukar on Arrakis at once. SARDAUKAR OFFICER #1 Fifty legions?... (he looks at the other officers with worry) That's our entire reserves as well. EMPEROR This is genocide... the deliberate and systematic destruction of all life on Arrakis. 228A. NEW SCENE Ships over Arrakis. 229. through 230. (Deleted) 231. INT. PAUL'S ROOM - SIETCH There is a growing, powerful sound of a worm approaching as Paul and Chani are lying together in the darkness of their sleeping chamber. Paul's eyes snap open and he sees Chani looking down at him (the last image of the future in the desert). CHANI You were calling my name... it frightened me. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 97. 231. CONTINUED (1) PAUL Chani ... the visions of my future are gone... I have to drink the water of life. CHANI No! ... Paul ... please ... I've seen men who have tried ... I've seen how they die. PAUL I am dead to everyone unless I become ... unless I become what I ... may ... be. Only the water of life can free what can save us. CHANI Paul... The image of Duke Leto on the balcony fades in with POWERFUL MUSIC. DUKE LETO The sleeper must awaken. It fades out to Paul. PAUL I must drink the sacred water. You have to help me. All paths hide from me in darkness. We must go now. 232. INT. PASSAGEWAY - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Paul walks alone down a dark passage. He meets the Fedaykin at the top of a narrow incline. PAUL Come with me. Now is the time. They all silently move on. 232A. through 232B. (Deleted) 232C. Paul, Chani and the Fedaykin move quickly into the desert night. 233. EXT. DESERT - NIGHT Fedaykin (V.O.) The Lisan Al-Gaib will be transformed in the sands of the desert. Again, the legend. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 98. 233. CONTINUED (1) In the hollow of a huge dune, Paul stops with Chani. They share a look into each other's eyes. Paul turns toward the Fedaykin and nods. They move in quickly to tie and wrap Paul in Fremen rope. They move back and wait quietly. Chani moves in very close to Paul. She holds a glass vial of the blue water of life. PAUL Hurry! All I see is darkness. CHANI Paul... I will love you forever... in life or in death... let Shai-Hulud judge now. (whispering) You are my life. She pours the blue liquid into Paul's mouth. Slow move into Paul's face as: PAUL (inner voice) Now... the test of the water of life... what is it that waits for me in this darkness? 233A. INT. PAUL'S MIND Fade to black then dissolve to dark blue fluid. A blue drop falls into the blue fluid - a huge low thud - then quiet. 233B. EXT. DESERT - NIGHT Cut to Paul screaming horribly in the desert. 235. INT. JESSICA'S ROOM - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT Alia walks forward in the very dark room. Blood rushes from her nose. She forces herself to walk to Jessica's bed. She finds that Jessica's nose is bleeding also. Jessica wakes in pain. They stare at each other in the darkness. JESSICA ALIA! ALIA Mother - help me! JESSICA (struggling) Alia! What is it? CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 99. 235. CONTINUED (1) ALIA It's Paul. He's taken the Water of Life. 233C. INT. PAUL'S MIND Cut to quiet black - dissolve again to blue - another drop - low thud - quietness - fade to black. 245A. EXT. EMPEROR'S SPACESHIP - SPACE The Emperor's space ship soars towards us. 246. INT. EMPEROR'S SPACE SHIP - SPACE The Reverend Mother Helen Mohiam is on the floor, bleeding from the nose and weak from pain. The Emperor looks on in horror. 233D. INT. PAUL'S MIND Suddenly screaming towards us is white rings, stars and a huge Guild Navigator. 233E. EXT. DESERT - NIGHT Cut to Paul's eyes - tightly closed, oozing fresh blood. 233F. EXT. DESERT - NIGHT SCREAMING SOUND. Paul's mouth opens and a giant wind is stirred on the desert. 234. (Deleted) 235A. INT. PAUL'S MIND Navigator chewing giant eye and spewing blood and light and sounds. Paul's mouth double exposes over Navigator and eye. The sound from Paul's mouth destroys the Navigator and opens the Alam. Navigator bursts into a huge light ring and we quickly travel through ring after ring and masses of liquid stars. The light increases until it is blinding and then in the light ...

December 9, 1983 DUNE 100. 235B. EXT. FLOWER BLOSSOMING A golden flower blossoms and glows brilliantly - suddenly the powerful sound of an approaching worm. 236. through 239. (Deleted) 240. EXT. DESERT - NIGHT Chani and the Fedaykin freeze and watch in horror as seven giant worms converge on them. The worms break the desert surface and rise, towering over them. The worms hover and wait. DISSOLVE TO: 241. through 245. (Deleted) 240A. EXT. DESERT - DAY Chani looks to the Fedaykin, then they look at Paul who lies motionless. She cuts the rope bonds with her crysknife. Her fingers tremble as does the whole of the desert. Paul's eyes snap open. He sits up slowly. Chani stares at him in awe. CHANI Paul... Paul. 240B. EXT. WAVE CRASHING A huge wave crashes and Paul sees the image of his father. Paul slowly gets to his knees, then stands. 240C. EXT. DESERT - NIGHT PAUL Father!... Father! THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED. Giant echoes of this phrase reverberate across the vast desert. The worms bend back into the sand and leave with thundering power. MUSIC FULL. 247. through 250. (Deleted)

December 9, 1983 DUNE 101. 251. EXT. ROCK LEDGE - HALL OF RITES - SIETCH TABR - NIGHT The Rock Ledge of Sietch Tabr is filled with Fedaykin and monks; Chani, Jessica, Gurney and Stilgar stand together near the back. Paul moves out on the Rock Ledge overlooking the Hall of Rites which is crowded with Fremen warriors who chant "Maud'Dib" along with the powerful sounds of the WIND ORGAN and FREMEN war DRUMS. Paul raises his open hand. SILENCE. Only the organ continues with a soft low NOTE. The Fremen wait. PAUL Arrakis... Dune... Desert Planet. A quiet, haunting MOAN of recognition of a master rises from the Fremen. PAUL (CONT'D) (loud) Your time has come. (inner voice) Father... our time has come. (out loud again) A storm is coming -- our storm... and when it comes it will shake the Universe. Emperor... we come for you. A thunderous ROAR arises. War DRUMS pound. The ORGAN blows a hurricane of power through the sietch. PAUL (he raises crysknife) Long live the fighters! STILGAR Long live the fighters! Fremen carrying weapons begin moving out in long lines from the Hall as the war DRUMS pound. 251A. through 252B. (Deleted) 265. INT. HARKONNEN 'THOPTER - DAY In one 'thopter sits the Baron Harkonnen. He is flown down to the Emperor's ship. 253. EXT. ROCK OUTCROPPING - DEEP DESERT - DAY A sietch door opens and Fremen warriors stream out.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 102. 254. (Deleted) 255. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY The WIND is howling and is starting to blow the sand. Dark sand clouds form in the distance. 256. EXT. ROCK OUTCROPPING - DEEP DESERT - DAY Another sietch door opens and hundreds and thousands more Fremen pour out. 257. EXT. SHIELD WALL - ARRAKEEN - DAY Paul, Stilgar and Gurney watch the Emperor's enormous ship on the Arrakeen landing field below. 257A. through 258. (Deleted) 260. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY Thousands of Fremen are running, planting thumpers as they go. 259. INT. COMMUNICATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN - DAY PAUL Gurney, when the storm hits... set off the atomics. I want an opening through the entire Shield Wall. Stilgar? Do we have wormsign? Stilgar and Gurney laugh. STILGAR Usul... We have wormsign, the likes of which even God has never seen. Paul smiles. 261. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY Looking down over the huge desert it looks like a living sea of wormsign. Everywhere ripples appear and worms are surfacing.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 103. 261A. EXT. DEEP DESERT - DAY Thousands of Fremen are running, positioning themselves to mount and ride. 262. EXT. DESERT - DAY Dust clouds grow faster and the speed of the WIND increases. Sand particles hit at a rock outcropping and up close they sound like giant warrior drummers pounding before battle. 263. EXT. HARKONNEN SHIPS - DESERT - NIGHT Suddenly above come hundreds of SCREAMING space ships zooming down across the desert floor and towards the landing field. 264. (Deleted) 266. EXT. DESERT - DAY The storm is howling now. Sand blasts against rock and rips pieces away. 267. INT. STEEL TENT - EMPEROR'S SPACE SHIP - DAY EMPEROR Bring in that floating fat man... the Baron. The Baron is brought in. Distant warning SIGNALS begin. The Baron is fighting to contain his fear because RABBAN'S HEAD SITS ALL BLOODY ON THE FLOOR in front of him. Finally the Emperor speaks. EMPEROR Why have you brought me here? BARON Your Highness... There must be some mistake... I never requested your presence. EMPEROR Ah? But your lack of action demanded it. Your dreadful mismanagement, your bad judgement in assigning to Rabban -- (he gestures toward the head) -- the governorship.... You forced me to come here and set things straight... personally. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 104. 267. CONTINUED (1) A VOICE Bring in the messenger. Alia is brought in by the Sardaukar soldiers. She is smiling. ALIA I am the messenger from Muad'Dib. Poor Emperor, I'm afraid my brother won't be very pleased with you. EMPEROR Silence!... I do not court your brother's pleasure. Suddenly the Reverend Mother looks horrified and grabs her throat. REVEREND MOTHER (struggling, speaking) Kill this child!! She's an abomination!! Kill her. (points to Alia, who is smiling at her) Get out of my mind!!! ALIA Not until you tell them both who I really am. REVEREND MOTHER (strained speech void of emotion) Sister of Paul Muad'Dib. The Reverend Mother slumps. The Baron's mouth flies open. The Emperor's face goes pale, his lips tremble. EMPEROR Paul's sister... Paul is Muad'Dib?! He turns quickly and looks at the two Guild agents present in the room. They stare at him icily. Alia smiles happily. 268. INT. COMMUNICATION ROOM - ARRAKEEN - DAY Paul smiles. PAUL (laughs) (to Gurney and Stilgar) Alia keeps pace with the storm. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 105. 268. CONTINUED (1) Gurney and Stilgar don't understand. Suddenly enormous dust clouds and LIGHTNING sweep up over the Shield Wall. PAUL Gurney, now! Gurney gives a hand signal and... GURNEY (they put on their hoods) Atomics! 269. EXT. SHIELD WALL - ARRAKEEN - DAY ... TWENTY EXPLOSIONS of hydrogen bomb intensity go off in a row, cutting a huge gorge through the width of the massive Shield Wall. As the EXPLOSIONS go off, a WIND howls, destroying much of Arrakeen and covering the rest with tons of sand. Sand rips at the Palace and the Emperor's ship. 270. INT. STEEL TENT - EMPEROR'S SPACE SHIP - DAY Alia smiles as they HEAR the tremendous roaring, atomic screams of the explosions. The Emperor's ship's warning SIGNALS are now close and loud. ALIA My brother is coming... with many Fremen warriors. A Sardaukar rushes in. SARDAUKAR OFFICER #2 The Shield Wall is gone. EMPEROR Impossible! ALIA Not impossible. I told you... He is here now. SARDAUKAR OFFICER #2 Majesty, into the ship! EMPEROR (to his officers)(rising) Release the Sardaukar. Baron... give this little abomination to the storm. They all leave the room, including the Sardaukars.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 106. 270A. through 271. (Deleted) 272. INT. STEEL TENT - EMPEROR'S SPACE SHIP - DAY BARON I have her, Majesty! The Baron floats down to her. Alia turns to him -- still smiling. With a flash of her hand she reaches out and swipes at the Baron's face. He CRIES OUT in pain. She pulls his suspensor plugs and pushes him back, then shows him the tiny needle she holds in her hand. He spins crazily as he screams from the poison. 273. EXT. SHIELD WALL - ARRAKEEN - DAY Worms, each with hundreds of Fremen on them, come slithering through the newly-formed canyon in the Shield Wall. 273A. EXT. WORMS - SHIELD WALL - ARRAKEEN - DAY Paul rides the lead worm with Gurney and Stilgar by his side. The storm is howling and blowing with horrifying intensity. 273B. INT. EMPEROR'S SPACE SHIP - CONTROL ROOM - DAY The Emperor and his Sardaukar officers in a darkened room where they are horrified to see on the screens the hundreds of worms which are coming into the Arrakeen valley. All their faces show fear. 272. BACK TO SCENE INT. EMPEROR'S SPACE SHIP - GREEN THRONE ROOM - DAY Suddenly the wall behind Alia and the spinning Baron is completely blown away by a BLAST. The Baron floats and spins out into the storm. 274. EXT. ARRAKEEN - DAY As the worms enter the Arrakeen basin they meet the Sardaukar. The Sardaukar don't have a chance -- the worms suck them up by the hundreds. The Fremen up on the worms' backs fire weapons, killing the few Sardaukar the worms leave behind. 275. EXT. LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - DAY The space ships which were recently airborne are now crashing because of the storm.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 107. 272A. NEW SCENE The Baron floats and spins high in the dust clouds of the storm over the Arrakeen Valley. 274A. NEW SCENE The worm, that Paul, Gurney and Stilgar are riding, suddenly rears up. Its mouth opens. The Baron appears as a tiny spinning shape. He flies directly into the mouth of this colossal worm and is devoured. 277. EXT. STEEL TENT - LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - DAY A thousand Fremen battle Sardaukar outside the Emperor's tent. They soon overpower them and rush into the giant steel structure. 278. EXT. LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - DAY The entire airfield is now filled with wild worms, Fremen, and dead or dying Sardaukar. 276. EXT. LANDING FIELD - ARRAKEEN - DAY Alia moves dreamily among the dying Sardaukar. 279. through 280. (Deleted) 281. INT. GREAT HALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY Paul enters the Palace hall and the first thing he sees is the giant bull's head. The horns have been blown off and the Atreides banner has been stuffed and wired into the mouth. A WIND moans through the Palace. Paul turns. Gurney and several guards bring in the Emperor, Irulan, the Reverend Mother, Sardaukar generals, Guildsmen, Feyd and Thufir. The Fedaykin and Fremen troops line the walls. Paul's eyes meet Feyd's -- Feyd gives him an evil smile. Paul turns and looks at the Emperor, who stares back defiantly. Paul moves his gaze to Irulan, who lowers her eyes. He then sees his old teacher, Thufir Hawat, whose tired eyes wander helplessly. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 108. 281. CONTINUED (1) PAUL Gurney... I see Thufir Hawat among the captives. Let him stand free. GURNEY My Lord? PAUL Let him stand free! The Emperor turns nervously to Feyd, who passes a golden dagger to Thufir. FEYD (to Thufir) The antidote... GURNEY (gestures to Thufir) Thufir. Come. Thufir approaches Paul, concealing the knife. They come face to face. The Emperor seems strangely tense at this moment. Paul notices this. He looks Thufir over. PAUL (CONT'D) (inner voice) A knife.... (out loud) In payment of the many years of service to my family, you may now ask of me anything you wish. Anything at all. (quietly) Do you need my life, old friend? He turns his back on him. PAUL (CONT'D) (quiet) It is yours. Thufir's eyes grow sad and wide. PAUL I mean this, Thufir. If you are to strike, do it now. Thufir's hand rises, as Jessica gasps, but the old Mentat pulls his heart plug out with a quick tearing motion. Paul turns and catches him as he sags. His head lolls back and he looks up to Paul urgently. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 109. 281. CONTINUED (2) THUFIR (CONT'D) Three... generations... of you... His breath escapes him and he is dead. PAUL (to the guards) Carry this noble Atreides warrior away. Do him all honor. The guards do as they are instructed. PAUL Emperor Shaddam the IV... there are Guild Heighliners above us containing many Great Houses of the Landsraad.... SEND THEM BACK! EMPEROR How dare you speak to me... GUILDSMAN #2 (speaking into electric microphone) Stop your speaking!! PAUL (to the Guildsmen) Good. You have some idea of what I would do but I will tell it to one who has never been seen... one who hides deep in the Heighliner control rooms. He will hear it first. GUILDSMEN #3 (fear) No! Paul smiles as we move closer and closer to him. 282. INT. CONTROL ROOM - HEIGHLINER - SPACE Suddenly we are in the Heighliner control room, near the floor in the chemical spills. We move up into the orange gas. THUNDERING begins to shake the Heighliner. PAUL (V.O.) Where are you.... Let me see you or there will be no spice. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 110. 282. CONTINUED (1) We move into very thick gas and there is a ROARING. Suddenly Paul sees the Third Stage Navigator. PAUL (V.O.)(CONT'D) You know what I'm about to say is true.... I have the power to destroy the spice forever. The Guild Navigator's mouth stretches back in a horrible MOAN. The moan becomes more pained and grows louder and louder. 283. INT. GREAT HALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY The Guildsmen in the room are MOANING and SCREAMING and swarming out towards the doorway -- the Fremen stop them. The Emperor and all are amazed and frightened. There is a long hush. The old Reverend Mother then turns and glares at Paul. PAUL (CONT'D) Don't try your powers on me. Try looking into that place where you dare not look. You'll find me there staring back at you!! You Bene Gesserit have waited ninety generations to produce the one person your schemes required. Here I stand. But... I will never be yours. REVEREND MOTHER Stop him, Jessica! JESSICA Stop him yourself. PAUL You saw a part of what the race needs in the beginning. In time you perverted the truth. You sought to control human breeding and intermix a select few according to a selfish master plan. How little you understand. REVEREND MOTHER You mustn't speak of... PAUL (using The Voice) SILENCE! The old woman is shot backwards by the power of his shout. Her breath is knocked out of her. PAUL (CONT'D) I remember your gom jabbar, now you remember mine. I can kill with a word. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 111. 283. CONTINUED (1) A Fedaykin stand forward and recites from prophecy. FEDAYKIN #1 ...and his word shall carry death eternal to those who stand against the righteous. Feyd hears this and is angered. FEYD The righteous! PAUL (to Emperor) There is a Harkonnen among you. Give the Harkonnen a blade and let him stand forth. EMPEROR If Feyd wishes, he can meet you with my blade in his hand. FEYD I wish it. (steps forward) GURNEY This is a Harkonnen animal. Let me, please, my Lord. PAUL The Emperor's blade. Feyd takes up the Emperor's blade with a smile. Paul takes out his crysknife. They begin to circle each other. Paul smiles, circling still. Suddenly, Feyd leaps, his blade jabbing savagely outward, but Paul easily evades it, moving away. They begin to circle again. He makes another pass at Paul that comes dangerously close, but again, Paul is away, a frozen smile on his face. FEYD Why prolong the inevitable? I will kill you! I will kill him! Feyd smiles. He lashes out biting Paul's hand. Feyd LAUGHS in triumph. Feyd leaps forward jabbing, his right hip also thrust forward. Yet Paul, although a little slowly, again reels away. Again, Feyd thrusts. CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 112. 283. CONTINUED (2) This time Paul jabs with his crysknife, but Feyd moves away effortlessly. Feyd counters and kicks Paul to the ground. CHANI Paul! Paul is up instantly and he circles with Feyd. FEYD (smiling) Who is the little one? A pet, perhaps? Will she deserve my special attentions? Paul jabs out, his crysknife slashing. Feyd grabs his arm, and Paul his, the two men locked in a straining clinch. Feyd presses his right hip closer and closer to Paul's body. Paul strains to keep it away. Suddenly, the gom jabbar flips out of Feyd's girdle, but on the left side, and he lunges powerfully with it at Paul, who just barely misses taking it in his skin. He throws Feyd back, but not before Feyd's feet strike out, sending Paul to the floor. Feyd leaps onto him. FEYD (whispering) You see... your death... my blade will finish you. Suddenly, Paul, with lightning swiftness, pushes Feyd up and over. He is on top of him in a flash. Paul's crysknife flashes up, thrusting upward through Feyd's jaw. Feyd's mouth opens as the knife continues up through his tongue and through to his brain. Feyd's eyes go wild, then glaze over as he jerks dead on the floor. Paul slowly gets to his feet, breathing heavily. Anger still seething in him, Paul issues a SOUND -- a loud, horrible, powerful sound, and Feyd's internal organs rupture and the stone floor under him cracks open. The Fedaykin smile. FEDAYKIN #2 Usul no longer needs the weirding module. Everyone stares in disbelief. Paul looks to the Emperor. PAUL Now, I will tell you how it will be. Irulan shall be my wife, opening the way for an Atreides to take the throne. EMPEROR I sit on the throne!! CONTINUED

December 9, 1983 DUNE 113. 283. CONTINUED (3) PAUL You will sit on a throne on Selusa Secundus, your prison planet. Either that or you will die. The Emperor is still. Paul moves to Chani. PAUL (CONT'D) (to Chani) The Princess shall have no more of me than my name... no child of mine or touch or softness of glance... nor instant of desire.... This is my promise to you... (whispering) love. Paul turns back to the others. Jessica turns to Chani and whispers to her. JESSICA Think on it Chani... We who carry the name of concubine... history will call us wives. Alia enters with two monks. She signals and one of them places a cloak over Paul's shoulders. PAUL The Fremen have the word of Muad'Dib. They will have their Holy War to cleanse the Universe... they will have Arrakis... Dune... their planet. There will be flowing water here open to the sky and rich green oases. For the spice there will always be some desert. There will be fierce winds and trials to toughen men. We Fremen have a saying... (he stares at the Reverend Mother) "God created Arrakis to train the faithful." One cannot go against the word of God. Everyone in the room stares at him soundlessly. ALIA And how can this be? There are three powerful drum hits. ALIA (CONT'D) For... he is the Kwisatz Haderach!

December 9, 1983 DUNE 114. 284. EXT. ARRAKEEN PALACE - DUSK Paul opens his mouth and issues an ever increasing wind. Lightning and thunder begin. Clouds begin to form over the Palace. In the half-light of dusk, thousands of Fremen watch the sky. Giant golden lights are illuminated and their rays shoot far into the sky illuminating the growing clouds. Five tremendous bolts of lightning suddenly unleash a downpour of RAIN ON ARRAKIS. The Fremen stand awestruck as they are drenched with water falling from the sky. 285. INT. GREAT HALL - ARRAKEEN PALACE - DAY WE MOVE through Paul's glowing blue eyes into beautiful blue luminescent light. A gigantic WIND arises, and suddenly appearing in the blue light is an ocean of light rolling like gold glass off into the infinite. The blue becomes darker and a golden lotus flower blooms in the night. THE END